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杰克兔:克林特·卡斯特贝利的故事和1942年乔治亚理工大学橄榄球赛季-Jackrabbit: The Story of Clint Castleberry and the Improbable 194文件编号:89

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标题(title):Jackrabbit: The Story of Clint Castleberry and the Improbable 1942 Georgia Tech Football Season
作者(author):Bill Chastain; Tony Barnhart
出版社(publisher):Tilbury House Publishers
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"He ran like a crazed jackrabbit," according to one awe-struck sportswriter. Clint Castleberry was already an Atlanta-area football sensation when he arrived at Georgia Tech in 1942, and in one meteoric college season he became a national sports hero as well. He was the first college freshman ever to be voted All-American. At least one Heisman Trophy was all but certain. Though weighing just 155 pounds, he seemed destined to become one of the greatest tailbacks in college football history.But then World War II intervened, and Castleberry became, instead, another young man whose destiny was cut short. His #19 is the only number ever retired in the illustrious history of Georgia Tech football.Bill Chastain weaves Clint Castleberry's story around other legends of Georgia Tech football--including John Heisman, William Alexander, and Bobby Dodd-to create a glorious portrait of a proud football tradition and America's Greatest Generation."One of the great "what-if" stories in college football history. The story of Clint Castleberry is really the story of our Greatest Generation."--from the foreword by Tony Barnhart, Mr. College Football and author of Southern Fried Football"Here's a great storyteller with an oversized story to tell. Clint Castleberry died 67 years ago. He lives in these pages."--Martin Fennelly, The Tampa Tribune"Bill Chastain does a great job of capturing this unique American hero."--Wes Durham, Director of Broadcasting, "Voice of the Yellow Jackets""The best football player you never heard of, who dashed across the gridiron for just one season, long ago."-- Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated and Hall of Fame sportswriter; NPR Morning Edition commentator; author of Everybody's All-American, Bliss Remembered, and Alex: The Life of a Child

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