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循环系统的建模与性能分析-Modelling and Performance Analysis of Cyclic Systems

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标题(title):Modelling and Performance Analysis of Cyclic Systems
作者(author):Wojciech Bożejko, Grzegorz Bocewicz
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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Striking a balance between state-of-the-art research and practical applications, this book provides a forum for contributions that cover the main research challenges in the cyclic modeling, development, and validation of concurrently acting distributed production systems: systems that employ multi-assortment production in large quantities, are characterized by gradual changes in their product mix, and exclusively manufacture products in a cyclic manner. Similar issues also arise in computer systems, e.g., embedded systems. Cyclic optimization problems that occur in them are unique and under-researched, but are attracting new interest primarily due to their great practical importance and the difficulty involved in obtaining efficient algorithms for solving specific cases with real constraints arising from manufacturing practice. Addressing these and other topics, the book will be of great interest to researchers in computer science, operations management, and production control, as well as practicing managers and engineers.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Cyclic Data Flows in Computers and Embedded Systems (Claire Hanen, Alix Munier-Kordon)....Pages 3-29
Cyclic Two Machine Flow Shop with Disjoint Sequence-Dependent Setups (Wojciech Bożejko, Czesław Smutnicki, Mariusz Uchroński, Mieczysław Wodecki)....Pages 31-47
Cyclic Scheduling in the Manufacturing Cell (Wojciech Bożejko, Jarosław Pempera, Czesław Smutnicki, Mieczysław Wodecki)....Pages 49-62
On Estimating LON-Based Measures in Cyclic Assignment Problem in Non-permutational Flow Shop Scheduling Problem (Andrzej Gnatowski, Teodor Niżyński)....Pages 63-84
Front Matter ....Pages 85-85
Coordination of Cyclic Motion Processes in Free-Ranging Multiple Mobile Robot Systems (Elzbieta Roszkowska)....Pages 87-104
Blockage-Free Route Planning for In-Plant Milk-Run Material Delivery Systems (Grzegorz Bocewicz, Izabela Nielsen, Zbigniew Banaszak)....Pages 105-132
Front Matter ....Pages 133-133
Conflict Avoidance Within Max-Plus Fault-Tolerant Control: Application to a Seat Assembly System (Marcin Witczak, Paweł Majdzik, Bogdan Lipiec, Ralf Stetter)....Pages 135-157
Max-Plus Algebraic Modelling of Cyclical Multi-assortment Manufacturing System (Jarosław Stańczyk)....Pages 159-172
Front Matter ....Pages 173-173
Incorporating Automatic Model Checking into GPenSIM (Reggie Davidrajuh, Bozena Skolud, Damian Krenczyk)....Pages 175-187
Back Matter ....Pages 189-190
循环系统的建模与性能分析-Modelling and Performance Analysis of Cyclic Systems
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