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数字时代:机遇、挑战与未来-Digital Age: Chances, Challenges and Future

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标题(title):Digital Age: Chances, Challenges and Future
作者(author):Svetlana Igorevna Ashmarina, Marek Vochozka, Valentina Vyacheslavovna Mantulenko
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This proceedings book presents the outcomes of the VII International Scientific Conference “Digital Transformation of the Economy: Challenges, Trends, New Opportunities”, which took place in Samara, Russian Federation, on April 26–27, 2019. Organized by the Samara State University of Economics, the conference chiefly focused on digital economy issues, such as theoretical preconditions for the development of economic systems in the digital age and specific practical issues related to real-world business practice.

Consisting of six chapters corresponding to the thematic areas of the conference, and written by scientists and practitioners from different regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic and Germany, the book offers answers to the most pressing questions for today’s business community:

- How is our world changing under the influence of digital technology?
- Is sustainable economic development a myth or reality in the context of digitalization?

- What threats and opportunities does digitalization bring?

- What are realities and prospects of digitalization in the context of business practice?
- How do we create a digital infrastructure for the economy?

- How should the legal environment of the economy be transformed in the context of digitalization?

The conclusions and recommendations presented are not recipes for solving the existing economic problems, but instead are intended for use in further research on transformation processes in the economy and in the development of state economic policies in various countries and regions.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Past in the Future vs. Future Without Past: Challenges of the Economic Education (N. F. Tagirova, E. I. Sumburova, Yu. A. Zherdeva)....Pages 3-11
Transformation of the Banking System as a Way to Minimize Information Asymmetry (O. Y. Kuzmina, M. E. Konovalova, E. S. Chulova)....Pages 12-18
Circular and Sharing Economy Practices and Their Implementation in Russian Universities (B. A. Nikitina)....Pages 19-26
Relationship Between the Economy Digitalization and the “Knowledge” Production Factor (A. M. Mikhailov, A. A. Kopylova)....Pages 27-38
Priority Directions of Digital Economy Development and Effectiveness of State Policy in the Informatization Field (O. A. Bulavko, N. N. Belanova, L. R. Tuktarova)....Pages 39-46
Transformation of Worldview Orientations in the Digital Era: Humanism vs. Anti-, Post- and Trans-Humanism (A. V. Guryanova, I. V. Smotrova)....Pages 47-53
Digital Transformation of Education, Science and Innovations (E. V. Pogorelova, T. B. Efimova)....Pages 54-61
Personal Brand of University Teachers in the Digital Age (V. V. Mantulenko, E. Z. Yashina, S. I. Ashmarina)....Pages 62-70
Key Priorities of Business Activities Under Economy Digitalization (E. V. Volkodavova, A. P. Zhabin, G. I. Yakovlev, R. I. Khansevyarov)....Pages 71-79
Research of Efficiency of Tax Stimulation of Innovative Entrepreneurship (D. V. Aleshkova, M. V. Greshnova, E. S. Smolina, L. E. Popok)....Pages 80-84
Technological Development 1.0. of the Russian Federation (A. V. Krivtsov, L. S. Valinurova)....Pages 85-91
Digital Era and Consumer Behavior on the Internet (P. Martiskova, R. Svec)....Pages 92-100
The Role of Planetary Property as a Basis for Sustainable Harmonious Economic Development (O. E. Ryazanova, V. P. Zolotareva)....Pages 101-106
Front Matter ....Pages 107-107
Stages of Innovative Production in the Traditional Factory (R. Sh. Bikmetov, N. V. Starun, D. V. Aleshkova)....Pages 109-115
Digital Economy as a Way to Ensure Economic Growth (E. B. Razuvaeva, N. V. Starun, L. G. Elkina)....Pages 116-127
Strategies for Obtaining Added Value in Developing Technological Innovations (M. V. Simonova, N. V. Kozhuhova)....Pages 128-136
Digitalization of Labor Regulation Management: New Forms and Content (V. A. Schekoldin, I. V. Bogatyreva, L. A. Ilyukhina)....Pages 137-143
Digital Transformation of Tax Administration (M. A. Nazarov, O. L. Mikhaleva, K. S. Chernousova)....Pages 144-149
Comparative Analysis of Automatized Systems for Management Processes Information Support (Yu. A. Pertulisov, E. S. Smolina, L. A. Vodopyanova)....Pages 150-158
The Impact of Digitalization on the Economic Security Index of GDP (O. A. Naumova, I. A. Svetkina, T. A. Korneeva)....Pages 159-164
Digital Transformation of Municipal Management Under Sustainable Development (A. A. Sidorov, N. V. Lazareva, N. V. Starun)....Pages 165-171
Digital Technologies as a Tool for Solving Basic Industrial Problems in the Agro-Industrial Complex (E. P. Gusakova, A. V. Shchutskaya, E. P. Afanaseva)....Pages 172-179
Digital Technologies as a Factor of Expanding the Investment Opportunities of Business Entities (M. E. Konovalova, O. Y. Kuzmina, S. A. Zhironkin)....Pages 180-188
Participatory Budgeting in City of Prague: Boosting Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance Through Digital Tools (Case Study) (E. Velinov, S. I. Ashmarina, A. S. Zotova)....Pages 189-197
The Possibilities of a Paperless Company Concept (P. Šuleř, V. Machová)....Pages 198-202
Front Matter ....Pages 203-203
Regional Digital Maturity: Design and Strategies (E. K. Chirkunova, G. A. Khmeleva, E. N. Koroleva, M. V. Kurnikova)....Pages 205-213
Information Society Development in Regions of the Russian Federation (N. V. Kulikova, N. P. Persteneva, T. V. Ruslanova)....Pages 214-224
The Impact of the Digital Economy on the Development of the Stock Market in Russia (A. V. Vaulin, E. V. Pogorelova)....Pages 225-232
Trends in Optimizing the Formation of Consolidated Reporting in Holding Companies in the Context of Global Digitization (V. P. Fomin, E. S. Potokina)....Pages 233-242
Special Economic Zones as Instrument of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development (A. V. Streltsov, G. I. Yakovlev, N. V. Nikitina)....Pages 243-251
The Transformation of the Customer Value of Retail Network Services Under Digitalization (D. V. Chernova, N. S. Sharafutdinova, I. I. Nurtdinov, Y. S. Valeeva, L. I. Kuzmina)....Pages 252-260
Digitalization of the Public Sector of the Regional Economy (T. M. Tarasova, L. V. Averina, E. P. Pecherskaya)....Pages 261-268
Assessment of Quality of Services of Public Transport in Digital Economy (A. R. Rakhmatullina, A. N. Sivaks, E. P. Pecherskaya)....Pages 269-280
Analysis of Innovative Activity of Russian Oil and Gas Companies in the Context of World Experience (E. S. Smolina, E. Yu. Kuzaeva, O. B. Kazakova, N. A. Kuzminykh)....Pages 281-289
Internet-Marketing in the Sphere of Higher Education (S. Ziyadin, A. Serikbek)....Pages 290-297
Modelling of Software Producer and Customer Interaction: Nash Equilibrium (T. Czegledy, R. V. Fedorenko, N. A. Zaichikova)....Pages 298-307
The Readiness of the Economy for Digitalization: Basic Methodological Approaches (E. L. Sidorenko, Z. I. Khisamova)....Pages 308-316
Influence of Digitalization on Motivation Techniques in Organizations (E. P. Troshina, V. V. Mantulenko)....Pages 317-323
Front Matter ....Pages 325-325
Digital Talents: Realities and Prospects (E. P. Barinova, E. N. Sheremetyeva, A. S. Zotova)....Pages 327-334
Harmonization of Financial and Credit Resources of Commercial Organizations in the Digital Economy (E. A. Serper, O. A. Khvostenko, M. A. Pershin)....Pages 335-341
Improving Russian Agribusiness Competitiveness Within the Digital Transformation Framework (N. V. Molotkova, M. N. Makeeva, M. A. Blium, B. I. Gerasimov, E. B. Gerasimova)....Pages 342-350
The Process of Production Digital Transformation at the Industrial Enterprise (A. A. Chudaeva, I. A. Svetkina, A. S. Zotova)....Pages 351-358
Digitization of the Agricultural Sector of Economy as an Element of Innovative Development in Russia (O. V. Mamai, I. N. Mamai, M. V. Kitaeva)....Pages 359-365
Competitiveness of Project-Oriented Recreational Organizations in the Context of Marketing Technologies Transformation (E. N. Sheremetyeva, E. P. Barinova, N. V. Mitropolskaya-Rodionova)....Pages 366-372
XBRL Reporting in the Conditions of Digital Business Transformation (O. V. Astafeva, E. V. Astafyev, E. A. Khalikova, T. B. Leybert, I. A. Osipova)....Pages 373-381
Digital Transformation in the Management of Contemporary Organizations (O. V. Astafeva, E. P. Pecherskaya, T. M. Tarasova, E. V. Korobejnikova)....Pages 382-389
Digital Reality and Perspective of the Management of Educational Organizations (E. A. Mitrofanova, I. V. Bogatyreva, V. V. Tarasenko)....Pages 390-397
Strategic Purchasing Control of the Industrial Enterprise: Digitalization and Logistics Approach (I. A. Toymentseva, N. P. Karpova, T. E. Evtodieva)....Pages 398-407
Digital Transformation in Business (S. Ziyadin, S. Suieubayeva, A. Utegenova)....Pages 408-415
Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Control Systems (ACS) (M. Vochozka, J. Horák, T. Krulický)....Pages 416-421
Using Artificial Intelligence in Company Management (J. Vrbka, Z. Rowland)....Pages 422-429
Front Matter ....Pages 431-431
Model of Sustainable Development of Regional Ecological and Economic Systems (N. V. Lazareva, G. S. Rosenberg, O. A. Sapova)....Pages 433-440
Digitalization of Education as a Basis for the Competence Approach (E. G. Repina, O. V. Bakanach, N. V. Proskurina)....Pages 441-447
Optimization of Higher Education in Economy Digitalization (N. V. Speshilova, V. N. Shepel, M. V. Kitaeva)....Pages 448-457
Socio-Technical Approach to a Research of Information Economy (O. V. Bakanach, O. F. Chistik, M. Y. Karyshev, N. V. Proskurina)....Pages 458-465
Development of International Production Cooperative Relations i
数字时代:机遇、挑战与未来-Digital Age: Chances, Challenges and Future
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