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他们会问你答案:一种革命性的方法来实现入站销售、内容营销和当今的数字消费者-They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales文件编号:690

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标题(title):They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today's Digital Consumer
作者(author):Marcus Sheridan
出版社(publisher):John Wiley & Sons (US)
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Whether you're a one-man sales team or managing a department, this resource gives you all the practical techniques and proven advice you need to develop a profitable inbound marketing strategy based on quality content. --
Abstract: A revolutionary marketing strategy proven to drive sales and growth They Ask You Answer is a straightforward guide to fixing your current marketing strategy.  Read more...
Table of contents :
Content: Foreword ix PART I A Very Different Way of Looking at Business, Marketing, and Trust 1 Chapter 1 The Fall 3 Chapter 2 A Massive Buying Shift and the Blur between Sales and Marketing 9 Chapter 3 This Book Won t Work for You If ... 13 Chapter 4 The Discovery of They Ask, You Answer 17 Chapter 5 They Ask, You Answer Defined 21 Chapter 6 Brainstorming the Questions You Are Asked Every Day 23 Chapter 7 The Ostrich Marketing Strategy 27 Chapter 8 The CarMax Effect 29 Chapter 9 The Discovery of the Big 5 37 Chapter 10 Content Subject 1 Pricing and Costs: Why We Must Talk about Money 39 Chapter 11 How One Article about Money Generated More Than $3,000,000 in Sales 43 Chapter 12 Case Study 1: High-End B2B Technology Company Generates More Than $8,000,000 in Additional Revenue 51 Chapter 13 Content Subject 2: Problems: How to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths 59 Chapter 14 Addressing the Elephant in the Room 61 Chapter 15 How Talking about Our Problems Generated More Than $500,000 in Revenue 63 Chapter 16 Case Study 2: An Equipment Financing Company Becomes a Digital David and Conquers the Industry Goliaths 65 Chapter 17 Content Subject 3: Versus and Comparisons 73 Chapter 18 The Critical Need for Unbiased Content 77 Chapter 19 Content Subjects 4 and 5: Reviews and Best in Class 81 Chapter 20 Using Reviews to Establish Yourself as an Expert 85 Chapter 21 The Impact of Discussing the Competition 89 Chapter 22 Case Study 3: Small Retail Appliance Store Dominates Online and Makes Millions 93 Chapter 23 The Competition 101 Chapter 24 How They Ask, You Answer Saved River Pools and Spas 107 PART II The Impact of They Ask, You Answer on Sales Teams 111 Chapter 25 How Great Content Is a Total Game-Changer for Sales Teams 113 Chapter 26 A Dramatic Discovery 117 Chapter 27 Assignment Selling 121 Chapter 28 How One Remarkable Couple Changed My Perspective on the Power of Content to Sell 127 Chapter 29 Content Never Sleeps 131 Chapter 30 Using Assignment Selling to Avoid Common Sales Pitfalls 135 Chapter 31 Using Assignment Selling to Determine Compatibility 139 Chapter 32 Case Study 4: How a Start-Up Company in the Health Care Space Became the Thought Leaders of an Entirely New Industry 143 PART III Implementation and Making It a Culture 151 Chapter 33 The Power of Insourcing and Using Your Team to Create Incredible Content 153 Chapter 34 How Block Imaging Embraced a Culture of Insourcing 157 Chapter 35 Starting Off They Ask, You Answer with a Bang: Company Workshops 161 Chapter 36 The Content Manager Qualities, Hiring, and More 167 Chapter 37 On the Importance of Tools: Measuring Return on Investment, the Power of HubSpot, and More 175 PART IV Your Questions Answered 183 Chapter 38 How Do I Find More Time to Make This Work within My Organization? 185 Chapter 39 Just How Important Is Video to Inbound and Content Marketing? How Does It Relate to They Ask, You Answer? 191 Chapter 40 How Long Will It Take They Ask, You Answer to Work? 197 Chapter 41 Is Content Marketing and They Ask, You Answer Just a Fad? 203 Chapter 42 How Can I Keep My Team Engaged in the Content Production Process? 205 Chapter 43 I ve Been Told If We re Not Adding Anything New to the Conversation, Then We Shouldn t Be Talking about It 211 Chapter 44 A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy 215 Index 219

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