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欧洲食品质量计划的可持续性:PDO、PGI和有机农业食品系统的多绩效、结构和治理-Sustainability of European Food Quality Schemes: Multi-Perf

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标题(title):Sustainability of European Food Quality Schemes: Multi-Performance, Structure, and Governance of PDO, PGI, and Organic Agri-Food Systems
作者(author):Filippo Arfini, Valentin Bellassen
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This edited volume evaluates recent EU quality policy, focusing on the structure, governance, technical specifications and performances – economic, environmental and social – of Food Quality Schemes (FQS) in the European Union and South East Asia. The intended benefits of FQS include generating a fair return for farmers and producers, and enabling consumers to make better‐informed purchasing choices through effective labeling. In addition, policy makers now consider FQS as a means of guaranteeing not only quality in food production, but also sustainability.

Despite these potential benefits, the economic performance of the FQS (e.g. PDO, PGI, organic) has been variable. While some support significant value‐added production, with substantial benefits to producers, consumers and wider economies, many others have failed to become economically sustainable. In addition, the environmental and social performance of FQS remains largely unexamined, with the exception of the environmental performance of organic products.

The editors examine these discrepancies and offer a nuanced evaluation of the effectiveness of such policies. Several unique features make this volume a key resource for those interested in FQS and in the sustainability of food products. The editors provide a concise description of the value chain, the governance and the technical specifications of 27 FQS in Europe and South East Asia. The editors also provide a sustainability assessment of each of these FQS, and support or question the view that FQS are moving from “quality” to “sustainability.” Finally, the volume serves as a repository of key data on these FQS. Readers have access to the raw data necessary to compute the indicators used in the sustainability assessment (eg. value added, number of jobs, quantity of fertilizers, etc), allowing them to conduct novel re-analysis.
The book is designed for an interdisciplinary audience of academics, policy makers, and stakeholders. The compilation of FQS case studies makes it a useful reference for researchers and students of food policy, geography, food anthropology, local and rural development, local agri-food systems and agri-food chains. Stakeholders such as national and European regulators, entities responsible for FQS technical specifications, and embassy staff will also find the information relevant. Additionally, individuals helping to implement food quality schemes, including auditors, producers, and consumer associates, as well as stakeholders in the sustainability of food products, including farmers, farmer's associations, and environmental NGOs, will also find the information relevant and important for their work.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Conceptual Framework (Filippo Arfini, Federico Antonioli, Michele Donati, Matthew Gorton, Maria Cecilia Mancini, Barbara Tocco et al.)....Pages 3-21
Common Methods and Sustainability Indicators (Valentin Bellassen, Federico Antonioli, Antonio Bodini, Michele Donati, Marion Drut, Matthieu Duboys de Labarre et al.)....Pages 23-45
Front Matter ....Pages 47-47
Organic Flour in France (Chloé Juge, Elie Langard, Mathilde Le Traou, Agathe Rival, Maëlle Simmen, Valentin Bellassen et al.)....Pages 49-68
Organic Pasta in Poland (Edward Majewski, Agata Malak-Rawlikowska)....Pages 69-85
PGI TKR Hom Mali Rice in Thailand (Orachos Napasintuwong)....Pages 87-109
Organic PGI Camargue Rice in France (Lisa Gauvrit, Burkhard Schaer)....Pages 111-130
Front Matter ....Pages 131-131
Organic Olive Oil in Croatia (Marina Tomić Maksan, Ružica Brečić)....Pages 133-149
PDO Kalocsai Paprika Powder in Hungary (Péter Csillag, Áron Török)....Pages 151-170
Organic Tomatoes in Italy (Michele Donati, Marianna Guareschi, Mario Veneziani)....Pages 171-189
PDO Opperdoezer Potatoes in the Netherlands (Jack Peerlings, Liesbeth Dries)....Pages 191-200
PGI Kaszubska Strawberries in Poland (Agata Malak-Rawlikowska, Edward Majewski)....Pages 201-213
Organic Raspberries in Serbia (Žaklina Stojanović, Bojan Ristić, Jelena Filipović)....Pages 215-230
PDO Zagora and PGI Kastoria Apples in Greece (Konstadinos Mattas, Efthimia Tsakiridou, Christos Karelakis, Nikolaou Kallirroi, Alexandros Gatsikos, Ioannis Papadopoulos)....Pages 231-264
PGI Buon Ma Tuot Coffee in Vietnam (Viet Hoang, An Nguyen)....Pages 265-285
PGI Doi Chaang Coffee in Thailand (Apichaya Lilavanichakul)....Pages 287-302
Front Matter ....Pages 303-303
PGI Dalmatian Ham in Croatia (Marina Tomić Maksan, Ružica Brečić)....Pages 305-317
Organic Pork in Germany (Michael Böhm, Lisa Gauvrit, Burkhard Schaer)....Pages 319-335
PGI Gyulai Sausage in Hungary (Péter Csillag, Áron Török)....Pages 337-354
PGI Ternasco de Aragón Lamb in Spain (Hugo Ferrer-Pérez, José Maria Gil)....Pages 355-376
PGI Mallorca Sausage in Spain (Hugo Ferrer-Pérez, O. Guadarrama, José Maria Gil)....Pages 377-401
Front Matter ....Pages 403-403
PDO Comté Cheese in France (Elisa Husson, Lisa Delesse, Amaury Paget, Rémi Courbou, Valentin Bellassen, Marion Drut)....Pages 405-426
PDO Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese in Italy (Elena Cozzi, Michele Donati, Maria Cecilia Mancini, Marianna Guareschi, Mario Veneziani)....Pages 427-449
Organic Yoghurt in Germany (Michael Böhm, Lisa Gauvrit, Burkhard Schaer)....Pages 451-470
PGI Sjenica Cheese in Serbia (Jelena Filipović, Žaklina Stojanović, Bojan Ristić)....Pages 471-484
Front Matter ....Pages 485-485
PDO Saint-Michel’s Bay Bouchot Mussels in France (Lisa Gauvrit, Burkhard Schaer)....Pages 487-505
PGI Lofoten Stockfish in Norway (Virginie Amilien, Gunnar Vittersø, Torvald Tangeland)....Pages 507-527
Organic Salmon in Norway (Kamilla Knutsen Steinnes, Virginie Amilien, Gunnar Vittersø)....Pages 529-548
PDO Phu Quoc Fish Sauce in Vietnam (Viet Hoang, An Nguyen)....Pages 549-567
欧洲食品质量计划的可持续性:PDO、PGI和有机农业食品系统的多绩效、结构和治理-Sustainability of European Food Quality Schemes: Multi-Perf
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