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波什!如何过素食生活-BOSH! How to Live Vegan

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标题(title):BOSH! How to Live Vegan
作者(author):Henry Firth
出版社(publisher):HarperCollins Publishers
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'The vegan Jamie Olivers.' The Times Live Vegan. Feel Amazing. Change Your Life. Do you want to go vegan but have no idea where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and how difficult it seems to stay on track? BOSH!, the pioneers of simple, easy and delicious plant-based cooking, are here to help and make a sustainable and ethical lifestyle accessible to everyone. BOSH! How to Live Vegan will cover all aspects of vegan living, everything from food to toiletries to travel. Should you be eating avocados? Is it still ok to wear an old leather belt? What do you tell your friends when they offer you a glass of non-vegan wine? Henry and Ian will answer these questions and more in this fully-comprehensive guide to a plant-based lifestyle. Whether you are a committed vegan, looking to improve your vegan lifestyle or starting out for the first time, this book has all the know-how and inspiration you need.

波什!如何过素食生活-BOSH! How to Live Vegan
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