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模型检查软件:第26届国际研讨会,自旋2019,中国北京,2019年7月15-16日,会议记录-Model Checking Software: 26th International Symposiu

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标题(title):Model Checking Software: 26th International Symposium, SPIN 2019, Beijing, China, July 15–16, 2019, Proceedings
作者(author):Fabrizio Biondi, Thomas Given-Wilson, Axel Legay
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Model Checking Software, SPIN 2019, held in Beijing, China, in July 2019.

The 11 full papers presented and 2 demo-tool papers, were carefully reviewed and selected from 29 submissions. Topics covered include formal verification techniques for automated analysis of software; formal analysis for modeling languages, such as UML/state charts; formal specification languages, temporal logic, design-by-contract; model checking, automated theorem proving, including SAT and SMT; verifying compilers; abstraction and symbolic execution techniques; and much more.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Model Verification Through Dependency Graphs (Søren Enevoldsen, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Jiří Srba)....Pages 1-19
Model Checking Branching Time Properties for Incomplete Markov Chains (Shiraj Arora, M. V. Panduranga Rao)....Pages 20-37
A Novel Decentralized LTL Monitoring Framework Using Formula Progression Table (Omar Bataineh, David S. Rosenblum, Mark Reynolds)....Pages 38-55
From Dynamic State Machines to Promela (Massimo Benerecetti, Ugo Gentile, Stefano Marrone, Roberto Nardone, Adriano Peron, Luigi L. L. Starace et al.)....Pages 56-73
String Abstraction for Model Checking of C Programs (Agostino Cortesi, Henrich Lauko, Martina Olliaro, Petr Ročkai)....Pages 74-93
Swarm Model Checking on the GPU (Richard DeFrancisco, Shenghsun Cho, Michael Ferdman, Scott A. Smolka)....Pages 94-113
Statistical Model Checking of Complex Robotic Systems (Mohammed Foughali, Félix Ingrand, Cristina Seceleanu)....Pages 114-134
STAD: Stack Trace Based Automatic Software Misconfiguration Diagnosis via Value Dependency Graph (Yuan Liu, Xi Wang, Lintao Xian, Zhongwen Guo)....Pages 135-152
Extracting Safe Thread Schedules from Incomplete Model Checking Results (Patrick Metzler, Neeraj Suri, Georg Weissenbacher)....Pages 153-171
Learning Guided Enumerative Synthesis for Superoptimization (Shikhar Singh, Mengshi Zhang, Sarfraz Khurshid)....Pages 172-192
Applying Model Checking Approach with Floating Point Arithmetic for Verification of Air Collision Avoidance Maneuver Hybrid Model (Sergey Staroletov, Nikolay Shilov)....Pages 193-207
Conformance Testing of Schedulers for DSL-based Model Checking (Nhat-Hoa Tran, Toshiaki Aoki)....Pages 208-225
A Study of Learning Data Structure Invariants Using Off-the-shelf Tools (Muhammad Usman, Wenxi Wang, Kaiyuan Wang, Cagdas Yelen, Nima Dini, Sarfraz Khurshid)....Pages 226-243
VeriVANca: An Actor-Based Framework for Formal Verification of Warning Message Dissemination Schemes in VANETs (Farnaz Yousefi, Ehsan Khamespanah, Mohammed Gharib, Marjan Sirjani, Ali Movaghar)....Pages 244-259
Back Matter ....Pages 261-261
模型检查软件:第26届国际研讨会,自旋2019,中国北京,2019年7月15-16日,会议记录-Model Checking Software: 26th International Symposiu
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