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《我爱我的速溶锅》"消炎食谱:从橙黄姜三文鱼到苹果酥,175种简单美味的消炎食谱-The "I Love My Instant Pot®" Anti-Inflammato文件编号:99

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标题(title):The "I Love My Instant Pot®" Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipe Book: From Orange Ginger Salmon to Apple Crisp, 175 Easy and Delicious Recipes That Reduce Inflammation
作者(author):Maryea Flaherty
出版社(publisher):Adams Media
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175 anti-inflammatory diet recipes to make for the hottest kitchen appliance&;the Instant Pot for those who want fast, delicious meals the whole family will love.

Chronic inflammation is a major health risk and can wreak havoc on your body, contributing to many types of diseases. But preventing and/or reducing inflammation doesn&;t have to be an overwhelming challenge. Diet&;particularly one high in processed, fatty, and sugary foods&;is one of the main causes of chronic inflammation, but by introducing anti-inflammatory meals into your diet, you can reduce inflammation and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The Instant Pot can be used to create healthy anti-inflammatory meals that are quick, easy, and most importantly delicious. With 175 recipes and photographs throughout, this cookbook is perfect for those who follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Whether you are new to the Instant Pot or an expert, this easy-to-understand cookbook takes you step-by-step through exactly how the Instant Pot works and offers simple recipes that anyone can follow.

The &;I Love My Instant Pot®&; Anti-Inflammatory Diet Recipe Book shows you how to make satisfying, whole-food dishes from breakfast to dinner and from snacks to dessert. Discover how quick and easy it is to follow the anti-inflammatory diet using everyone&;s favorite cooking appliance. This cookbook makes creating healthy recipes in your Instant Pot easier than ever!

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