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高频GaN电子器件-High-Frequency GaN Electronic Devices

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标题(title):High-Frequency GaN Electronic Devices
作者(author):Patrick Fay, Debdeep Jena, Paul Maki
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book brings together recent research by scientists and device engineers working on both aggressively-scaled conventional transistors as well as unconventional high-frequency device concepts in the III-N material system. Device concepts for mm-wave to THz operation based on deeply-scaled HEMTs, as well as distributed device designs based on plasma-wave propagation in polarization-induced 2DEG channels, tunneling, and hot-carrier injection are discussed in detail. In addition, advances in the underlying materials science that enable these demonstrations, and advancements in metrology that permit the accurate characterization and evaluation of these emerging device concepts are also included. Targeting readers looking to push the envelope in GaN-based electronics device research, this book provides a current, comprehensive treatment of device concepts and physical phenomenology suitable for applying GaN and related materials to emerging ultra-high-frequency applications.

Offers readers an integrated treatment of the state of the art in both conventional (i.e., HEMT) scaling as well as unconventional device architectures suitable for amplification and signal generation in the mm-wave and THz regime using GaN-based devices, written by authors that are active and widely-known experts in the field;Discusses both conventional scaled HEMTs (into the deep mm-wave) as well as unconventional approaches to address the mm-wave and THz regimes;Provides “vertically integrated” coverage, including materials science that enables these recent advances, as well as device physics & design, and metrology techniques;Includes fundamental physics, as well as numerical simulations and experimental realizations.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-viii
Introduction and Overview (Patrick Fay, Debdeep Jena, Paul Maki)....Pages 1-3
High Power High Frequency Transistors: A Material’s Perspective (Robert L. Coffie)....Pages 5-41
Isotope Engineering of GaN for Boosting Transistor Speeds (J. Khurgin, D. Jena)....Pages 43-82
Linearity Aspects of High Power Amplification in GaN Transistors (Samuel James Bader, Keisuke Shinohara, Alyosha Molnar)....Pages 83-107
III-Nitride Tunneling Hot Electron Transfer Amplifier (THETA) (Zhichao Yang, Digbijoy N. Nath, Yuewei Zhang, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Jacob Khurgin, Siddharth Rajan)....Pages 109-157
Plasma-Wave Propagation in GaN and Its Applications (Hugo O. Condori Quispe, Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez, Patrick Fay)....Pages 159-179
Numerical Simulation of Distributed Electromagnetic and Plasma Wave Effect Devices (Shubhendu Bhardwaj, John Volakis)....Pages 181-214
Resonant Tunneling Transport in Polar III-Nitride Heterostructures (Jimy Encomendero, Debdeep Jena, Huili Grace Xing)....Pages 215-247
Fabrication and Characterization of GaN/AlN Resonant Tunneling Diodes (W. D. Zhang, T. A. Growden, E. R. Brown, P. R. Berger, D. F. Storm, D. J. Meyer)....Pages 249-281
Non-contact Metrology for mm-Wave and THz Electronics (Kubilay Sertel, Georgios C. Trichopoulos)....Pages 283-299
Back Matter ....Pages 301-309
高频GaN电子器件-High-Frequency GaN Electronic Devices
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