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信息安全应用:第19届国际会议,WISA 2018,韩国济州岛,2018年8月23日至25日,修订精选论文-Information Security Applications: 19th Intern

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标题(title):Information Security Applications: 19th International Conference, WISA 2018, Jeju Island, Korea, August 23–25, 2018, Revised Selected Papers
信息安全应用:第19届国际会议,WISA 2018,韩国济州岛,2018年8月23日至25日,修订精选论文
作者(author):Brent ByungHoon Kang, JinSoo Jang
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Information Security Applications, WISA 2018, held on Jeju Island, Korea, in August 2018. The 11 revised full papers and 11 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 44 submissions. #The primary focus of WISA 2018 was on systems and network security including all other technical and practical aspects of security applications and also on the embedded, unmanned or autonomous systems and cyber physical systems in general.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Security Analysis of Mobile Web Browser Hardware Accessibility: Study with Ambient Light Sensors (Sanghak Lee, Sangwoo Ji, Jong Kim)....Pages 3-15
HapticPoints: The Extended PassPoints Graphical Password (Trust Ratchasan, Rungrat Wiangsripanawan)....Pages 16-28
ADSaS: Comprehensive Real-Time Anomaly Detection System (Sooyeon Lee, Huy Kang Kim)....Pages 29-41
One-Pixel Adversarial Example that Is Safe for Friendly Deep Neural Networks (Hyun Kwon, Yongchul Kim, Hyunsoo Yoon, Daeseon Choi)....Pages 42-54
Efficient Ate-Based Pairing over the Attractive Classes of BN Curves (Yuki Nanjo, Md. Al-Amin Khandaker, Masaaki Shirase, Takuya Kusaka, Yasuyuki Nogami)....Pages 55-67
A Study on the Vulnerability Assessment for Digital I&C System in Nuclear Power Plant (SungCheol Kim, IeckChae Euom, ChangHyun Ha, JooHyoung Lee, BongNam Noh)....Pages 68-80
IP Address Mutation Scheme Using Vector Projection for Tactical Wireless Networks (Jong-Kwan Lee)....Pages 81-92
Parallel Implementations of CHAM (Hwajeong Seo, Kyuhwang An, Hyeokdong Kwon, Taehwan Park, Zhi Hu, Howon Kim)....Pages 93-104
Logarithm Design on Encrypted Data with Bitwise Operation (Joon Soo Yoo, Baek Kyung Song, Ji Won Yoon)....Pages 105-116
Network Deployments of Bitcoin Peers and Malicious Nodes Based on Darknet Sensor (Mitsuyoshi Imamura, Kazumasa Omote)....Pages 117-128
Front Matter ....Pages 129-129
VODKA: Virtualization Obfuscation Using Dynamic Key Approach (Jae-Yung Lee, Jae Hyuk Suk, Dong Hoon Lee)....Pages 131-145
Reliable Rowhammer Attack and Mitigation Based on Reverse Engineering Memory Address Mapping Algorithms (Saeyoung Oh, Jong Kim)....Pages 146-158
A Study on Analyzing Risk Scenarios About Vulnerabilities of Security Monitoring System: Focused on Information Leakage by Insider (Kunwoo Kim, Jungduk Kim)....Pages 159-170
Front Matter ....Pages 171-171
AlertVision: Visualizing Security Alerts (Jina Hong, JinKi Lee, HyunKyu Lee, YoonHa Chang, KwangHo Choi, Sang Kil Cha)....Pages 173-184
A New Bayesian Approach to Exploring Damaged Assets by Monitoring Mission Failures Caused by Undetected Attack (Shinwoo Shim, Ji Won Yoon)....Pages 185-196
Threat Modeling and Analysis of Voice Assistant Applications (Geumhwan Cho, Jusop Choi, Hyoungshick Kim, Sangwon Hyun, Jungwoo Ryoo)....Pages 197-209
Front Matter ....Pages 211-211
Secure Comparison Protocol with Encrypted Output and the Computation for Proceeding 2 Bits-by-2 Bits (Takumi Kobayashi, Keisuke Hakuta)....Pages 213-228
Blockchain-Based Decentralized Key Management System with Quantum Resistance (Hyeongcheol An, Rakyong Choi, Kwangjo Kim)....Pages 229-240
A Construction of a Keyword Search to Allow Partial Matching with a Block Cipher (Yuta Kodera, Minoru Kuribayashi, Takuya Kusaka, Yasuyuki Nogami)....Pages 241-252
Compact LEA and HIGHT Implementations on 8-Bit AVR and 16-Bit MSP Processors (Hwajeong Seo, Kyuhwang An, Hyeokdong Kwon)....Pages 253-265
Back Matter ....Pages 267-267
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信息安全应用:第19届国际会议,WISA 2018,韩国济州岛,2018年8月23日至25日,修订精选论文-Information Security Applications: 19th Intern
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