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智能机电系统:态势控制-Smart Electromechanical Systems: Situational Control

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标题(title):Smart Electromechanical Systems: Situational Control
作者(author):Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Irina L. Tarasova
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book introduces the latest achievements of Russian scientists regarding the theory and practice of situational control of the SEMS group. It also discusses the development of methods and algorithms for interaction of the SEMS group in situational control, based on the principles of security, flexibility, and adaptability in behavior, as well as parallelism in information processing, computing, and control.

Recently, the task of ensuring the functioning of robots in the framework of collective cooperation has become relevant, and the use of the principles of situational management of the SEMS group makes it possible to ensure the efficiency, reliability and safety of real-time operation.

The topics covered include, but are not limited to the following:

Problems and principles of situation controlMethods and algorithms of situational controlInformation and measuring support of situational control systemsSimulation of situation control

This book is intended for students, scientists, and engineers specializing in the fields of smart electromechanical systems and robotics.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
The Principles of Situational Control SEMS Group (Andrey E. Gorodetskiy)....Pages 3-13
The Problem of the Choice of the Satellite Orbit in the Formation Adaptive Mirror System of the Space Radio Telescope Antenna (Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Vugar G. Kurbanov, Irina L. Tarasova)....Pages 15-23
Assessment of Situational Awareness in Groups of Interacting Robots (Alexander Ya. Fridman, Boris A. Kulik)....Pages 25-33
Features of Individual and Collective Operation of Mobile SEMS Modular Type on Basis of Octahedral Dodekapod in Conditions of Incomplete Certainty (Sergey N. Sayapin)....Pages 35-55
System Analysis and Management in Group Robotics Based on Advanced Cat Swarm Algorithm. Lower Level Hierarchy (Anatoliy P. Karpenko, Ilia A. Leshchev)....Pages 57-71
Dynamic Switching of Multi-agent Formation in Unknown Obstacle Environment (Stanislav L. Zenkevich, Anaid V. Nazarova, Jianwen Huo)....Pages 73-87
Front Matter ....Pages 89-89
Situational Control of the Group Interaction of Mobile Robots (Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Irina L. Tarasova, Vugar G. Kurbanov)....Pages 91-101
The Formation of the Dish System of the Space Radio Telescope Antenna (Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Vugar G. Kurbanov, Irina L. Tarasova)....Pages 103-115
Hierarchical Neuro-Game Model of the FANET Based Remote Monitoring System Resources Balancing (Vladimir A. Serov, Evgeny M. Voronov, Dmitry A. Kozlov)....Pages 117-130
Switching Operation Modes Algorithm for the Exoskeleton Device (Valery G. Gradetsky, Ivan L. Ermolov, Maxim M. Knyazkov, Eugeny A. Semenov, Artem N. Sukhanov)....Pages 131-142
Design and Control for Vacuum Contact Devices of Mobile Wall Climbing Robot Application in Complex Environment (Valery G. Gradetsky, Maxim M. Knyazkov, Eugeny A. Semenov, Artem N. Sukhanov)....Pages 143-155
Front Matter ....Pages 157-157
Robotized Imaging System Based on Sipm and Image Fusion for Monitoring Radiation Emergencies (A. V. Vasileva, A. S. Vasilev, A. K. Akhmerov, Victoria A. Ryzhova)....Pages 159-170
Solid-State Optical Radiation Matrix Receivers in Robots’ Vision Systems (Anastasiya Y. Lobanova, Victoria A. Ryzhova, Valery V. Korotaev, Daria A. Drozdova)....Pages 171-188
Peculiarities of Reducing the Impact of Air Tract on the Accuracy of Positioning Elements of Robotics at Analysis of a Diffraction Pattern of Air Tract Dispersion on a Photo Matrix Field (Ivan S. Nekrylov, Alexander N. Timofeev, Igor A. Konyakhin, Valery V. Korotaev, Tong Minh Hoa)....Pages 189-197
Optoelectronic SEMS for Preventing Object Destruction (Anton A. Nogin, Igor A. Konyakhin)....Pages 199-204
Airspace Monitoring in the Event of a Critical Situation with the Help of an Active Optical-Electronic Device as Part of a Robotic Complex (Leonid V. Smirnov, Victoria A. Ryzhova)....Pages 205-216
Optical-Electronic System for Measuring Spatial Coordinates of an Object by Reference Marks (Hoang Anh Phuong, Alexey A. Gorbachev, Igor A. Konyakhin, Tong Minh Hoa)....Pages 217-227
Front Matter ....Pages 229-229
Software Complex Testing Models for the Evaluation of Group Intelligence Robots (Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Irina L. Tarasova)....Pages 231-243
Test Model of a Warehouse Loader Robot for Situational Control Analysis System (Andrey Yu. Kuchmin)....Pages 245-258
Decision Making an Autonomous Robot Based on Matrix Solution of Systems of Logical Equations that Describe the Environment of Choice for Situational Control (Andrey E. Gorodetskiy, Irina L. Tarasova)....Pages 259-273
A Situation Control of Robotized Space Module as Multimode Dynamic Object (Pavel P. Belonozhko)....Pages 275-290
智能机电系统:态势控制-Smart Electromechanical Systems: Situational Control
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