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生物系统动力学-The Dynamics of Biological Systems

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标题(title):The Dynamics of Biological Systems
作者(author):Arianna Bianchi, Thomas Hillen, Mark A. Lewis, Yingfei Yi
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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The book presents nine mini-courses from a summer school, Dynamics of Biological Systems, held at the University of Alberta in 2016, as part of the prestigious seminar series: Séminaire de Mathématiques Supérieures (SMS). It includes new and significant contributions in the field of Dynamical Systems and their applications in Biology, Ecology, and Medicine.

The chapters of this book cover a wide range of mathematical methods and biological applications. They

- explain the process of mathematical modelling of biological systems with many examples,
- introduce advanced methods from dynamical systems theory,
- present many examples of the use of mathematical modelling to gain biological insight
- discuss innovative methods for the analysis of biological processes,
- contain extensive lists of references, which allow interested readers to continue the research on their own.

Integrating the theory of dynamical systems with biological modelling, the book will appeal to researchers and graduate students in Applied Mathematics and Life Sciences.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Dynamical Systems in Biology: A Short Introduction (Thomas Hillen, Mark A. Lewis)....Pages 1-34
Modeling of Molecular Networks (Gang Yang, Réka Albert)....Pages 35-62
Large-Scale Epidemic Models and a Graph-Theoretic Method for Constructing Lyapunov Functions (Michael Y. Li)....Pages 63-98
Mixing in Meta-Population Models (Zhilan Feng, John W. Glasser)....Pages 99-126
Structured Population Models for Vector-Borne Infection Dynamics (Jianhong Wu)....Pages 127-148
Stochastic Population Kinetics and Its Underlying Mathematicothermodynamics (Hong Qian)....Pages 149-188
The Turing Model for Biological Pattern Formation (Philip K. Maini, Thomas E. Woolley)....Pages 189-204
Persistence, Competition, and Evolution (King-Yeung Lam, Yuan Lou)....Pages 205-238
Kinetic Equations and Cell Motion: An Introduction (Benoît Perthame)....Pages 239-263
Back Matter ....Pages 265-267
生物系统动力学-The Dynamics of Biological Systems
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