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可靠性分析及其应用进展-Advances in Reliability Analysis and its Applications

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标题(title):Advances in Reliability Analysis and its Applications
作者(author):Mangey Ram, Hoang Pham
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book presents the latest research in the fields of reliability theory and its applications, providing a comprehensive overview of reliability engineering and discussing various tools, techniques, strategies and methods within these areas. Reliability analysis is one of the most multidimensional topics in the field of systems reliability engineering, and while its rapid development creates opportunities for industrialists and academics, it is also means that it is hard to keep up to date with the research taking place. By gathering findings from institutions around the globe, the book offers insights into the international developments in the field. As well as discussing the current areas of research, it also identifies knowledge gaps in reliability theory and its applications and highlights fruitful avenues for future research.
Covering topics from life cycle sustainability to performance analysis of cloud computing, this bookis ideal for upper undergraduate and postgraduate researchers studying reliability engineering.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Time Varying Communication Networks: Modelling, Reliability Evaluation and Optimization (Gaurav Khanna, S. K. Chaturvedi, Sieteng Soh)....Pages 1-30
Methods for Prognosis and Optimization of Energy Plants Efficiency in Starting Step of Life Cycle (Z. N. Milovanović, Lj. R. Papić, V. Z. Janičić Milovanović, S. Z. Milovanović, S. R. Dumonjić-Milovanović, D. Lj. Branković)....Pages 31-93
Planning Methods for Production Systems Development in the Energy Sector and Energy Efficiency (Z. N. Milovanović, Lj. R. Papić, S. Z. Milovanović, V. Z. Janičić Milovanović, S. R. Dumonjić-Milovanović, D. Lj. Branković)....Pages 95-148
The Integral Method of Hazard and Risk Assessment for the Production Facilities Operations (Alexander Bochkov)....Pages 149-199
Multi-level Hierarchical Reliability Model of Technical Systems: Theory and Application (Igor Bolvashenkov, Jörg Kammermann, Ilia Frenkel, Hans-Georg Herzog)....Pages 201-234
Graph Theory Based Reliability Assessment Software Program for Complex Systems (Abdrabbi Bourezg, Hamid Bentarzi)....Pages 235-249
Reliability and Vacation: The Critical Issue (Chandra Shekhar, Shreekant Varshney, Amit Kumar)....Pages 251-292
Software Multi Up-Gradation Modeling Based on Different Scenarios (Adarsh Anand, Priyanka Gupta, Yoshinobu Tamura, Mangey Ram)....Pages 293-305
A Hidden Markov Model for a Day-Ahead Prediction of Half-Hourly Energy Demand in Romanian Electricity Market (Anatoli Paul Ulmeanu)....Pages 307-317
A General (Universal) Form of Multivariate Survival Functions in Theoretical and Modeling Aspect of Multicomponent System Reliability Analysis (Jerzy K. Filus, Lidia Z. Filus)....Pages 319-342
An Exact Method for Solving a Least-Cost Attack on Networks (Asma Ben Yaghlane, Mehdi Mrad, Anis Gharbi, M. Naceur Azaiez)....Pages 343-359
Reliability Analysis of Complex Repairable System in Thermal Power Plant (Dilbagh Panchal, Mohit Tyagi, Anish Sachdeva, R. K. Garg)....Pages 361-372
Performance Analysis of Suspension Bridge: A Reliability Approach (Amit Kumar, Mangey Ram, Monika Negi, Nikhil Varma)....Pages 373-387
可靠性分析及其应用进展-Advances in Reliability Analysis and its Applications
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