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技术与创新促进社会变革-Technology and Innovation for Social Change文件编号:701

上传于 2020年2月25日 16:03
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标题(title):Technology and Innovation for Social Change
作者(author):Satyajit Majumdar, Samapti Guha & Nadiya Marakkath
出版社(publisher):Springer India, New Delhi
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Tension exists between technologists and social thinkers because of the impact technology and innovation have on social values and norms, which is often viewed as damaging to the cultural fabric of a nation or society. Since the global business environment is the context in which implementation of technology and innovation takes place, it is widely accepted as the major reason for such conflicts. In this backdrop, this edited book integrates independent research from across the globe. It deals with the nature and significance of technology, innovation and social change as well as the relationships between them, and discusses the significance of social entrepreneurship from social innovation and technology perspectives. Research areas covered are related to the development and deployment of technology, innovation and knowledge in social change, capabilities of institutions, models, role of government and corporate social responsibility and community involvement. Multiple aspects of social change are discussed in the context of India, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Nigeria and other African countries. But society does not silently accept technologically enforced changes; sometimes technology is seen as an enemy of inclusive growth and for many, economic development is an anti-thesis of social change. Selected case studies on sector-specific technologies, such as the use of genetically modified seeds in agriculture, which has impacted the market and society, are critically analyzed to develop insights into the adoption of technology and its impact. At the same time it examines policy related issues, without any bias in favor of, or against, a specific technology.  Read more...
Abstract: Technology and Innovation for Social Change 
Table of contents :
Content: Chapter 1. Technology and Innovation for Social Change: An Introduction --
Theme 1: Concepts and Critical Analysis --
Chapter 2. Social innovation: Towards a conceptualisation --
Chapter 3. Relevance of social enterprises for micro-entrepreneurial growth: A case based discussion on Indian microfinance models --
Theme 2: Institutional Systems --
Chapter 4. Development Strategy in the Northern State of Jalisco from the Institutional Perspective --
Chapter 5. Technological Utilization in Africa: Does Institution Matter? --
Chapter 6. Creating Social Change through Entrepreneurship Education: An Effectuation Model at TATA Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, India --
Theme 3: Transformation --
Chapter 7. Technology and Innovation for Create Social Change: Concepts and Theories --
Chapter 8. Social Change using Innovation and Technology --
Chapter 9. Impact of Technology and Social Change on the Family in Nigeria --
Theme 4: Case Studies --
Chapter 10. Bt Cotton in India: Debates Surrounding Agricultural Biotechnology in India --
Chapter 11. Revival of and Social Change: Case Study on Dholka --
Chapter 12. Technology and Social Change among the HoAdivasis (Tribals) of West Singhbhum, Jharkand, India.

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