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发展中国家的绿色建筑:政策、战略和技术-Green Building in Developing Countries: Policy, Strategy and Technology

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标题(title):Green Building in Developing Countries: Policy, Strategy and Technology
作者(author):Zhonghua Gou
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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The book reveals how green buildings are currently being adapted and applied in developing countries. It includes the major developing countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Cambodia, Ghana, Nigeria and countries from the Middle East and gathers the insights of respected green building researchers from these areas to map out the developing world’s green building revolution. The book highlights these countries’ contribution to tackling climate change, emphasising the green building benefits and the research behind them.

The contributing authors explore how the green building revolution has spread to developing countries and how national governments have initiated their own green building policies and agendas. They also explore how the market has echoed the green building policy, and how a business case for green buildings has been established. In turn, they show how an international set of green building standards, in the form of various techniques and tools, has been incorporated into local building and construction practices. In closing, they demonstrate how the developing world is emerging as a key player for addressing the energy and environmental problems currently facing the world.

The book helps developers, designers and policy-makers in governments and green building stakeholders to make better decisions on the basis of global and local conditions. It is also of interest to engineers, designers, facility managers and researchers, as it provides a holistic picture of how the industry is responding to the worldwide call for greener and more sustainable buildings.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
The Shift of Green Building Development in China from a Voluntary to Mandatory Approach (Zhonghua Gou)....Pages 1-21
Analytical Review of Green Building Stakeholders in China (Xiaosen Huo)....Pages 23-32
Obstacles of Implementing Green Building in Architectural Practices (Xiaohuan Xie, Zhonghua Gou)....Pages 33-47
Integration of Low-Carbon Eco-City, Green Campus and Green Building in China (Bao-Jie He, Dong-Xue Zhao, Zhonghua Gou)....Pages 49-78
From Green to Healthy Buildings: A Comparative Study of the USA and China (Xiaohuan Xie, Zhonghua Gou)....Pages 79-107
Green Buildings in Makassar, Indonesia (Felix Kin Peng Hui, Putri Fatkhiyatul Ulya, Sally Wilson, Anna Meyliawati, Lu Aye)....Pages 109-127
The Current State of Green Building Development in Nigerian Construction Industry: Policy and Implications (Abiodun Olatunji Abisuga, Tope Femi Okuntade)....Pages 129-146
Attitudes of Cambodian Homebuyers Towards the Factors Influencing Their Intention to Purchase Green Building (Serdar Durdyev, Ali Ihtiyar)....Pages 147-160
Understanding the Green Building Industry in Thailand (Wenxin Shen, Wenzhe Tang, Atthaset Siripanan, Zhen Lei, Colin F. Duffield, Felix Kin Peng Hui)....Pages 161-180
What is Stopping the Adoption of Sustainable Residential Buildings in Malaysia? (AbdulLateef Olanrewaju, Cheang Shi Min, Shalini Sanmargaraja, Vignes Ponniah)....Pages 181-198
Adoption of Green Building Practices in Pakistan: Barriers and Measures (Sana Azeem, Malik Asghar Naeem, Abdul Waheed)....Pages 199-215
Adoption of Green Building Technologies in Ghana (Amos Darko, Albert Ping Chuen Chan, De-Graft Owusu-Manu, Zhonghua Gou, Jeff Chap-Fu Man)....Pages 217-235
LEED in the MENA Region…Chances and Challenges of Change (Walaa S. E. Ismaeel)....Pages 237-252
发展中国家的绿色建筑:政策、战略和技术-Green Building in Developing Countries: Policy, Strategy and Technology
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