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园艺植物的遗传多样性-Genetic Diversity in Horticultural Plants

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标题(title):Genetic Diversity in Horticultural Plants
作者(author):Dilip Nandwani
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book in the series “Sustainable Development and Biodiversity” contains peer-reviewed chapters from leading academicians and researchers around the world in the field of horticulture, plant taxonomy, plant biotechnology, genetics and related areas of biodiversity science centered on genetic diversity. This book includes original research reviews (national, regional and global) and case studies in genetic diversity in fruits and vegetables, horticulture, and ecology from sub-tropical and tropical regions.

It is unique as it covers a wide array of topics covering global interests and will constitute valuable reference material for students, researchers, extension specialists, farmers and certification agencies who are concerned with biodiversity, ecology and sustainable development.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Augmentation of Plant Genetic Diversity in Synecoculture: Theory and Practice in Temperate and Tropical Zones (Masatoshi Funabashi)....Pages 3-46
Amplified Fragment Length Polymerase-Based Phylogenetic Relationships of Heirloom Tomato and Dark Green Vegetable Accessions (Ahmad Naseer Aziz)....Pages 47-59
Molecular and Quantitative Genetics of Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) (Sven Mutke, Giovanni G. Vendramin, Bruno Fady, Francesca Bagnoli, Santiago C. González-Martínez)....Pages 61-84
Front Matter ....Pages 85-85
Genetic Diversity in Vegetable and Fruit Crops (Sochinwechi Nwosisi, Kripa Dhakal, Dilip Nandwani, Joshua Ibukun Raji, Sarada Krishnan, Yoel Beovides-García)....Pages 87-125
The Genetic Diversity of Popular African Leafy Vegetables in Western Kenya (Christine A. Ndinya)....Pages 127-159
Genetic Diversity in Nutritious Leafy Green Vegetable—Chaya (Cnidoscolus aconitifolius) (Roland Ebel, María de Jesús Méndez Aguilar, Juan Ariel Castillo Cocom, Susanne Kissmann)....Pages 161-189
Genetic Diversity in Taro (Colocasia esculenta) (Susan C. Miyasaka, M. Renee Bellinger, Michael B. Kantar, Martin Helmkampf, Thomas Wolfgruber, Roshan Paudel et al.)....Pages 191-215
Genetic Diversity in Banana (Sanjit Debnath, Arju Ali Khan, Anwesha Das, Indrajit Murmu, Abhisikta Khan, Kamal Kumar Mandal)....Pages 217-241
Front Matter ....Pages 243-243
The Role of Agrobiodiversity in Sustainable Food Systems Design and Management (Ciaccia Corrado, Testani Elena, Roccuzzo Giancarlo, Canali Stefano)....Pages 245-271
Induced Genetic Diversity in Banana (Suprasanna Penna, Siddhesh B. Ghag, T. R. Ganapathi, S. Mohan Jain)....Pages 273-297
园艺植物的遗传多样性-Genetic Diversity in Horticultural Plants
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