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乳腺疾病:管理和治疗,第2卷-Breast Disease: Management and Therapies, Volume 2

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标题(title):Breast Disease: Management and Therapies, Volume 2
作者(author):Adnan Aydiner, Abdullah Igci, Atilla Soran
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This second updated volume on breast cancer provides a comprehensive overview of its clinical management and current therapies. Updated to reflect the changes in breast cancer staging, the progress in immunotherapy approaches, as well as the latest guidelines for therapies, this book brings readers up to speed with the latest therapeutic regimens in breast cancer and provides an in-depth account of current and new therapeutic approaches. The most important phase III trials, high quality meta-analysis, consensus reports and guidelines are extensively discussed in this new edition and provide the reader with the most up-to-date information.
Divided in themed parts, the book examines invasive breast cancer, pre-operative systemic therapy surgical management and recurrence among others, thus providing an in-depth account of breast cancer at the clinical stage. Among the themed parts are a section dedicated to special therapeutic problems, such as breast cancer in older women, Paget’s disease and phyllodes tumors and a section on supportive and follow-up care.

By adopting a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer, this book is a must-have for breast cancer practitioners. With a high number of colored illustrations and edited by highly experienced clinicians, this work enables readers to gain an interdisciplinary perspective on breast diseases. Contributions from an international team of experts present invaluable insight into clinical practice across different settings. Covering both theoretical and practical aspects of breast cancer, this is a highly informative and carefully presented book which will appeal to an international audience of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xix
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Biopsy Techniques in Nonpalpable or Palpable Breast Lesions (William C. Dooley)....Pages 3-10
Evaluation of Patients for Metastases Prior to Primary Therapy (Deniz Eren Böler, Neslihan Cabioğlu)....Pages 11-23
Breast Cancer Staging (Neslihan Cabioğlu, Ekrem Yavuz, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 25-51
Surgical Treatment of Early-Stage Breast Cancer (Vahit Ozmen, Volkan Dogru)....Pages 53-76
Evaluation of Axillary Nodes (Mahmut Müslümanoğlu)....Pages 77-86
Breast Reconstruction (Edward H. Davidson, Vu T. Nguyen, Kenneth C. Shestak)....Pages 87-102
Adjuvant Systemic Therapy: Endocrine Therapy (Ibrahim Yildiz, Pinar Saip)....Pages 103-127
Adjuvant Systemic Chemotherapy for HER2-Negative Disease (Leyla Ozer, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 129-171
Adjuvant Therapy for HER-2-Positive Early Breast Cancer (Gul Basaran, Devrim Cabuk)....Pages 173-185
Post-Mastectomy Adjuvant Radiotherapy (PMRT) (Ilknur Bilkay Gorken)....Pages 187-198
Adjuvant Radiation Therapy After Preoperative Chemotherapy (Makbule Tambas, Kamuran Arslan Ibis, Merdan Fayda)....Pages 199-208
Breast-Conserving Therapy: Hypofractionated and Conventional Whole-Breast Irradiation and Accelerated Partial-Breast Irradiation (Fusun Tokatlı, Maktav Dincer)....Pages 209-219
Front Matter ....Pages 221-221
Preoperative Therapy for Operable Breast Cancer (Yesim Eralp)....Pages 223-238
Neoadjuvant Hormonal Therapy in Breast Cancer (Nil Molinas Mandel, Fatih Selcukbiricik)....Pages 239-246
Systemic Therapy for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (Serkan Keskin, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 247-257
Systemic Therapy for Inflammatory Breast Cancer (Nilüfer Güler)....Pages 259-278
Front Matter ....Pages 279-279
Surgical Treatment in Operable Breast Cancer After Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy (Atilla Soran, Ebru Menekse, Kandace P. McGuire)....Pages 281-292
Surgical Management of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (Abdullah Igci, Enver Özkurt)....Pages 293-307
Surgical Management of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (Atilla Soran, Bulent Unal, Tara Grahovac)....Pages 309-316
Front Matter ....Pages 317-317
Occult Primary Breast Cancer with Axillary Metastases (Lejla Hadzikadic Gusic, Ronald Johnson)....Pages 319-323
Breast Cancer in Older Women (Soley Bayraktar, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 325-335
Male Breast Cancer (Abdullah Igci, Mustafa Tukenmez, Enver Özkurt)....Pages 337-348
Breast Cancer in Pregnancy (Maurício Magalhães Costa, Paula Saldanha)....Pages 349-357
Paget’s Disease of the Breast (Abdullah Igci, Nihat Aksakal, Enver Özkurt)....Pages 359-363
Phyllodes Tumors of the Breast (Fatih Aydoğan, Yunus Taşçı, Yasuaki Sagara)....Pages 365-369
Nonepithelial Malignancies of the Breast (Gursel Remzi Soybir)....Pages 371-383
Front Matter ....Pages 385-385
Surveillance of Patients Following Primary Therapy (Varol Çelik, Tümay Aydoğan, Mehmet Halit Yilmaz, Nejdet Fatih Yaşar, Mahmut Müslümanoğlu)....Pages 387-392
Surgery for the Primary Tumor in Patients with De Novo Stage IV Breast Cancer (Atilla Soran, Serdar Ozbas)....Pages 393-400
Local-Regional Recurrence After Breast-Conservation Treatment or Mastectomy (Neslihan Cabioğlu, Enver Özkurt, Ayfer Kamali Polat)....Pages 401-418
Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer: Endocrine Therapy (Fatma Sen, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 419-447
Treatment of HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer: Chemotherapy (Soley Bayraktar, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 449-462
Treatment of HER2-Overexpressing Metastatic Breast Cancer (Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 463-494
End-of-Life Considerations in Patients with Breast Cancer (Nazim Serdar Turhal, Faysal Dane)....Pages 495-503
Front Matter ....Pages 505-505
Angiogenesis Inhibition in Breast Cancer (Kerem Okutur, Gokhan Demir)....Pages 507-528
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (Burcu Cakar, Erdem Göker)....Pages 529-539
Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer (Soley Bayraktar)....Pages 541-552
Front Matter ....Pages 553-553
Neurological Metastases (Sule Karaman, Seden Kucucuk)....Pages 555-577
Ocular Metastases (Nergiz Dagoglu, Anand Mahadevan)....Pages 579-584
Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions in Breast Cancer (Jelena Grusina Uyumaz, Tugba Cosgun, Alper Toker)....Pages 585-589
Management of Discrete Pulmonary Nodules (Murat Kapdagli, Suat Erus, Serhan Tanju, Sukru Dilege)....Pages 591-595
Management of Isolated Liver Metastasis (Abdullah Igci, Enver Özkurt)....Pages 597-606
Bone-Directed Therapy and Breast Cancer: Bisphosphonates, Monoclonal Antibodies, and Radionuclides (Bulent Erdogan, Irfan Cicin)....Pages 607-617
The Local Management of Bone Metastases (Ahmet Salduz, Levent Eralp)....Pages 619-633
Front Matter ....Pages 635-635
A Review of Local and Systemic Therapy in Breast Cancer (Adnan Aydiner, Soley Bayraktar, Ekrem Yavuz, Fatma Sen, Kamuran Arslan Ibis, Maktav Dincer et al.)....Pages 637-690
Front Matter ....Pages 691-691
Nursing Care and Management (Gulbeyaz Can)....Pages 693-704
Psychosocial Adaptation During and After Breast Cancer (Mine Ozkan)....Pages 705-727
Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema (Atilla Soran, Ayfer Kamali Polat, Lisa Groen Mager)....Pages 729-746
Reproductive Issues in Breast Cancer (Ercan Bastu, Faruk Buyru)....Pages 747-755
Onco-Cardiology for Breast Cancer (Ozlem Soran)....Pages 757-779
Long-Term Complications and Management (Megan Wardak, Emilia J. Diego)....Pages 781-787
Systemic Treatment Drugs/Regimens and Dose Modifications (Naziye Ak, Adnan Aydiner)....Pages 789-801
Back Matter ....Pages 803-824
乳腺疾病:管理和治疗,第2卷-Breast Disease: Management and Therapies, Volume 2
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