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儿童与和平:从研究到行动-Children and Peace: From Research to Action

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标题(title):Children and Peace: From Research to Action
作者(author):Nikola Balvin, Daniel J. Christie
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This open access book brings together discourse on children and peace from the 15th International Symposium on the Contributions of Psychology to Peace, covering issues pertinent to children and peace and approaches to making their world safer, fairer and more sustainable. The book is divided into nine sections that examine traditional themes (social construction and deconstruction of diversity, intergenerational transitions and memories of war, and multiculturalism), as well as contemporary issues such as Europe’s “migration crisis”, radicalization and violent extremism, and violence in families, schools and communities. Chapters contextualize each issue within specific social ecological frameworks in order to reflect on the multiplicity of influences that affect different outcomes and to discuss how the findings can be applied in different contexts. The volume also provides solutions and hope through its focus on youth empowerment and peacebuilding programs for children and families. This forward-thinking volume offers a multitude of views, approaches, and strategies for research and activism drawn from peace psychology scholars and United Nations researchers and practitioners.

This book's multi-layered emphasis on context, structural determinants of peace and conflict, and use of research for action towards social cohesion for children and youth has not been brought together in other peace psychology literature to the same extent. Children and Peace: From Research to Action will be a useful resource for peace psychology academics and students, as well as social and developmental psychology academics and students, peace and development practitioners and activists, policy makers who need to make decisions about the matters covered in the book, child rights advocates and members of multilateral organizations such as the UN.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxxviii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
A Multi-method Assessment of Risk and Protective Factors in Family Violence: Comparing Italian and Migrant Families (Luca Milani, Sarah Miragoli, Serena Grumi, Paola Di Blasio)....Pages 3-23
Engaging Men to Support the Resilience of Syrian Refugee Children and Youth in Lebanon (Angela Veale, Alaa Hijazi, Zenia Osman, Shelbi Macken)....Pages 25-42
Promoting Civic Engagement and Social Inclusion Interventions for Minors Involved with Crimes (Patrizia Meringolo, Elisa Guidi)....Pages 43-56
Indirect Contact Interventions to Promote Peace in Multicultural Societies (Reeshma Haji, Hiromi Noguchi)....Pages 57-70
Promoting Prosocial Behavior Toward Refugees: Exploring the Empathy-Attitude-Action Model in Middle Childhood (Catherine Glen, Laura K. Taylor, Jocelyn B. Dautel)....Pages 71-87
Civic Participation and Other Interventions That Promote Children’s Tolerance of Migrants (Davide Mazzoni, Elvira Cicognani, Iana Tzankova, Antonella Guarino, Cinzia Albanesi, Bruna Zani)....Pages 89-102
Does Participating in National and Ethnic Associations Promote Migrant Integration? A Study with Young First- and Second-Generation Migrants (Daniela Marzana, Sara Alfieri, Elena Marta)....Pages 103-118
Empowerment of Intergroup Harmony and Equity (Sara Bigazzi, Sára Serdült, Ildikó Bokrétás)....Pages 119-137
Front Matter ....Pages 139-139
Beyond Risk Factors: Structural Drivers of Violence Affecting Children (M. Catherine Maternowska, Deborah Fry, Alina Potts, Tabitha Casey)....Pages 141-156
Growing Up in Violent Contexts: Differential Effects of Community, Family, and School Violence on Child Adjustment (Dario Bacchini, Concetta Esposito)....Pages 157-171
Historical Culture and Peace: How Older Generations Address the Need of Younger Generations to Learn About Their In-Group Past (Giovanna Leone, Mauro Sarrica)....Pages 173-188
Youth Identity, Peace and Conflict: Insights from Conflict and Diverse Settings (Shelley McKeown, Duygu Cavdar, Laura K. Taylor)....Pages 189-202
Children’s Conceptualizations of Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Peacebuilding in the Context of Armed Conflict (Wilson López López, Andrea Correa-Chica, Myriam Carmenza Sierra-Puentes, Juan Gabriel Castañeda Polanco, Gabriela Fernández Miranda, María del Rosario Duran Jaramillo et al.)....Pages 203-215
Front Matter ....Pages 217-217
Learning for Peace: Lessons Learned from UNICEF’s Peacebuilding, Education, and Advocacy in Conflict-Affected Context Programme (Friedrich W. Affolter, Anna Azaryeva Valente)....Pages 219-239
Educating Toward a Culture of Peace Through an Innovative Teaching Method (Silvia Guetta)....Pages 241-256
Experiencing Diversity: Complexity, Education, and Peace Construction (Camilla Pagani)....Pages 257-270
Developmental Trajectories of Political Engagement from Adolescence to Mid-Adulthood: A Review with Empirical Underpinnings from the German Peace Movement (Maor Shani, Daniel Horn, Klaus Boehnke)....Pages 271-290
Enabling Full Participation: A Community-Led Approach to Child Protection (Kathleen Kostelny, Michael Wessells, Ken Ondoro)....Pages 291-305
From Research to Action and the Spaces in -Between: Experiences from Peacebuilding Programs for Young People in Cambodia and Uganda (Nikola Balvin, Tania Miletic)....Pages 307-326
Working for the Well-Being of Children: The Value and Efficacy of Adopting a Cooperative, Inter-agency Approach (Michael Wessells)....Pages 327-340
Front Matter ....Pages 341-341
Climate Change and Children: An Issue of Intergenerational Justice (Ann V. Sanson, Susie E. L. Burke)....Pages 343-362
Back Matter ....Pages 363-381
儿童与和平:从研究到行动-Children and Peace: From Research to Action
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