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未来城市的价值和功能-Values and Functions for Future Cities

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标题(title):Values and Functions for Future Cities
作者(author):Giulio Mondini, Alessandra Oppio, Stefano Stanghellini, Marta Bottero, Francesca Abastante
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book features a selection of the best papers presented at two SIEV seminars held in Venice, Italy, in September 2017 and 2018, in the context of the Urbanpromo Green events. Bringing together experts from a diverse range of fields – economics, appraisal, architecture, energy, urban planning, sociology, and the decision sciences – and government representatives, the seminars encouraged reflections on the role of future cites in terms of sustainable development, with a particular focus on improving collective and individual well-being. The book provides a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary green urban agendas and urban sustainability, and addresses the demand for policies and strategies to strengthen resilience through concrete measures to reduce energy consumption, mitigate pollution, promote social inclusion and create urban identity.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-ix
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
How to Revitalise a Historic District: A Stakeholders-Oriented Assessment Framework of Adaptive Reuse (Francesca Abastante, Isabella M. Lami, Beatrice Mecca)....Pages 3-20
Energy Management in Hospitals: Evolution of a Methodology (Giovanna Acampa, Daniele Liberanome, Georgios Kalogeras, Christos Koulamas, Athanasios Kalogeras)....Pages 21-35
Ecosystem Services: From Bio-physical to Economic Values (Marta Bottero, Marina Bravi, Carolina Giaimo, Carlo Alberto Barbieri)....Pages 37-50
Spatial Implications of EPC Rankings Over Residential Prices (Carlos Marmolejo-Duarte, Ai Chen, Marina Bravi)....Pages 51-71
An Analysis of the Energy Efficiency Impacts on the Residential Property Prices in the City of Bari (Italy) (Pierluigi Morano, Paolo Rosato, Francesco Tajani, Felicia Di Liddo)....Pages 73-88
Scenarios of Climatic Resilience, Economic Feasibility and Environmental Sustainability for the Refurbishment of the Early 20th Century Buildings (Grazia Napoli, Antonella Mamì, Simona Barbaro, Serena Lupo)....Pages 89-115
An Integrated Decision Support System for the Sustainable Evaluation of Pavement Technologies (Giancarlo Paganin, Marta Dell’Ovo, Alessandra Oppio, Francesca Torrieri)....Pages 117-141
Front Matter ....Pages 143-143
The Valuation of Public and Private Benefits of Green Roof Retrofit in Different Climate Conditions (Raul Berto, Carlo Antonio Stival, Paolo Rosato)....Pages 145-166
Energy Efficiency Choices and Residential Sector: Observable Behaviors and Valuation Models (Marta Bottero, Marina Bravi, Federico Dell’Anna, Carlos Marmolejo-Duarte)....Pages 167-179
Comparative and Evaluative Economic Analysis of Ground Mounted Photovoltaic Plants (Manuela De Ruggiero, Benedetto Manganelli, Samuele Marchianò, Francesca Salvo, Daniela Tavano)....Pages 181-199
Eco-system Services and Integrated Urban Planning. A Multi-criteria Assessment Framework for Ecosystem Urban Forestry Projects (Maria Rosaria Guarini, Pierluigi Morano, Francesco Sica)....Pages 201-216
Innovation of Off-Site Constructions: Benefits for Developers and the Community in an Italian Case Study (Alessia Mangialardo, Ezio Micelli)....Pages 217-228
The Urban Park as a “Social Island”. The ANP in the Participatory Project of Parco Uditore in Palermo (Grazia Napoli, Manfredi Leone)....Pages 229-248
Peri-urban Open Spaces and Sustainable Urban Development Between Value and Consumption (Massimo Rovai, Iacopo Zetti, Fabio Lucchesi, Maddalena Rossi, Maria Andreoli)....Pages 249-265
From Ecosystem Service Evaluation to Landscape Design: The Project of a Rural Peri-urban Park in Chieri (Italy) (Emma Salizzoni, Marco Allocco, Davide Murgese, Giorgio Quaglio)....Pages 267-283
Social and Inclusive “Value” Generation in Metropolitan Area with the “Urban Gardens” Planning (Luisa Sturiale, Alessandro Scuderi, Giuseppe Timpanaro, Vera Teresa Foti, Giuseppe Stella)....Pages 285-302
Environmental Economics and Evaluation of the Benefits Deriving from the Regeneration of Natural Ecosystems: The Case of the Diecimare Nature Oasis (Domenico Tirendi)....Pages 303-322
Front Matter ....Pages 323-323
A Stakeholders-Oriented Approach to Analyze the Case of the UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Reserve CollinaPo (Francesca Abastante, Isabella M. Lami)....Pages 325-338
The Process of Sharing Information in a Sustainable Development Perspective: A Web Visual Tool (Francesca Abastante, Stefano Pensa, Elena Masala)....Pages 339-350
B.I.M. Models and Evaluations (Giovanna Acampa, Fabiana Forte, Pierfrancesco De Paola)....Pages 351-363
Integrated Assessments and Energy Retrofit: The Contribution of the Energy Center Lab of the Politecnico di Torino (Cristina Becchio, Marta Bottero, Marina Bravi, Stefano Corgnati, Federico Dell’Anna, Giulio Mondini et al.)....Pages 365-384
Urban Problems and Patterns of Change: The Analysis of a Downgraded Industrial Area in Turin (Marta Bottero, Caterina Caprioli, Mauro Berta)....Pages 385-401
Cost-Risk Analysis for Supporting Urban Regeneration Technological Projects (Elena Fregonara, Diego Giuseppe Ferrando, Corrado Carbonaro)....Pages 403-423
Technological, Axiological and Praxeological Coordination in the Energy-Environmental Equalization of the Strategic Old Town Renovation Programs (Salvatore Giuffrida, Vittoria Ventura, Francesco Nocera, Maria Rosa Trovato, Filippo Gagliano)....Pages 425-446
Off-Site Construction. The Economic Analyses for the Energy Requalification of the Existing Buildings (Antonio Nesticò, Gianluigi De Mare, Irene Aurigemma)....Pages 447-462
Multi-criteria Decision Analysis of a Building Element Integrating Energy Use, Environmental, Economic and Aesthetic Parameters in Its Life Cycle (Giulia Sonetti, Patrizia Lombardi)....Pages 463-477
未来城市的价值和功能-Values and Functions for Future Cities
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