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信息系统与神经科学:2019年神经科学务虚会-Information Systems and Neuroscience: NeuroIS Retreat 2019

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标题(title):Information Systems and Neuroscience: NeuroIS Retreat 2019
作者(author):Fred D. Davis, René Riedl, Jan vom Brocke, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Adriane Randolph, Thomas Fischer
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book presents the proceedings of the NeuroIS Retreat 2019, held on June 4–6 in Vienna, Austria, reporting on topics at the intersection of information systems (IS) research, neurophysiology and the brain sciences. Featuring the latest findings from top scholars in the field, it offers detailed insights into the neurobiology underlying IS behavior, essential methods and tools and their applications for IS, as well as applying neuroscience and neurophysiological to advance IS theory.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Circadian Rhythms and Social Media Information-Sharing (Rob Gleasure)....Pages 1-11
Does a Social Media Abstinence Really Reduce Stress? A Research-in-Progress Study Using Salivary Biomarkers (Eoin Whelan)....Pages 13-18
Multicommunicating During Team Meetings and Its Effects on Team Functioning (Ann-Frances Cameron, Shamel Addas, Matthias Spitzmuller)....Pages 19-29
A Neuroimaging Study of How ICT-Enabled Interruptions Induce Mental Stress (Zhensheng Zhang, Hock-Hai Teo)....Pages 31-39
User Performance in the Face of IT Interruptions: The Role of Executive Functions (Seyedmohammadmahdi Mirhoseini, Khaled Hassanein, Milena Head, Scott Watter)....Pages 41-51
Investigating the Role of Mind Wandering in Computer-Supported Collaborative Work: A Proposal for an EEG Study (Michael Klesel, Frederike M. Oschinsky, Bjoern Niehaves, René Riedl, Gernot R. Müller-Putz)....Pages 53-62
The Effect of Technology on Human Social Perception: A Multi-methods NeuroIS Pilot Investigation (Peter Walla, Sofija Lozovic)....Pages 63-71
Intelligent Invocation: Towards Designing Context-Aware User Assistance Systems Based on Real-Time Eye Tracking Data Analysis (Christian Peukert, Jessica Lechner, Jella Pfeiffer, Christof Weinhardt)....Pages 73-82
Designing Self-presence in Immersive Virtual Reality to Improve Cognitive Performance—A Research Proposal (Katharina Jahn, Bastian Kordyaka, Caroline Ressing, Kristina Roeding, Bjoern Niehaves)....Pages 83-91
Using fMRI to Measure Stimulus Generalization of Software Notification to Security Warnings (Brock Kirwan, Bonnie Anderson, David Eargle, Jeffrey Jenkins, Anthony Vance)....Pages 93-99
Do We Protect What We Own?: A Proposed Neurophysiological Exploration of Workplace Information Protection Motivation (Shan Xiao, Merrill Warkentin, Eric Walden, Allen C. Johnston)....Pages 101-109
Investigating Phishing Susceptibility—An Analysis of Neural Measures (Rohit Valecha, Adam Gonzalez, Jeffrey Mock, Edward J. Golob, H. Raghav Rao)....Pages 111-119
Affective Information Processing of Fake News: Evidence from NeuroIS (Bernhard Lutz, Marc T. P. Adam, Stefan Feuerriegel, Nicolas Pröllochs, Dirk Neumann)....Pages 121-128
What Can NeuroIS Learn from the Replication Crisis in Psychological Science? (Colin Conrad, Lyam Bailey)....Pages 129-135
Techno-Unreliability: A Pilot Study in the Field (Thomas Kalischko, Thomas Fischer, René Riedl)....Pages 137-145
Wavelet Transform Coherence: An Innovative Method to Investigate Social Interaction in NeuroIS (Paul Léné, Alexander J. Karran, Elise Labonté-Lemoyne, Sylvain Sénécal, Marc Fredette, Kevin J. Johnson et al.)....Pages 147-154
Towards a Software Architecture for Neurophysiological Experiments (Constantina Ioannou, Ekkart Kindler, Per Bækgaard, Shazia Sadiq, Barbara Weber)....Pages 155-163
Machine Learning Based Diagnosis of Diseases Using the Unfolded EEG Spectra: Towards an Intelligent Software Sensor (Ricardo Buettner, Thilo Rieg, Janek Frick)....Pages 165-172
The Impact of Symmetric Web-Design: A Pilot Study (Aurélie Vasseur, Pierre-Majorique Léger, Sylvain Sénécal)....Pages 173-180
Search Results Viewing Behavior vis-à-vis Relevance Criteria (Jacek Gwizdka, Yung-Sheng Chang)....Pages 181-188
An Adaptive Cognitive Temporal-Causal Network Model of a Mindfulness Therapy Based on Humor (S. Sahand Mohammadi Ziabari, Jan Treur)....Pages 189-201
Neural Correlates of Dual Decision Processes: A Network-Based Meta-analysis (Ting-Peng Liang, Yen-Chun Chou, Chia-Hung Liu)....Pages 203-210
Exploring the Neural Correlates of Visual Aesthetics on Websites (Anika Nissen)....Pages 211-220
Mitigating Information Overload in e-Commerce Interactions with Conversational Agents (Maria del Carmen Ocón Palma, Anna-Maria Seeger, Armin Heinzl)....Pages 221-228
Positive Moods Can Encourage Inertial Decision Making: Evidence from Eye-Tracking Data (Yu-feng Huang, Feng-yang Kuo)....Pages 229-238
Application of NeuroIS Tools to Understand Cognitive Behaviors of Student Learners in Biochemistry (Adriane Randolph, Solome Mekbib, Jenifer Calvert, Kimberly Cortes, Cassidy Terrell)....Pages 239-243
Task Switching and Visual Discrimination in Pedestrian Mobile Multitasking: Influence of IT Mobile Task Type (Pierre-Majorique Léger, Elise Labonté-Lemoyne, Marc Fredette, Ann-Frances Cameron, François Bellavance, Franco Lepore et al.)....Pages 245-251
Interpersonal EEG Synchrony While Listening to a Story Recorded Using Consumer-Grade EEG Devices (Nattapong Thammasan, Anne-Marie Brouwer, Mannes Poel, Jan van Erp)....Pages 253-259
Using Eye-Tracking for Visual Attention Feedback (Peyman Toreini, Moritz Langner, Alexander Maedche)....Pages 261-270
Perturbation-Evoked Potentials: Future Usage in Human-Machine Interaction (Jonas C. Ditz, Gernot R. Müller-Putz)....Pages 271-277
Improved Calibration of Neurophysiological Measures Tools (Florian Coustures, Marc Fredette, Jade Marquis, François Courtemanche, Elise Labonté-Lemoyne)....Pages 279-285
On Using Python to Run, Analyze, and Decode EEG Experiments (Colin Conrad, Om Agarwal, Carlos Calix Woc, Tazmin Chiles, Daniel Godfrey, Kavita Krueger et al.)....Pages 287-293
Brand Visual Eclipse (BVE): When the Brand Fixation Spent is Minimal in Relation to the Celebrity (Wajid H. Rizvi)....Pages 295-303
The Impact of Associative Coloring and Representational Formats on Decision-Making: An Eye-Tracking Study (Djordje Djurica, Jan Mendling, Kathrin Figl)....Pages 305-313
Impact of Physical Health and Exercise Activity on Online User Experience: Elderly People and High Risk for Diabetes (Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Li Zhao, Heidi Enwald, Maija-Leena Huotari, Riikka Ahola, Timo Jämsä et al.)....Pages 315-325
The Effect of Body Positions on Word-Recognition: A Multi-methods NeuroIS Study (Minah Chang, Samuil Pavlevchev, Alessandra Natascha Flöck, Peter Walla)....Pages 327-335
The Relationships Between Emotional States and Information Processing Strategies in IS Decision Support—A NeuroIS Approach (Bin Mai, Hakjoo Kim)....Pages 337-343
Improving Knowledge Acquisition from Informational Websites: A NeuroIS Study (Amir Riaz, Shirley Gregor)....Pages 345-353
Adaptation of Visual Attention: Effects of Information Presentation in Idea Selection Processes (Arnold Wibmer, Frederik Wiedmann, Isabella Seeber, Ronald Maier)....Pages 355-363
FITradeoff Decision Support System: An Exploratory Study with Neuroscience Tools (Anderson Lucas Carneiro de Lima da Silva, Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa)....Pages 365-372
信息系统与神经科学:2019年神经科学务虚会-Information Systems and Neuroscience: NeuroIS Retreat 2019
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