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物流管理:供应链数字化和脱碳的策略和工具-德国商业研究学术协会会议记录,哈勒,2019-Logistics Management: Strategies and Instruments for dig

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标题(title):Logistics Management: Strategies and Instruments for digitalizing and decarbonizing supply chains - Proceedings of the German Academic Association for Business Research, Halle, 2019
作者(author):Christian Bierwirth, Thomas Kirschstein, Dirk Sackmann
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):16 MB (17083073 bytes)

The conference proceedings contains contributions to the Logistics Management conference 2019. The objective of the LM conferences is to discuss new ideas and technical developments related to the management of logistic systems. A special focus is put on digitalization of supply chains and decarbonization in the transport industry.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Digital(ization) – A Single Construct Amidst Supply Management? (Cornelia Elsäßer, Andreas H. Glas, Michael Eßig)....Pages 3-18
Digital Forwarders (Ralf Elbert, Michael Gleser)....Pages 19-31
Human Role in Digital Logistics: Relevance of Intuition in Interacting with AI (Matthias Klumpp, Caroline Ruiner)....Pages 32-44
The Privacy Barrier for Blockchain in Logistics: First Lessons from the Port of Hamburg (Niels Hackius, Sven Reimers, Wolfgang Kersten)....Pages 45-61
A Literature Review on the State of the Art of Multi-agent Systems in Supply Chain Management (Alexandra Fiedler, Dirk Sackmann, Hans-Dietrich Haasis)....Pages 62-74
Dynamic Responsive Pricing as a Mitigation Strategy Against Supply Chain Disruptions: An Agent-Based Model (Niels Bugert, Rainer Lasch)....Pages 75-88
Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Scheduling Resources Within Distributed Manufacturing (Jacob Lohmer)....Pages 89-103
Realizing the Full Potential of Robotic Process Automation Through a Combination with BPM (Christian Flechsig, Jacob Lohmer, Rainer Lasch)....Pages 104-119
Front Matter ....Pages 121-121
Current Trends in B2C E-Commerce Logistics – A Content Analysis (Christian Straubert, Björn Asdecker, Immanuel Zitzmann)....Pages 123-140
Recent Trends in Last Mile Delivery: Impacts of Fast Fulfillment, Parcel Lockers, Electric or Autonomous Vehicles, and More (Martin Behnke)....Pages 141-156
Reconfiguration of the Last Mile: Consumer Acceptance of Alternative Delivery Concepts (Vanessa Felch, David Karl, Björn Asdecker, Amelie Niedermaier, Eric Sucky)....Pages 157-171
A Green Supply Chain Design Model Considering Lead Times (Benjamin Siller)....Pages 172-187
Emission Oriented vs. Time Oriented Routing in the European Intermodal Rail/Road Freight Transportation Network (Arne Heinold, Frank Meisel)....Pages 188-202
DEA Sustainability Evaluation in Automotive Supply Chains (Birte Struve, Timo Christopher Anke, Matthias Klumpp)....Pages 203-220
Systematization of Humanitarian NGOs from a Logistical Viewpoint (Christian Hein)....Pages 221-237
Front Matter ....Pages 239-239
An Integrated Multi-criteria Approach for the Regional Facility Location and Development Planning Problem (David Kik, Matthias G. Wichmann, Christoph Johannes, Thomas S. Spengler)....Pages 241-254
Integrated Scheduling of Production and Distribution Operations with Site Selection (Eduardo Alarcon-Gerbier, Udo Buscher)....Pages 255-267
Booking Limit Based Revenue Management Approaches for Customer-Value Oriented Make-to-Order Production (Nina Lohnert, Kathrin Fischer)....Pages 268-282
An IP Formulation for a Machine-Sequencing Problem to Minimize Job Deviations and Set-Ups (Tommy Schultz)....Pages 283-297
Decomposition Strategies for Multi-network Crew Scheduling with Attendance Rates for Conductors (Julia Heil)....Pages 298-313
An Improved LP-Based Heuristic for Solving a Real-World Locomotive Assignment Problem (Martin Scheffler, Michael Hölscher, Janis S. Neufeld)....Pages 314-329
Back Matter ....Pages 331-331
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物流管理:供应链数字化和脱碳的策略和工具-德国商业研究学术协会会议记录,哈勒,2019-Logistics Management: Strategies and Instruments for dig
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