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《广告狂人》的遗产:文化史、中介性与美国电视-The Legacy of Mad Men: Cultural History, Intermediality and American Televisi

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标题(title):The Legacy of Mad Men: Cultural History, Intermediality and American Television
作者(author):Karen McNally, Jane Marcellus, Teresa Forde, Kirsty Fairclough
出版社(publisher):Palgrave Macmillan
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“The Legacy of Mad Men adds significant new perspectives to the legacy of Mad Men scholarship. The authors apply theoretical perspectives that have been understudied in previous Mad Men work, chart new connections with previous media, and examine overlooked aspects of Men Men’s sound design. A concluding chapter insightfully considers how the election of Donald Trump has signaled a resurgence in the sexism, antisemitism, and racism critiqued in Mad Men.” - Dr Jeremy Butler, Professor of Communication and Culture, University of Alabama. For seven seasons, viewers worldwide watched as ad man Don Draper moved from adultery to self-discovery, secretary Peggy Olson became a take-no-prisoners businesswoman, object-of-the-gaze Joan Holloway developed a feminist consciousness, executive Roger Sterling tripped on LSD, and smarmy Pete Campbell became a surprisingly nice guy. Mad Men defined a pivotal moment for television, earning an enduring place in the medium’s history. This edited collection examines the enduringly popular television series as Mad Men still captivates audiences and scholars in its nuanced depiction of a complex decade. This is the first book to offer an analysis of Mad Men in its entirety, exploring the cyclical and episodic structure of the long form series and investigating issues of representation, power and social change. The collection establishes the show’s legacy in televisual terms, and brings it up to date through an examination of its cultural importance in the Trump era. Aimed at scholars and interested general readers, the book illustrates the ways in which Mad Men has become a cultural marker for reflecting upon contemporary television and politics.
Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvii
Introduction: Where the Truth Still Lies (Jane Marcellus)....Pages 1-9
Front Matter ....Pages 11-11
Mad Men’s Legacy in the Quality Television Tradition (Gary R. Edgerton)....Pages 13-27
Mad Men, Maddicts, and Recapturing the Carousel Through Kodak Moments and Selfies (Andrée E. C. Betancourt)....Pages 29-46
Mad Men and Complex Seriality (Trisha Dunleavy)....Pages 47-62
Front Matter ....Pages 63-63
The Depiction of the Civil Rights Movement on Mad Men (Rod Carveth)....Pages 65-79
Mad Men, Women, and the Lure of Feminism (Mimi White)....Pages 81-97
The Performativity of Labour and Femininity on Mad Men (Maryn C. Wilkinson)....Pages 99-113
Mad Men, Corporate Culture, and Violence Against Women (Tracy Lucht, Jane Marcellus)....Pages 115-129
Front Matter ....Pages 131-131
Don Draper and the Enduring Appeal of Antonioni’s La Notte (Emily Hoffman)....Pages 133-147
Mad Men’s Mid-Century Modern Times (Zak Roman)....Pages 149-162
Dualities and Ambiguities: Mad Men’s Use of the Beatles, Nancy Sinatra, and Judy Collins in Seasons Five and Six (Rachel Donegan)....Pages 163-175
Using Bakhtin’s ‘Third Ear’ to Hear Mad Men’s Adspeak in the Everyday (Honora Kenney)....Pages 177-191
Mad Men and the Staging of Literature via Ken Cosgrove and His Problems (Aaron Shapiro)....Pages 193-206
Front Matter ....Pages 207-207
Mad Men’s Finale and the Making of History (Marjolaine Boutet)....Pages 209-219
Ending an Era and the Dismantling of Narrative ‘Machinery’ in Mad Men’s Finale (Kristina Graour)....Pages 221-235
What Jungian Psychology Can Tell Us About Don Draper’s Unexpected Embrace of Leonard in Mad Men’s Finale (Marisa Carroll)....Pages 237-250
Afterword: Reading Mad Men in the Era of Trump (Karen McNally, Teresa Forde)....Pages 251-262
Back Matter ....Pages 263-280
《广告狂人》的遗产:文化史、中介性与美国电视-The Legacy of Mad Men: Cultural History, Intermediality and American Televisi
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