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中风医学教材-Textbook of Stroke Medicine

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标题(title):Textbook of Stroke Medicine
作者(author):Michael Brainin, Wolf-Dieter Heiss
出版社(publisher):Cambridge University Press
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Concise and informative, this guide is for doctors preparing to specialise in stroke care and strokologists looking for rapid but in-depth scientific guidance on stroke management. This third edition is fully revised to ensure that medical professionals are completely up-to-date in this fast-moving field. Its practical and problem-based approach covers all important issues of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, and reviews epidemiology and risk assessment. This new edition features expanded sections on topics of stroke unit management, thrombolysis, neurointerventions, cognitive impairment, secondary prevention and rehabilitation, and includes new chapters on neurointensive care and small vessel disease. Comprehensive in its coverage, the textbook includes acute assessment, imaging and emergency interventions. The authors are renowned experts in their field and have been working together in a teaching faculty for the European Master in Stroke Medicine Programme, which is supported by the European Stroke Organisation and the World Stroke Organisation.

Concise and practical, this is a crucial guide for all strokologists and doctors training in stroke care
Fully revised to reflect a fast-moving field, the book is problem-focused and guidance-orientated to ensure high-quality support
The third edition includes new chapters on neurointensive care and small vessel disease, with expansions sections on stroke unit management, thrombolysis, neurointerventions and the practice of neurorehabilitaton, amongst other topics
Table of contents :
Preface vii

List of contributors viii

Section I Etiology, pathophysiology and imaging

1 Neuropathology and pathophysiology of stroke Konstantin A. Hossmann Wolf-Dieter Heiss 1

2 Common causes of ischemic stroke Bo Norrving 28

3 Neuroradiology 40

(A) Imaging of acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: CT, perfusion CT, CT angiography Patrik Michel 40

(B) Imaging of acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke: MRI and MR angiography Jens Fiehler 43

(c) Functional imaging in acute stroke, recovery and rehabilitation Wolf-Dieter Heiss 48

4 Ultrasound in acute ischemic stroke L?szl? Csiba 58

Section II Clinical epidemiology and risk factors

5 Basic epidemiology of stroke and risk assessment Jaakko Tuomilehto Markku M?h?nen Cinzia Sarti 77

6 Common risk factors and prevention Michael Brainin Yvonne Teuschl Karl Matz 89

7 Cardiac diseases relevant to stroke Claudia St?llberger Josef Finsterer 105

Section III Diagnostics and syndromes

8 Common stroke syndromes C?line Odier Patrik Michel 121

9 Less common stroke syndromes Wilfried Lang 135

10 Intracerebral hemorrhage Michael Brainin Raoul Eckhardt 154

11 Cerebral venous thrombosis Jobst Rudolf 165

12 Behavioral neurology of stroke Jos? M. Ferro Isabel P. Martins Lara Caeiro 178

13 Stroke and dementia Didier Leys Marta Altieri 194

14 Ischemic stroke in the young and in children Didier Leys Valeria Caso 203

Section IV Therapeutic strategies and neurorehabilitation

15 Stroke units and clinical assessment Risto O. Roine Markku Kaste 219

16 Acute therapies and interventions Richard O'Brien Thorsten Steiner Kennedy R. Lees 230

17 Management of acute ischemic stroke and its complications Natan M. Bornstein Eitan Auriel 243

18 Infections in stroke Achim Kaasch Harald Seifert 258

19 Secondary prevention Hans-Christoph Diener Greg W. Albers 272

20 Neurorehabilitation Sylvan J. Albert J?rg Kesselring 283

Index 307



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中风医学教材-Textbook of Stroke Medicine
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