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网络安全科学:第二届国际会议,SciSec 2019,中国南京,2019年8月9-11日,修订论文选集-Science of Cyber Security: Second International

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标题(title):Science of Cyber Security: Second International Conference, SciSec 2019, Nanjing, China, August 9–11, 2019, Revised Selected Papers
网络安全科学:第二届国际会议,SciSec 2019,中国南京,2019年8月9-11日,修订论文选集
作者(author):Feng Liu, Jia Xu, Shouhuai Xu, Moti Yung
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Science of Cyber Security, SciSec 2019, held in Nanjing, China, in August 2019.

The 20 full papers and 8 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 62 submissions.
These papers cover the following subjects: Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity, Machine Learning for Cybersecurity, and Mechanisms for Solving Actual Cybersecurity Problems (e.g., Blockchain, Attack and Defense; Encryptions with Cybersecurity Applications).

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Cross-Domain Recommendation System Based on Tensor Decomposition for Cybersecurity Data Analytics (Yuan Wang, Jinzhi Wang, Jianhong Gao, Shengsheng Hu, Huacheng Sun, Yongli Wang)....Pages 3-19
Density Peak Clustering Algorithm Based on Differential Privacy Preserving (Yun Chen, Yunlan Du, Xiaomei Cao)....Pages 20-32
An Automated Online Spam Detector Based on Deep Cascade Forest (Kangyang Chen, Xinyi Zou, Xingguo Chen, Huihui Wang)....Pages 33-46
Multiplex PageRank in Multilayer Networks Considering Shunt (Xiao Tu, Guo-Ping Jiang, Yurong Song)....Pages 47-58
Front Matter ....Pages 59-59
LogGAN: A Sequence-Based Generative Adversarial Network for Anomaly Detection Based on System Logs (Bin Xia, Junjie Yin, Jian Xu, Yun Li)....Pages 61-76
Security Comparison of Machine Learning Models Facing Different Attack Targets (Zhaofeng Liu, Zhen Jia, Wenlian Lu)....Pages 77-91
Adversarial Training Based Feature Selection (Binghui Liu, Keji Han, Jie Hang, Yun Li)....Pages 92-105
Application of DeepWalk Based on Hyperbolic Coordinates on Unsupervised Clustering (Shikang Yu, Yang Wu, Yurong Song, Guoping Jiang, Xiaoping Su)....Pages 106-118
Front Matter ....Pages 119-119
HoneyGadget: A Deception Based ROP Detection Scheme (Xin Huang, Fei Yan, Liqiang Zhang, Kai Wang)....Pages 121-135
LET-Attack: Latent Encodings of Normal-Data Manifold Transferring to Adversarial Examples (Jie Zhang, Zhihao Zhang)....Pages 136-150
New Robustness Measures of Communication Networks Against Virus Attacks (Yinwei Li, Bo Song, Xu Zhang, Guo-Ping Jiang, Yurong Song)....Pages 151-162
Application and Performance Analysis of Data Preprocessing for Intrusion Detection System (Shuai Jiang, Xiaolong Xu)....Pages 163-177
Front Matter ....Pages 179-179
Anonymous IoT Data Storage and Transaction Protocol Based on Blockchain and Edge Computing (Zhi Qiao, Congcong Zhu, Zhiwei Wang, Nianhua Yang)....Pages 181-189
Incentive Mechanism for Bitcoin Mining Pool Based on Stackelberg Game (Gang Xue, Jia Xu, Hanwen Wu, Weifeng Lu, Lijie Xu)....Pages 190-198
Automated Ransomware Behavior Analysis: Pattern Extraction and Early Detection (Qian Chen, Sheikh Rabiul Islam, Henry Haswell, Robert A. Bridges)....Pages 199-214
Behavior Flow Graph Construction from System Logs for Anomaly Analysis (Hang Ling, Jing Han, Jiayi Pang, Jianwei Liu, Jia Xu, Zheng Liu)....Pages 215-223
Knowledge Graph Based Semi-automatic Code Auditing System (Yin Hongji, Chen Wei)....Pages 224-231
Front Matter ....Pages 233-233
Effective Matrix Factorization for Recommendation with Local Differential Privacy (Hao Zhou, Geng Yang, Yahong Xu, Weiya Wang)....Pages 235-249
Fully Anonymous Blockchain Constructed Based on Aggregate Signature and Ring Signature (Tianfu Chen, Zhenghua Qi, Jiagen Cheng)....Pages 250-261
FDIA-Identified Overloaded Power Lines (Da-Tian Peng, Jianmin Dong, Qinke Peng, Bo Zeng, Zhi-Hong Mao)....Pages 262-277
Optimal Key-Tree for RFID Authentication Protocols with Storage Constraints (Wang Shao-Hui, Zhang Yan-Xuan, Ke Chang-Bo, Xiao Fu, Wang Ru-Chuan)....Pages 278-292
Towards Realizing Authorized Encrypted Search with Designed Access Policy (Lin Mei, Chungen Xu, Lei Xu, Zhongyi Liu, Xiaoling Yu, Zhigang Yao)....Pages 293-307
Forward Private Searchable Encryption with Conjunctive Keywords Query (Zhigang Yao, Chungen Xu, Lei Xu, Lin Mei)....Pages 308-322
PAFR: Privacy-Aware Friends Retrieval over Online Social Networks (Yuxi Li, Fucai Zhou, Zifeng Xu)....Pages 323-338
An ID-Based Linear Homomorphic Cryptosystem and Its Applications for the Isolated Smart Grid Devices (Zhiwei Wang, Zhiyuan Cheng, Nianhua Yang)....Pages 339-353
Implicit-Key Attack on the RSA Cryptosystem (Mengce Zheng, Honggang Hu)....Pages 354-362
High-Efficiency Triangle Counting on the GPU (Yang Wu, Shikang Yu, Yurong Song, Guoping Jiang, Xiao Tu)....Pages 363-370
A New Pairing-Free Certificateless Signature Scheme for Internet of Things (Zhenchao Zhang, Yali Liu, Xinchun Yin, Xincheng Li)....Pages 371-379
Back Matter ....Pages 381-382
网络安全科学:第二届国际会议,SciSec 2019,中国南京,2019年8月9-11日,修订论文选集-Science of Cyber Security: Second International
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