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产品生命周期管理(第一卷):21世纪产品实现的范式-Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 1): 21st Century Paradigm for Product

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标题(title):Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 1): 21st Century Paradigm for Product Realisation
作者(author):John Stark
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This fourth edition of the book provides readers with a detailed explanation of PLM, enabling them to gain a full understanding and the know-how to implement PLM within their own business environment. This new and expanded edition has been fully updated to reflect the numerous technological and management advances made in PLM since the release of the third edition in 2014, including chapters on both the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

The book describes the environment in which products are ideated, developed, manufactured, supported and retired before addressing the main components of PLM and PLM Initiatives. These include product-related business processes, product data, product data management (PDM) systems, other PLM applications, best practices, company objectives and organisation. Key activities in PLM Initiatives include Organisational Change Management (OCM) and Project Management. Lastly, it addresses the PLM Initiative, showing the typical steps and activities of a PLM project or initiative.

Enhancing readers’ understanding of PLM, the book enables them to develop the skills needed to implement PLM successfully and achieve world-class product performance across the lifecycle.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxv
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) (John Stark)....Pages 1-33
PLM and Its Environment (John Stark)....Pages 35-70
PLM and Products (John Stark)....Pages 71-98
PLM and Business Processes (John Stark)....Pages 99-158
PLM and Product Data (John Stark)....Pages 159-219
PLM and PDM (John Stark)....Pages 221-242
PLM and Product-Related Applications (John Stark)....Pages 243-307
PLM, Techniques and Methods (John Stark)....Pages 309-333
PLM and the Internet of Things (John Stark)....Pages 335-360
PLM, Facilities and Equipment, Industry 4.0 (John Stark)....Pages 361-375
PLM and Organisational Change Management (John Stark)....Pages 377-409
PLM and Project Management (John Stark)....Pages 411-441
Executive Activities in PLM (John Stark)....Pages 443-488
PLM and the PLM Initiative (John Stark)....Pages 489-539
PLM in Industry (John Stark)....Pages 541-569
Closing Thoughts (John Stark)....Pages 571-574
产品生命周期管理(第一卷):21世纪产品实现的范式-Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 1): 21st Century Paradigm for Product
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