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实用细胞病理学:常见问题-Practical Cytopathology : Frequently Asked Questions

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标题(title):Practical Cytopathology : Frequently Asked Questions
作者(author):Huihong Xu, Xiaohua Qian, He Wang
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book provides a comprehensive, practical, and state-of-the art review addressing the major issues and challenges in cytopathology practice using a question and answer format. Making an accurate diagnosis, especially on a limited cytology sample obtained by minimally invasive procedures, is often challenging, yet crucial to patient care. Using the most current and evidence-based approaches, this book: 1) focuses on frequently asked questions in day-to-day practice of cytopathology as well as surgical pathology; 2) provides quick, accurate, and useful answers; 3) emphasizes the importance of clinical, radiological, and cytological correlation, as well as cyto-histological correlation; and 4) delineates how to judiciously use immunohistochemistry, molecular tests, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and other established ancillary studies including next generation sequencing and computer-assisted diagnostics. Chapters are written by experts in their fields and provide the most up-to-date information in the field of cytopathology. Practical Cytopathology: Frequently Asked Questions serves as a practical resource and guide to relevant references for trainees, cytotechnologists, and cytopathologists at various skill levels.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Cytology Techniques (Jing He, Yun Gong)....Pages 1-18
Cytopathology Laboratory Management (Theresa Castle)....Pages 19-25
Overview of Cervical and Anal Cytopathology (Xinmin Zhang, Kathriel Brister)....Pages 27-41
Normal and Benign Cervical Cytology (Rossitza Draganova-Tacheva, Kim HooKim)....Pages 43-57
Cervical Cytology with Squamous and Glandular Abnormalities (Shuyue Ren)....Pages 59-72
Gastrointestinal, Pancreas, and Bile Ducts Cytology (Zhongren Zhou, Cory T. Bernadt, Huihong Xu)....Pages 73-93
Lung and Respiratory Tract Cytology (Katie Dennis, Fang Fan)....Pages 95-117
Urine Cytology (Nikolina Dioufa, Gina Prochilo, Suad Taraif)....Pages 119-126
Body Cavity Effusions and Washings (Xin Jing)....Pages 127-142
Cerebrospinal Fluid (Matthew Torre)....Pages 143-159
Ovary and Peritoneal Washings (Kyle C. Strickland)....Pages 161-184
Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology of the Breast (Chen Zhou, Gang Wang, Malcolm Hayes)....Pages 185-203
Thyroid (Huihong Xu, Sandra Cerda)....Pages 205-223
Salivary Gland (Huimiao Jiang, Elham Arbzadeh, Yun Gong, He Wang)....Pages 225-244
Lymph Nodes (John C. Lee, Xiaohua Qian)....Pages 245-267
Liver Cytopathology (Jain Zhou, He Wang, Nirag Jhala)....Pages 269-281
Soft Tissue and Bone (Xiaohua Qian, Yaxia Zhang)....Pages 283-306
Kidney, Adrenal Gland, and Retroperitoneum (Alarice C. Lowe)....Pages 307-322
Ocular Cytology (Manisha Mehta, Nora Laver)....Pages 323-333
Back Matter ....Pages 335-346
实用细胞病理学:常见问题-Practical Cytopathology : Frequently Asked Questions
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