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综合医疗模拟:麻醉学-Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology

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标题(title):Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology
作者(author):Bryan Mahoney, Rebecca D. Minehart, May C. M. Pian-Smith
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book functions as a practical guide for the use of simulation in anesthesiology. Divided into five parts, it begins with the history of simulation in anesthesiology, its relevant pedagogical principles, and the modes of its employment. Readers are then provided with a comprehensive review of simulation technologies as employed in anesthesiology and are guided on the use of simulation for a variety of learners: undergraduate and graduate medical trainees, practicing anesthesiologists, and allied health providers. Subsequent chapters provide a ‘how-to” guide for the employment of simulation across wide range of anesthesiology subspecialties before concluding with a proposed roadmap for the future of translational simulation in healthcare.

The Comprehensive Textbook of Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology is written and edited by leaders in the field and includes hundreds of high-quality color surgical illustrations and photographs.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xvi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Anesthesia and Simulation: An Historic Relationship (Daniel Saddawi-Konefka, Jeffrey B. Cooper)....Pages 3-13
Education and Learning Theory (Deborah D. Navedo, Andrés T. Navedo)....Pages 15-24
Essentials of Scenario Building (Y. Melissa Chan, Jeremy T. Rainey, Christine S. Park)....Pages 25-36
Essentials of Debriefing in Simulation-Based Education (Jeanette R. Bauchat, Michael Seropian)....Pages 37-46
Crisis Resource Management and Interdisciplinary Team Training (Idalid Franco, Rachel E. Sweeney, Joshua A. Marks, Carlene McLaughlin, Maryann Henry, Miguel A. Yaport et al.)....Pages 47-60
Competency Assessment (Anjan Shah, Samuel DeMaria, Andrew Goldberg)....Pages 61-71
Role of Simulation in Healthcare Quality Assurance (Oren T. Guttman, Kristina L. Goff, Scott C. Watkins)....Pages 73-80
Licensure and Certification (Jonathan Lipps)....Pages 81-87
Leadership and Endorsement (Amanda Burden)....Pages 89-94
Front Matter ....Pages 95-95
Standardized Patients (Roxane Gardner)....Pages 97-105
Mannequin-Based Simulators and Part-Task Trainers (Jacob Schaff, Cortessa Russell)....Pages 107-115
Computer- and Web-Based Simulators and Virtual Environments (David A. Edwards, Samsun Lampotang)....Pages 117-125
Front Matter ....Pages 127-127
Undergraduate Medical Education (Jonathan Lipps, Lori Meyers)....Pages 129-141
Graduate Medical Education (Bryan Mahoney, Migdalia H. Saloum)....Pages 143-169
Faculty and Allied Health Providers (Michael Kushelev, Kenneth R. Moran)....Pages 171-183
Front Matter ....Pages 185-185
Simulation in Pediatrics (Kimberly R. Blasius, Agathe Streiff, Devika Singh, Priti G. Dalal, Elizabeth Sinz, Chelsea Willie et al.)....Pages 187-206
Simulation in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia (Wendy K. Bernstein, David L. Schreibman)....Pages 207-219
Simulation in Obstetrics (Erik Clinton, Rebecca D. Minehart)....Pages 221-229
Simulation in Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine (Jesse T. Hochkeppel, Jordan L. Newmark)....Pages 231-239
Simulation in Critical Care Medicine (David L. Schreibman, Wendy K. Bernstein)....Pages 241-255
Simulation in Regional Anesthesia (Amanda H. Kumar, Ankeet D. Udani)....Pages 257-264
Simulation in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation (Alan Julius Sim, Jeron Zerillo, Daniel Katz, Sang Kim, Bryan Hill)....Pages 265-274
Simulation in Trauma/Advanced Cardiac Life Support (Cesar Padilla, Michaela Kristina Farber)....Pages 275-281
Simulation in Otolaryngology and Airway Procedures (Christine Lan Mai, Maricela Schnur, Adam I. Levine)....Pages 283-292
Simulation in Neuroanesthesia (Michelle Lee Humeidan, Rashmi Vandse, January Kim)....Pages 293-304
Simulation in Perioperative Medicine: From Preoperative Clinics to Postoperative Wards (Scott C. Watkins, Christopher Cropsey, Matthew D. McEvoy)....Pages 305-312
Simulation in Low-Resource Settings: A Review of the Current State and Practical Implementation Strategies (Mary DiMiceli, Arna Banerjee, Mark W. Newton, Matthew D. McEvoy)....Pages 313-321
Front Matter ....Pages 323-323
A Translational Roadmap to Create the Future of Simulation in Healthcare (Samsun Lampotang)....Pages 325-336
Back Matter ....Pages 337-348
综合医疗模拟:麻醉学-Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Anesthesiology
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