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老年医疗实践:以能力为基础的照顾老年人的方法-Geriatric Practice: A Competency Based Approach to Caring for Older Adults

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标题(title):Geriatric Practice: A Competency Based Approach to Caring for Older Adults
作者(author):Audrey Chun
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book serves as a comprehensive reference for the basic principles of caring for older adults, directly corresponding to the key competencies for medical student and residents. These competencies are covered in 10 sections, each with chapters that target the skills and knowledge necessary for achieving competency. Each of the 45 chapters follow a consistent format for ease of use, beginning with an introduction to the associated competency and concluding with the most salient points for mastery. Chapters also includes brief cases to provide context to the clinical reasoning behind the competency, strengthening the core understanding necessary to physicians of the future.

Written by expert educators and clinicians in geriatric medicine, Geriatric Practice is key resource for students in geriatric medicine, family and internal medicine, specialties, hospice and nursing home training, and all clinicians studying to work with aging patients.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages I-XVI
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
History and Trends (Jennifer A. Ouellet, Lisa M. Walke)....Pages 3-11
Identifying the Unique Needs of the Aging Population (Amit Shah)....Pages 13-19
Education of Current and Future Providers (Kathryn E. Callahan, Rosanne M. Leipzig)....Pages 21-27
Front Matter ....Pages 29-29
Physiology of Aging (Katherine Roza, Nisha Rughwani)....Pages 31-48
Normal Versus Abnormal Physical Exam (Vanessa Rodriguez, Melissa Bakar)....Pages 49-66
Testing in the Elderly (Michael Bogaisky)....Pages 67-75
Differential Diagnoses in the Setting of Advanced Age and Multiple Conditions (Ayla Pelleg, Ravishankar Ramaswamy)....Pages 77-85
Common Acute Illness (Noelle Marie Javier, Martine Sanon, Sara Suleman)....Pages 87-113
Front Matter ....Pages 115-115
Patient-Centered Care for Persons with Multiple Conditions (Michelle Martinchek, Katherine Thompson)....Pages 117-127
Geriatric Preoperative Evaluation of the Older Adult (Stephanie Le, Nami Safai Haeri, Allen D. Andrade)....Pages 129-138
Common Chronic Conditions (Erika Diaz Narvaez, Komal D’Souza, Veronica Rivera)....Pages 139-155
Geriatric Considerations in Common Surgical Conditions (Adora Tricia V. Santos, Steven Y. Chao)....Pages 157-166
Front Matter ....Pages 167-167
Prescription Selection and Dosing (Sharon See)....Pages 169-175
High-Risk Prescriptions for Aging Patients (Khusbu Patel)....Pages 177-184
Dietary Botanicals and Supplements (Alan Remde, Raymond Teets)....Pages 185-199
Understanding the Medication List and Addressing Polypharmacy in Older Adults (Daniel Z. Mansour, Kriti Sharma, Nicole J. Brandt)....Pages 201-209
Front Matter ....Pages 211-211
Depression in Older Adults: Principles of Diagnosis and Management (Elizabeth Mann, Gregory A. Hinrichsen, Shahla Baharlou)....Pages 213-221
Behavioral and Psychiatric Symptoms in Dementia (BPSD) (Amy S. Aloysi, Eileen H. Callahan)....Pages 223-236
Diagnosis and Management of Delirium (Claire K. Ankuda, Olusegun Apoeso)....Pages 237-246
Assessment of Memory and Function (Matthew Majeske)....Pages 247-252
Nonpharmacological Management of BPSD: Agitation and Behavioral Problems in Dementia (Christine Chang)....Pages 253-265
Late-Life Insomnia (Hylton E. Molzof, Megan E. Petrov, Kenneth L. Lichstein)....Pages 267-278
Front Matter ....Pages 279-279
Assessment of Capability and Capacity (Michele Lee, Katherine Wang)....Pages 281-290
Developing a Management Plan (Stephanie W. Chow, Lizette Muñoz)....Pages 291-297
Safety and Risk Assessment (Karin Ouchida, Parham Khalili)....Pages 299-319
Falls Screening, Differential Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment (Kristen DeCarlo, Sara M. Bradley)....Pages 321-333
Driving (Kelly Cummings, Helen Fernandez)....Pages 335-344
Individualized Decision-Making for Preventive Medicine in Older Adults (Lindsey C. Yourman, Jean Y. Guan, Roopali Gupta)....Pages 345-355
Front Matter ....Pages 357-357
Advance Care Planning for Older Adults (Mollie A. Biewald)....Pages 359-369
Patient Preference, Prognosis, and Decision-Making in Screening and Treatment (Erica Y. Chu)....Pages 371-376
Front Matter ....Pages 377-377
Sites of Care for the Older Adult: Outpatient, Post-Discharge, Hospice (Dustin E. Suanino, Gary H. Brandeis)....Pages 379-391
Acute Care in the Home Setting: Hospital at Home (Barbara Morano, Joanna Jimenez-Mejia, Martine Sanon, Carmen Morano, Linda V. DeCherrie)....Pages 393-401
Hazards of Hospitalization (Martine Sanon)....Pages 403-423
Prevention of Hazards of Hospitalization (Claire Davenport, Rebecca J. Stetzer)....Pages 425-440
Managing Medications and Addressing Polypharmacy (Ruth M. Spinner, Savitri Ramdial)....Pages 441-451
Foley Catheter Use and Management of Urinary Symptoms (Cynthia Lien, Neha Naik)....Pages 453-466
High-Risk Pressure Ulcers (Lisa A. Perez, Denise Cauble, Kathryn M. Daniel)....Pages 467-480
Front Matter ....Pages 481-481
Discharge Planning (Ogechi N. Dike, Grace Farris)....Pages 483-489
Interprofessional Care: Why Teamwork Matters (Annette M. Hintenach, Judith L. Howe)....Pages 491-500
Chronic Care Management (Siobhan Sundel, David Sundel)....Pages 501-513
Registries/Data in Population Health Management (Ania Wajnberg, Bernard F. Ortega)....Pages 515-519
Front Matter ....Pages 521-521
Management of Pain Symptoms (Megan E. Rau, Emily J. Chai)....Pages 523-532
Non-pain Symptoms (Belinda Setters, Serena Hsiou-Ling Chao)....Pages 533-542
Psychosocial, Social, and Spiritual Needs of Geriatric Patients (Sheila Barton)....Pages 543-554
Introduction to Palliative Care (Amanda N. Overstreet)....Pages 555-565
Back Matter ....Pages 567-580
老年医疗实践:以能力为基础的照顾老年人的方法-Geriatric Practice: A Competency Based Approach to Caring for Older Adults
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