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数字经济。新兴技术与商业创新:第四届国际会议,ICDEc 2019,黎巴嫩贝鲁特,2019年4月15-18日,会议记录-Digital Economy. Emerging Technologies a

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标题(title):Digital Economy. Emerging Technologies and Business Innovation: 4th International Conference, ICDEc 2019, Beirut, Lebanon, April 15–18, 2019, Proceedings
数字经济。新兴技术与商业创新:第四届国际会议,ICDEc 2019,黎巴嫩贝鲁特,2019年4月15-18日,会议记录
作者(author):Rim Jallouli, Mohamed Anis Bach Tobji, Deny Bélisle, Sehl Mellouli, Farid Abdallah, Ibrahim Osman
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Digital Economy, ICDEc 2019, held in Beirut, Lebanon, in April 2019. The conference was founded in 2016 to discuss innovative research and projects related to the support role of Information System Technologies in the digital transformation process, business innovation and e-commerce.

The 31 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 89 submissions. The theme of ICDEc 2019 was “Digital Economy: Emerging Technologies and Business Innovation”. The papers were organized in topical sections named: digital transformation; e-finance; social media communication; intelligent systems; e-commerce and business analytics; e-learning and cloud education; e-commerce and digital economy; data science; digital marketing; and digital business model.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Assessment the Company’s Readiness for Digital Transformation: Clarifying the Issue (Tatiana Lezina, Olga Stoianova, Victoriia Ivanova, Lyudmila Gadasina)....Pages 3-14
The Impact of Management by Objectives (MBO) on Organizational Outcome in a Digital World: A Case Study in the Aviation Industry (Farid Abdallah, Walid Elhoss)....Pages 15-28
The Effect of Digital Transformation on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Sector: The Case of Lebanese Tourism Services Providers (Nadine Sinno)....Pages 29-39
Front Matter ....Pages 41-41
Testing the Significance of Artificial Intelligence Investment in Determining Stock Prices (Mohammad Makki, Mira Abdallah)....Pages 43-52
The Interest Rate Behaviour of Bitcoin as a Digital Asset (Thabo J. Gopane)....Pages 53-65
Limitations of Digitizing Trade Finance Services in Yemeni Banking Sector (Rami Al-Sabri)....Pages 66-84
Front Matter ....Pages 85-85
Social Networks and Societal Strategic Orientation in the Hotel Sector: Netnographic Study (Hasna Koubaa, Rim Jallouli)....Pages 87-109
Luxury and Mass Media: How Can Brands Manage the Paradox Between Luxury Inaccessibility and Social Media Communication Tools? (Wafa Hamzaoui, Nadine Tournois, Enes Hamzagic)....Pages 110-119
The Return on Investment of Professional Social Networks (Yamen Koubaa, Fares Medjani)....Pages 120-130
Front Matter ....Pages 131-131
A Trusted Group-Based Revocation Process for Intelligent Transportation System (Hamssa Hasrouny, Abed Ellatif Samhat, Carole Bassil, Anis Laouiti)....Pages 133-146
On the Verification of Data Encryption Requirements in Internet of Things Using Event-B (Imed Abbassi, Layth Sliman, Mohamed Graiet, Walid Gaaloul)....Pages 147-156
CaRT: Framework for Semantic Query Correction and Relaxation (Oumaima Mbazaia, Karim Kamoun)....Pages 157-169
Front Matter ....Pages 171-171
E-commerce and Business Analytics: A Literature Review (Emrah Bilgic, Yanqing Duan)....Pages 173-182
Overview of E-commerce Technologies, Data Analysis Capabilities and Marketing Knowledge (Safa Kaabi, Rim Jallouli)....Pages 183-193
E-commerce and Commodity Fetishism Violence in New Media Marketing (Hassan Choubassi, Sahar Sharara, Sarah Khayat)....Pages 194-200
Front Matter ....Pages 201-201
Toward Information Overload: Measuring Visual Activity in Teaching Materials Production (Kristian Dokic, Tomislava Lauc, Bojan Radisic)....Pages 203-214
A Reflection on E-learning Effectiveness in Tunisia (Rabeb Mbarek)....Pages 215-229
Deeper Learning Versus Surface Learning: The SAMR Model to Assess E-Learning Pedagogy (Dina Shouman, Levon Momdjian)....Pages 230-238
Personal Effectiveness, Commitment and Organizational Trust Impact on e-Learning Effectiveness (Arem Say, Ibticem Ben Zammel, Tharwa Najar)....Pages 239-250
Front Matter ....Pages 251-251
Transparency in the E-Journals Market: Controlled Preferences and Altered Rational Choices (Rim Haidar, Nizar Hariri, Racquel Antoun)....Pages 253-265
Going Viral: Elements that Lead Videos to Become Viral (Rania Abouyounes)....Pages 266-277
A Quantitative Model for Replacement of Medical Equipment Based on Technical and Economic Factors (Yasmine Jarikji, Bassam Hussein, Mohamad Hajj-Hassan)....Pages 278-285
Front Matter ....Pages 287-287
A New Spark Based K-Means Clustering with Data Removing Strategy (Kenza Rziga, Mohamed Aymen Ben HajKacem, Nadia Essoussi)....Pages 289-304
Reinforcement Learning for New Adaptive Gamified LMS (Eya Chtouka, Wided Guezguez, Nahla Ben Amor)....Pages 305-314
A Framework for Facial Image Analytics Using Deep Learning in Social Sciences Research (Stuart J. Barnes, Richard Rutter)....Pages 315-320
Front Matter ....Pages 321-321
Motivations and Inhibitions Behind the Adoption and Continuous Use of IoT Wearable Devices: Exploring and Comparing Three Major Frameworks (Mourad Touzani, Ahmed Anis Charfi)....Pages 323-341
Marketing Strategies in the Age of Technology (Caroline Kassabli Al Fakhry)....Pages 342-351
Smart Packaging: Consumer’s Perception and Diagnostic of Traceability Information (Mouna Karoui Daoud, Imene Trabelsi Trigui)....Pages 352-370
Front Matter ....Pages 371-371
Multi-sided Platforms in the Sharing Economy – A Case Study Analysis for the Development of a Generic Platform (Claudia Vienken, Nizar Abdelkafi, Cyrine Tangour)....Pages 373-386
So You Want to Be a Platform: Where to Start? (Lino Markfort, Sebastian Haugk, Cyrine Tangour)....Pages 387-396
Digital Business Model Patterns of Big Pharmaceutical Companies - A Cluster Analysis (Cyrine Tangour, Marc Gebauer, Luise Fischer, Herwig Winkler)....Pages 397-412
Correction to: Digital Business Model Patterns of Big Pharmaceutical Companies - A Cluster Analysis (Cyrine Tangour, Marc Gebauer, Luise Fischer, Herwig Winkler)....Pages C1-C1
Back Matter ....Pages 413-413
数字经济。新兴技术与商业创新:第四届国际会议,ICDEc 2019,黎巴嫩贝鲁特,2019年4月15-18日,会议记录-Digital Economy. Emerging Technologies a
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