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约束规划、人工智能和运筹学的整合:第16届国际会议,CPIOR 2019,塞萨洛尼基,希腊,2019年6月4-7日,会议记录-Integration of Constraint Programming

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标题(title):Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research: 16th International Conference, CPAIOR 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece, June 4–7, 2019, Proceedings
约束规划、人工智能和运筹学的整合:第16届国际会议,CPIOR 2019,塞萨洛尼基,希腊,2019年6月4-7日,会议记录
作者(author):Louis-Martin Rousseau, Kostas Stergiou
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research, CPAIOR 2019, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in June 2019.
The 34 full papers presented together with 9 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 94 submissions. The conference brings together interested researchers from Constraint Programming (CP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Operations Research (OR) to present new techniques or applications and to provide an opportunity for researchers in one area to learn about techniques in the others. A main objective of this conference series is also to give these researchers the opportunity to show how the integration of techniques from different fields can lead to interesting results on large and complex problems.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xx
Constraint Programming for Dynamic Symbolic Execution of JavaScript (Roberto Amadini, Mak Andrlon, Graeme Gange, Peter Schachte, Harald Søndergaard, Peter J. Stuckey)....Pages 1-19
Sequential and Parallel Solution-Biased Search for Subgraph Algorithms (Blair Archibald, Fraser Dunlop, Ruth Hoffmann, Ciaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser, James Trimble)....Pages 20-38
Core-Boosted Linear Search for Incomplete MaxSAT (Jeremias Berg, Emir Demirović, Peter J. Stuckey)....Pages 39-56
Binary Decision Diagrams for Bin Packing with Minimum Color Fragmentation (David Bergman, Carlos Cardonha, Saharnaz Mehrani)....Pages 57-66
Local Rapid Learning for Integer Programs (Timo Berthold, Peter J. Stuckey, Jakob Witzig)....Pages 67-83
A Status Report on Conflict Analysis in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (Jakob Witzig, Timo Berthold, Stefan Heinz)....Pages 84-94
Generating Compound Moves in Local Search by Hybridisation with Complete Search (Gustav Björdal, Pierre Flener, Justin Pearson)....Pages 95-111
SAT Encodings of Pseudo-Boolean Constraints with At-Most-One Relations (Miquel Bofill, Jordi Coll, Josep Suy, Mateu Villaret)....Pages 112-128
A Constraint Programming Approach to Electric Vehicle Routing with Time Windows (Kyle E. C. Booth, J. Christopher Beck)....Pages 129-145
A Sampling-Free Anticipatory Algorithm for the Kidney Exchange Problem (Danuta Sorina Chisca, Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano, Barry O’Sullivan)....Pages 146-162
Evaluating Ising Processing Units with Integer Programming (Carleton Coffrin, Harsha Nagarajan, Russell Bent)....Pages 163-181
Using Cost-Based Solution Densities from TSP Relaxations to Solve Routing Problems (Pierre Coste, Andrea Lodi, Gilles Pesant)....Pages 182-191
A Counting-Based Approach to Scalable Micro-service Deployment (Waldemar Cruz, Fanghui Liu, Laurent Michel)....Pages 192-207
An Optimization Approach to the Ordering Phase of an Attended Home Delivery Service (Günther Cwioro, Philipp Hungerländer, Kerstin Maier, Jörg Pöcher, Christian Truden)....Pages 208-224
Consistency for 0–1 Programming (Danial Davarnia, J. N. Hooker)....Pages 225-240
An Investigation into Prediction + Optimisation for the Knapsack Problem (Emir Demirović, Peter J. Stuckey, James Bailey, Jeffrey Chan, Chris Leckie, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao et al.)....Pages 241-257
The Maximum Weighted Submatrix Coverage Problem: A CP Approach (Guillaume Derval, Vincent Branders, Pierre Dupont, Pierre Schaus)....Pages 258-274
Learning MILP Resolution Outcomes Before Reaching Time-Limit (Martina Fischetti, Andrea Lodi, Giulia Zarpellon)....Pages 275-291
An Improved Subsumption Testing Algorithm for the Optimal-Size Sorting Network Problem (Cristian Frăsinaru, Mădălina Răschip)....Pages 292-303
Investigating Constraint Programming for Real World Industrial Test Laboratory Scheduling (Tobias Geibinger, Florian Mischek, Nysret Musliu)....Pages 304-319
An Approach to Robustness in the Stable Roommates Problem and Its Comparison with the Stable Marriage Problem (Begum Genc, Mohamed Siala, Gilles Simonin, Barry O’Sullivan)....Pages 320-336
Optimality Clue for Graph Coloring Problem (Alexandre Gondran, Laurent Moalic)....Pages 337-354
Computing Wasserstein Barycenters via Linear Programming (Gennaro Auricchio, Federico Bassetti, Stefano Gualandi, Marco Veneroni)....Pages 355-363
Repairing Learned Controllers with Convex Optimization: A Case Study (Dario Guidotti, Francesco Leofante, Claudio Castellini, Armando Tacchella)....Pages 364-373
A Hybrid Approach for Exact Coloring of Massive Graphs (Emmanuel Hebrard, George Katsirelos)....Pages 374-390
Modelling and Solving the Minimum Shift Design Problem (Lucas Kletzander, Nysret Musliu)....Pages 391-408
A Computational Comparison of Optimization Methods for the Golomb Ruler Problem (Burak Kocuk, Willem-Jan van Hoeve)....Pages 409-425
A New CP-Approach for a Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Time Constraints on Machine Qualifications (Arnaud Malapert, Margaux Nattaf)....Pages 426-442
Efficient Solution Methods for the Cumulative-Interference Channel Assignment Problem Using Integer Optimization and Constraint Programming (Paul J. Nicholas, Karla L. Hoffman)....Pages 443-460
Heat Exchanger Circuitry Design by Decision Diagrams (Nikolaos Ploskas, Christopher Laughman, Arvind U. Raghunathan, Nikolaos V. Sahinidis)....Pages 461-471
Column Generation for Real-Time Ride-Sharing Operations (Connor Riley, Antoine Legrain, Pascal Van Hentenryck)....Pages 472-487
Some Experiments with Submodular Function Maximization via Integer Programming (Domenico Salvagnin)....Pages 488-501
Metric Hybrid Factored Planning in Nonlinear Domains with Constraint Generation (Buser Say, Scott Sanner)....Pages 502-518
Last-Mile Scheduling Under Uncertainty (Thiago Serra, Arvind U. Raghunathan, David Bergman, John Hooker, Shingo Kobori)....Pages 519-528
Building Optimal Steiner Trees on Supercomputers by Using up to 43,000 Cores (Yuji Shinano, Daniel Rehfeldt, Thorsten Koch)....Pages 529-539
Deep Inverse Optimization (Yingcong Tan, Andrew Delong, Daria Terekhov)....Pages 540-556
A Study on the Traveling Salesman Problem with a Drone (Ziye Tang, Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Paul Shaw)....Pages 557-564
Lower Bounds for Uniform Machine Scheduling Using Decision Diagrams (Pim van den Bogaerdt, Mathijs de Weerdt)....Pages 565-580
Extending Compact-Diagram to Basic Smart Multi-Valued Variable Diagrams (Hélène Verhaeghe, Christophe Lecoutre, Pierre Schaus)....Pages 581-598
Arc Consistency Revisited (Ruiwei Wang, Roland H. C. Yap)....Pages 599-615
Embedding Decision Diagrams into Generative Adversarial Networks (Yexiang Xue, Willem-Jan van Hoeve)....Pages 616-632
Time Table Edge Finding with Energy Variables (Moli Yang, Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey)....Pages 633-642
Quadratic Reformulation of Nonlinear Pseudo-Boolean Functions via the Constraint Composite Graph (Ka Wa Yip, Hong Xu, Sven Koenig, T. K. Satish Kumar)....Pages 643-660
Back Matter ....Pages 661-662
约束规划、人工智能和运筹学的整合:第16届国际会议,CPIOR 2019,塞萨洛尼基,希腊,2019年6月4-7日,会议记录-Integration of Constraint Programming
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