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人工智能:第五届RAAI暑期学校,多尔戈普拉德尼,俄罗斯,2019年7月4-7日,辅导讲座-Artificial Intelligence: 5th RAAI Summer School, Dolgo

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标题(title):Artificial Intelligence: 5th RAAI Summer School, Dolgoprudny, Russia, July 4–7, 2019, Tutorial Lectures
作者(author):Gennady S. Osipov, Aleksandr I. Panov, Konstantin S. Yakovlev
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):12 MB (12258462 bytes)

This volume contains selected tutorial and young scientist school papers of the 5th RAAI Summer School on Artificial Intelligence, held in July 2019 at Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) campus in Dolgoprudny, a suburb of Moscow, Russia.
The 11 chapters in this volume present papers focusing on various important aspects of Multiagent systems; Behavior planning; Natural language processing; Modeling of reasoning; and Machine learning and data analysis.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Hybrid Intelligent Systems Based on Fuzzy Logic and Deep Learning (Alexey Averkin)....Pages 3-12
Data Science: Similarity, Dissimilarity and Correlation Functions (Ildar Z. Batyrshin)....Pages 13-28
Mathematical Foundation of Cognitive Computing Based Artificial Intelligence (Tamás Gergely, László Ury)....Pages 29-64
A Review of Motivational Systems and Emotions in Cognitive Architectures and Systems (Ricardo R. Gudwin)....Pages 65-84
Selected Challenges in Grammar-Based Text Generation from the Semantic Web (Simon Mille)....Pages 85-95
Multi-Agent Path Finding – An Overview (Roni Stern)....Pages 96-115
Front Matter ....Pages 117-117
The Use of Reinforcement Learning in the Task of Moving Objects with the Robotic Arm (Ermek E. Aitygulov)....Pages 119-126
Ontology Models in Intelligent System Engineering: A Case of the Knowledge-Intensive Application Domain (Karina A. Gulyaeva, Irina L. Artemieva)....Pages 127-139
Automated Acquisition, Representation and Processing of Temporal Knowledge in Dynamic Intelligent Systems (Galina V. Rybina, Elena S. Fontalina)....Pages 140-145
Natural Language Processing with DeepPavlov Library and Additional Semantic Features (Oleg Sattarov)....Pages 146-159
Toward Faster Reinforcement Learning for Robotics: Using Gaussian Processes (Ali Younes, Aleksandr I. Panov)....Pages 160-174
Back Matter ....Pages 175-175
人工智能:第五届RAAI暑期学校,多尔戈普拉德尼,俄罗斯,2019年7月4-7日,辅导讲座-Artificial Intelligence: 5th RAAI Summer School, Dolgo
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