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大科学数据管理:首届国际会议,北京,中国,北京,2018年11月30日-12月1日,修订论文选集-Big Scientific Data Management: First International

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标题(title):Big Scientific Data Management: First International Conference, BigSDM 2018, Beijing, China, November 30 – December 1, 2018, Revised Selected Papers
作者(author):Jianhui Li, Xiaofeng Meng, Ying Zhang, Wenjuan Cui, Zhihui Du
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Big Scientific Data Management, BigSDM 2018, held in Beijing, Greece, in November/December 2018.

The 24 full papers presented together with 7 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 86 submissions. The topics involved application cases in the big scientific data management, paradigms for enhancing scientific discovery through big data, data management challenges posed by big scientific data, machine learning methods to facilitate scientific discovery, science platforms and storage systems for large scale scientific applications, data cleansing and quality assurance of science data, and data policies.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiii
Gravitational Waves: Detectors to Detections (Barry C. Barish)....Pages 1-5
Big Data Challenges of FAST (Youling Yue, Di Li)....Pages 6-9
CSSDC Big Data Processing and Applications in Space Science Missions (Yunlong Li, Jia Zhong, Fuli Ma, Ziming Zou)....Pages 10-15
Information Services of Big Remote Sensing Data (Guojin He, Guizhou Wang, Tengfei Long, Huichan Liu, Weili Jiao, Wei Jiang et al.)....Pages 16-31
Data Management in Time-Domain Astronomy: Requirements and Challenges (Chen Yang, Xiaofeng Meng, Zhihui Du, Zhiqiang Duan, Yongjie Du)....Pages 32-43
AstroServ: A Distributed Database for Serving Large-Scale Full Life-Cycle Astronomical Data (Chen Yang, Xiaofeng Meng, Zhihui Du, JiaMing Qiu, Kenan Liang, Yongjie Du et al.)....Pages 44-55
AstroBase: Distributed Long-Term Astronomical Database (Kenan Liang, Wei Guo, Lizhen Cui, Meng Xu, Qingzhong Li)....Pages 56-66
An Efficient Parallel Framework to Analyze Astronomical Sky Survey Data (Xiaobin Ma, Zhihui Du, Yankui Sun, Andrei Tchernykh, Chao Wu, Jianyan Wei)....Pages 67-77
Real-Time Query Enabled by Variable Precision in Astronomy (Yongjie Du, Xiaofeng Meng, Chen Yang, Zhiqiang Duan)....Pages 78-85
Continuous Cross Identification in Large-Scale Dynamic Astronomical Data Flow (Zhiqiang Duan, Chen Yang, Xiaofeng Meng, Yongjie Du)....Pages 86-91
Scientific Data Management and Application in High Energy Physics (Gang Chen, Yaodong Cheng)....Pages 92-104
EventDB: A Large-Scale Semi-structured Scientific Data Management System (Wenjia Zhao, Yong Qi, Di Hou, Peijian Wang, Xin Gao, Zirong Du et al.)....Pages 105-115
An Operator Library System for HEP Events Processing Based on Hbase Coprocessor (Zirong Du, Di Hou, Yong Qi)....Pages 116-124
Event-Oriented Caching System for ROOT Data Analysis in HEP (Baoan Liu, Can Ma, Bing Li, Weiping Wang)....Pages 125-136
Automated and Intelligent Data Migration Strategy in High Energy Physical Storage Systems (Zhenjing Cheng, Yaodong Cheng, Lu Wang, Qingbao Hu, Haibo Li, Qi Xu et al.)....Pages 137-145
Using Hadoop for High Energy Physics Data Analysis (Qiulan Huang, Zhanchen Wei, Gongxing Sun, Yaodong Cheng, Zhenjing Cheng, Qingbao Hu)....Pages 146-153
Cross-Domain Data Access System for Distributed Sites in HEP (Qi Xu, Zhenjing Cheng, Yaodong Cheng, Gang Chen)....Pages 154-164
Multi-dimensional Index over a Key-Value Store for Semi-structured Data (Xin Gao, Yong Qi, Di Hou)....Pages 165-175
Technology Dependency Graph (TDG): A Scientific Literature Mining Based Method for Technology Insight (Hui Gao, Wei Luo, Lin Gui, Ting Wang)....Pages 176-185
PGCAS: A Parallelized Graph Clustering Algorithm Based on Spark (Dongjiang Liu, Jianhui Li)....Pages 186-198
Query Associations Over Big Financial Knowledge Graph (Xiaofeng Ouyang, Liang Hong, Lujia Zhang)....Pages 199-211
CMCloud: An Autonomous Monitoring System for Big Data Processing Platform (Zhonglei Fan, Mengru Xu, Jialin Xi, Donghai Li)....Pages 212-223
Short-Timescale Gravitational Microlensing Events Prediction with ARIMA-LSTM and ARIMA-GRU Hybrid Model (Ying Sun, Zijun Zhao, Xiaobin Ma, Zhihui Du)....Pages 224-238
Application of Blockchain Technology in Data Management: Advantages and Solutions (Liangming Wen, Lili Zhang, Jianhui Li)....Pages 239-254
A Framework of Data Sharing System with Decentralized Network (Pengfei Wang, Wenjuan Cui, Jianhui Li)....Pages 255-262
Agricultural Disease Image Dataset for Disease Identification Based on Machine Learning (Lei Chen, Yuan Yuan)....Pages 263-274
SimbaQL: A Query Language for Multi-source Heterogeneous Data (Yuepeng Li, Zhihong Shen, Jianhui Li)....Pages 275-284
Changing Data Policies in China: Implications for Enabling FAIR Data (Lili Zhang, Robert R. Downs, Jianhui Li)....Pages 285-290
A Data Quality Evaluation Index for Data Journals (Lihua Kong, Yan Xi, Yangqin Lang, Yang Wang, Qingfei Zhang)....Pages 291-300
Data Quality Transaction on Different Distributed Ledger Technologies (Chao Wu, Liyi Zhou, Chulin Xie, Yuhang Zheng, Jiawei Yu)....Pages 301-318
Performance Analysis and Optimization of Alluxio with OLAP Workloads over Virtual Infrastructure (Xu Chang, Yongbin Liu, Zhanpeng Mo, Li Zha)....Pages 319-330
Back Matter ....Pages 331-332
大科学数据管理:首届国际会议,北京,中国,北京,2018年11月30日-12月1日,修订论文选集-Big Scientific Data Management: First International
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