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数字化转型与金融科技对金融业的影响-The Impact of Digital Transformation and FinTech on the Finance Professional

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标题(title):The Impact of Digital Transformation and FinTech on the Finance Professional
作者(author):Volker Liermann, Claus Stegmann
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan
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This book demystifies the developments and defines the buzzwords in the wide open space of digitalization and finance, exploring the space of FinTech through the lens of the financial services professional and what they need to know to stay ahead. With chapters focusing on the customer interface, payments, smart contracts, workforce automation, robotics, crypto currencies and beyond, this book aims to be the go-to guide for professionals in financial services and banking on how to better understand the digitalization of their industry.​ The book provides an outlook of the impact digitalization will have in the daily work of a CFO/CRO and a structural influence to the financial management (including risk management) department of a bank.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Introduction (Volker Liermann, Claus Stegmann)....Pages 1-6
Front Matter ....Pages 7-12
Batch Processing—Pattern Recognition (Volker Liermann, Sangmeng Li, Norbert Schaudinnus)....Pages 13-28
Hyperledger Fabric as a Blockchain Framework in the Financial Industry (Martina Bettio, Fabian Bruse, Achim Franke, Thorsten Jakoby, Daniel Schärf)....Pages 29-44
Hyperledger Composer—Syndicated Loans (Gereon Dahmen, Volker Liermann)....Pages 45-70
The Concept of the Next Best Action/Offer in the Age of Customer Experience (Uwe May)....Pages 71-78
Using Prospect Theory to Determine Investor Risk Aversion (Constantin Lisson)....Pages 79-93
Front Matter ....Pages 95-98
Leveraging Predictive Analytics Within a Value Driver-based Planning Framework (Simon Valjanow, Philipp Enzinger, Florian Dinges)....Pages 99-115
Predictive Risk Management (Volker Liermann, Nikolas Viets)....Pages 117-137
Intraday Liquidity: Forecast Using Pattern Recognition (Volker Liermann, Sangmeng Li, Victoria Dobryashkina)....Pages 139-162
Internal Credit Risk Models with Machine Learning (Markus Thiele, Harro Dittmar)....Pages 163-176
Real Estate Risk: Appraisal Capture (Volker Liermann, Norbert Schaudinnus)....Pages 177-191
Managing Internal and External Network Complexity: How Digitalization and New Technology Influence the Modeling Approach (Stefan Grossmann, Philipp Enzinger)....Pages 193-223
Big Data and the CRO of the Future (Richard L. Harmon)....Pages 225-237
Front Matter ....Pages 239-240
How Technology (or Distributed Ledger Technology and Algorithms Like Deep Learning and Machine Learning) Can Help to Comply with Regulatory Requirements (Moritz Plenk, Iosif Levant, Noah Bellon)....Pages 241-258
New Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Fintech Regulation: Ensuring a Successful Special Purpose National Bank Charter Application (Alexa Philo)....Pages 259-268
Front Matter ....Pages 269-270
Mathematical Background of Machine Learning (Volker Liermann, Sangmeng Li, Victoria Dobryashkina)....Pages 271-304
Deep Learning: An Introduction (Volker Liermann, Sangmeng Li, Norbert Schaudinnus)....Pages 305-340
Hadoop: A Standard Framework for Computer Cluster (Eljar Akhgarnush, Lars Broeckers, Thorsten Jakoby)....Pages 341-356
In-Memory Databases and Their Impact on Our (Future) Organizations (Eva Kopic, Bezu Teschome, Thomas Schneider, Ralph Steurer, Sascha Florin)....Pages 357-370
MongoDB: The Journey from a Relational to a Document-Based Database for FIS Balance Sheet Management (Boris Bialek)....Pages 371-380
Summary and Outlook (Volker Liermann, Claus Stegmann)....Pages 381-383
Back Matter ....Pages 385-414
数字化转型与金融科技对金融业的影响-The Impact of Digital Transformation and FinTech on the Finance Professional
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