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战略能力响应分析:工业4.0、价值链网络管理2.0和利益相关者价值导向管理的融合-Strategic Capability Response Analysis: The Convergence of

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标题(title):Strategic Capability Response Analysis: The Convergence of Industrié 4.0, Value Chain Network Management 2.0 and Stakeholder Value-Led Management
作者(author):David Walters, Deborah Helman
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book integrates Industrié 4.0, Value Chain Network Management 2.0, and Stakeholder Value-Led Management into a method, offering organizations an opportunity to be more analytical when making strategic decisions for operations management activities. Strategic Capability Response Analysis embraces the value expectations of all stakeholders in a business enterprise and links them together with a demand-supply-response relationship. This convergence delivers a focused “agile-rolling-value proposition” that optimizes the expectations and the resources of its stakeholder constituents. The use of Strategic Capability Response Analysis considers the implications of the changing environment of value chain network management for the digital age. Industrié 4.0 has presented numerous opportunities across all industries to improve both the effectiveness of strategic decisions and the efficiency of their implementation to the network stakeholders. As Industrié 4.0 is changing the characteristics of decision making, the proposed model considers the impact of alternative solutions on the core business model components of performance, profitability, productivity, producibility, partnerships and preservation. The book includes case studies to highlight current management problems and how this approach can be used to help resolve those issues.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxxiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-5
Changing Perspectives of “Value” (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 7-33
Industry Dynamics (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 35-51
Using Capabilities to Build a Response-Led Strategic Decision Model (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 53-69
Front Matter ....Pages 71-73
Performance Management: Value Drivers and Strategic Value Builders (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 75-98
Profitability: Interpretations and Considerations (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 99-139
Productivity (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 141-167
Producibility: The Networked Organizations’ Strategic and Operational Infrastructure (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 169-193
Partnerships: Managing Intra- and Interorganizational Relationships – The Global Value Chain Network (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 195-219
Preservation: Corporate Sustainability (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 221-245
Front Matter ....Pages 247-255
Building the “Connected” Business Model: Identifying Capability Requirements (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 257-283
Managing the Business Model (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 285-303
Working with the Convergence to Achieve Competitive Value Advantage (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 305-337
Concepts and Cases (David Walters, Deborah Helman)....Pages 339-372
战略能力响应分析:工业4.0、价值链网络管理2.0和利益相关者价值导向管理的融合-Strategic Capability Response Analysis: The Convergence of
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