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癌症预防基础-Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention

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标题(title):Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention
作者(author):David S. Alberts, Lisa M. Hess
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This authoritative work, now in its fourth edition, presents state of the art knowledge on all key aspects of cancer prevention. In addition to detailed summaries on preventive strategies for specific cancers, readers will find current knowledge on a range of relevant scientific topics including the benefits of cancer prevention, the importance of diet and physical activity, innate and adaptive immune responses to cancer, hereditary risks, cancer health disparities, and the preventive role of telemedicine. In this new edition of the book, the coverage has been expanded to include additional disease sites and to provide up-to-date information across the range of disciplines in the field of cancer prevention and control. Written as a collaborative work by internationally recognized leaders in the field, Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention is an essential reference guide and tool for oncologists, primary care physicians, the research community, and students with an interest in reducing the burden of cancer through the implementation of effective preventive strategies.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Introduction to Cancer Prevention (David S. Alberts, Lisa M. Hess)....Pages 1-16
Assessing the Impact of Cancer Prevention on Self-Reported Health and Well-Being (Stephen Joel Coons, Mira J. Patel)....Pages 17-29
Assessing the Economic Value of Cancer Prevention (Benjamin M. Craig)....Pages 31-51
The Role of Diet, Physical Activity, and Body Composition in Cancer Prevention (Cynthia A. Thomson, Jennifer W. Bea)....Pages 53-110
Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Cancer (Matthew P. Rausch, Karen Taraszka Hastings)....Pages 111-159
Hereditary Risk for Cancer (Kate Shane-Carson, Joanne M. Jeter)....Pages 161-197
Cancer Health Disparities (B. Lee Green, Jenna L. Davis, Desiree Rivers, Kyrel L. Buchanan, Kosj Yamoah)....Pages 199-246
Human Categories and Health: The Power of the Concept of Ethnicity (Kathryn Coe)....Pages 247-267
Cancer Alternative Medicine and Cancer Prevention Research (A. I. Chang, A. H. Schwertschkow, H. Greenlee, L. K. Larkey, J. Bloom-Foster, L. E. Mehl-Madrona)....Pages 269-331
Telemedicine, Telehealth, and e-Health Technologies in Cancer Prevention (Ana Maria Lopez)....Pages 333-352
Global Cancer Prevention (Janet Okamoto, Scott J. Leischow)....Pages 353-375
Sunscreen-Based Skin Protection Against Solar Insult: Molecular Mechanisms and Opportunities (Andrea Krajisnik, Jessica Perer, Georg T. Wondrak)....Pages 377-404
Skin Cancer Prevention (Maria Lluria-Prevatt, Sally E. Dickinson, David S. Alberts)....Pages 405-472
Colorectal Cancer Prevention (Peter Lance)....Pages 473-509
Lung Cancer Prevention (Eva Szabo)....Pages 511-542
Breast Cancer Prevention (Patricia A. Thompson, Christina Preece, Alison T. Stopeck)....Pages 543-606
Prostate Cancer Prevention (Amit M. Algotar, Anne Cress)....Pages 607-628
Cervical Cancer Prevention (Katherine LaVigne, Mario M. Leitao Jr)....Pages 629-652
Endometrial Cancer Prevention (Paulina Cybulska, Mario M. Leitao Jr)....Pages 653-676
Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Prevention (Setsuko K. Chambers, Lisa M. Hess)....Pages 677-722
Cancer Survivorship (Allison Barrie, Steven Plaxe, Robert Krouse, Noreen M. Aziz)....Pages 723-769
癌症预防基础-Fundamentals of Cancer Prevention
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