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数字化色彩管理:标准化印刷生产的原则与策略-Digital Color Management: Principles and Strategies for the Standardized Print文件编号:82

上传于 2020年2月25日 16:02
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标题(title):Digital Color Management: Principles and Strategies for the Standardized Print Production
作者(author):Jan-Peter Homann (auth.)
出版社(publisher):Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
大小(size):35 MB (36831425 bytes)

The book describes color management for the print production with a focus on implementing standards for separation, soft proof, contract proof, data delivery and printing.

The basics and strategies are targeted at setting up vendor-independent color management workflows which can easily be realized with leading applications from e.g. Adobe, AGFA, GMG, Heidelberg, Kodak and X-Rite.

The author explains with a unique graphical concept how different standards such as ISO 12647, SWOP, GRACoL, G7, ICC profile format and PDF/X fit together.

He describes the main points for setting up color management and quality control from the print buyer over photography, agency and pre-press to the printer. The book has a strong focus on communication between print buyer, photographer, agency, pre-press and printers. Based on the best practice in communication it explains the important steps for quality control for digital data, contract proofs and prints.

"This excellent book, now available in English for the first time, offers an insight and practical advice on all areas of ICC color management. As well as offering details on the application of graphic arts workflows, it provides a background to color theory that even the most experienced in this area will find useful." Paul Sherfield, The Missing Horse Consultancy

Table of contents :
Front Matter....Pages 1-15
Color Theory with Ideal Colors....Pages 16-31
Color Theory with Realistic Colors....Pages 32-57
The Principles of Color Management....Pages 58-75
ISO 12647, GRACoL and SWOP for Separation, Proof and Print....Pages 76-109
Using ICC Strengths and Avoiding ICC Problems....Pages 110-165
PDF/X-1a and DeviceLink Color Servers....Pages 166-199
Corner Stones for a Color-Management Strategy....Pages 200-208
Back Matter....Pages 209-212

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