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可持续发展观:科学、政策和实践:可持续发展理论、政策和实践的全球观-Sustainability Perspectives: Science, Policy and Practice: A Globa

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标题(title):Sustainability Perspectives: Science, Policy and Practice: A Global View of Theories, Policies and Practice in Sustainable Development
作者(author):Peter A. Khaiter, Marina G. Erechtchoukova
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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The book presents methodological and applied aspects of sustainability and sustainable management from different countries and regions around the globe. It discusses approaches to sustainability assessment, demonstrates how ideas of sustainability and sustainable management are incorporated into public policies and private actions at local and national levels. Authors focus on promoting greater sustainability in natural resource management, energy production and storage, housing design, industrial reorganization, coastal planning, land use, and business strategy, including sustainability indicators, environmental damages, and theoretical frameworks. Chapters reflect environmental, economic and social issues in sustainable development, challenges encountered, and lessons learned as well as solutions proposed.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Perspectives of Sustainability: Towards Design and Implementation (Peter A. Khaiter, Marina G. Erechtchoukova)....Pages 3-17
Framework for Identifying Preferred Sustainable Management Actions with Application to Forest Fuel Treatment (Tony Prato)....Pages 19-39
Sustainable Development in Indonesian Regions: Towards an Assessment (Noor Syaifudin, Yanrui Wu)....Pages 41-61
Sustainability of Water Ecosystems: From Theory to Practice (Mikhail M. Trofimchuk)....Pages 63-94
Front Matter ....Pages 95-95
Balancing Sustainable Coastal Management with Development in New Zealand (Ashton Eaves, Paul Kench, Garry McDonald, Mark Dickson)....Pages 97-118
Remediation Measures for Accumulated Environmental Damages Using Principles of Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Russian Regions (Sergey G. Tyaglov, Marina A. Ponomareva, Victoria B. Cheremina)....Pages 119-131
Defining Sustainability as Measurable Improvement in the Environment: Lessons from a Supply Chain Program for Agriculture in the United States (Allison Thomson, Chisara Ehiemere, Jack Carlson, Marty Matlock, Ed Barnes, Lara Moody et al.)....Pages 133-153
Local Aspects of Water Quality Assessment as the Basis for Regional Sustainable Development (Alesya O. Danilenko, Lyudmila S. Kosmenko, Maria Yu. Kondakova, Olga S. Reshetnyak, Lidia I. Minina, Mikhail M. Trofimchuk)....Pages 155-173
Indicators for Sustainable Management of Water Supply: A Case Study from Australia (Rob Braaten, Ulrike Bende-Michl, Sunil Dutta)....Pages 175-201
Evolving Perspectives of Sustainability in the Case of Community Forestry in Nepal (Mani Ram Banjade, Naya S. Paudel)....Pages 203-220
Front Matter ....Pages 221-221
A Study of Seasonal Trends in Precipitation Patterns During a Period of Forty Years for Sustainable Agricultural Water Management in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina (Olga Eugenia Scarpati, Alberto Daniel Capriolo)....Pages 223-240
Advanced Energy Storage Devices: Principles and Potential Applications in Sustainable Energetics (Murat Cakici, Kakarla Raghava Reddy, Robert H. Ong, Venkata Chevali)....Pages 241-272
Spatial Variability of Reasonable Government Rebates for Rainwater Tank Installation: A Case Study for Adelaide, Australia (Upendra R. Paudel, Monzur A. Imteaz)....Pages 273-285
Strategic Planning of Socio-Economic Development in Russian Regions on the Basis of Sustainability Principles (Roman V. Shekhovtsov, Nikolay A. Dimitriadi, Marina A. Ponomareva)....Pages 287-302
Resilience of Desalination Plants for Sustainable Water Supply in Middle East (Furqan Tahir, Ahmer A. B. Baloch, Haider Ali)....Pages 303-329
Managing the Forest Fringes of India: A National Perspective for Meeting Sustainable Development Goals (Manoj Kumar, Savita, S. P. S. Kushwaha)....Pages 331-347
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可持续发展观:科学、政策和实践:可持续发展理论、政策和实践的全球观-Sustainability Perspectives: Science, Policy and Practice: A Globa
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