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照亮暗物质:西蒙斯会议录-Illuminating Dark Matter: Proceedings of a Simons Symposium

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标题(title):Illuminating Dark Matter: Proceedings of a Simons Symposium
作者(author):Rouven Essig, Jonathan Feng, Kathryn Zurek
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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Based on a Simons Symposium held in 2018, the proceedings in this volume focus on the theoretical, numerical, and observational quest for dark matter in the universe. Present ground-based and satellite searches have so far severely constrained the long-proposed theoretical models for dark matter. Nevertheless, there is continuously growing astrophysical and cosmological evidence for its existence. To address present and future developments in the field, novel ideas, theories, and approaches are called for. The symposium gathered together a new generation of experts pursuing innovative, more complex theories of dark matter than previously considered.This is being done hand in hand with experts in numerical astrophysical simulations and observational techniques—all paramount for deciphering the nature of dark matter. The proceedings volume provides coverage of the most advanced stage of understanding dark matter in various new frameworks. The collection will be useful for graduate students, postdocs, and investigators interested in cutting-edge research on one of the biggest mysteries of our universe.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Sterile Neutrino/Dark Fermion Dark Matter: Searches in the X-Ray Sky, the Nuclear Physics Laboratory and in Galaxy Formation (Kevork N. Abazajian)....Pages 1-8
Constraining the Small-Scale Clustering of Dark Matter with Stellar Streams (Jo Bovy)....Pages 9-18
Understanding Dwarf Galaxies in Order to Understand Dark Matter (Alyson M. Brooks)....Pages 19-28
Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter and Generators of Cosmic Structure (Bernard Carr)....Pages 29-39
Quantum Metrology Techniques for Axion Dark Matter Detection (Aaron S. Chou)....Pages 41-48
Light Dark Matter Searches at Accelerators and the LDMX Experiment (Bertrand Echenard)....Pages 49-57
Direct Detection of Sub-GeV Dark Matter: Models and Constraints (Rouven Essig)....Pages 59-67
FASER and the Search for Light and Weakly Interacting Particles (Jonathan L. Feng)....Pages 69-75
Interplay of Dark Matter Direct Detection and Neutrino Experiments (Roni Harnik)....Pages 77-83
Why I Think That Dark Matter Has Large Self-interactions (Manoj Kaplinghat)....Pages 85-89
Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter: New Formation Scenarios and Astrophysical Effects (Alexander Kusenko)....Pages 91-96
Versatile Physics with Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detectors (Rafael F. Lang)....Pages 97-102
The Origin of Galaxy Scaling Laws in LCDM (Julio F. Navarro)....Pages 103-108
Searching for Light–Dark Matter with Positron Beams (Mauro Raggi)....Pages 109-114
Some Direct Detection Signatures of Sub-MeV Dark Matter (Adam Ritz)....Pages 115-119
21 cm Absorption as a Probe of Dark Photons (Joshua T. Ruderman)....Pages 121-127
Some Minimal Cosmologies for Dark Sectors (Jessie Shelton)....Pages 129-136
The SENSEI Experiment (Javier Tiffenberg)....Pages 137-142
Indirect Probes of Light Dark Matter (Tomer Volansky)....Pages 143-152
Halometry from Astrometry: New Gravitational Methods to Search for Dark Matter (Neal Weiner)....Pages 153-159
Complex Dark Sectors and Large Bound States of Dark Matter (Kathryn M. Zurek)....Pages 161-165
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照亮暗物质:西蒙斯会议录-Illuminating Dark Matter: Proceedings of a Simons Symposium
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