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警务中的社交媒体策略:从文化情报到社区警务-Social Media Strategy in Policing: From Cultural Intelligence to Community Pol

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标题(title):Social Media Strategy in Policing: From Cultural Intelligence to Community Policing
作者(author):Babak Akhgar, Petra Saskia Bayerl, George Leventakis
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book addresses conceptual and practical issues pertinent to the creation and realization of social media strategies within law enforcement agencies. The book provides readers with practical methods, frameworks, and structures for understanding social media discourses within the operational remit of police forces and first responders in communities and areas of concern. This title - bridging the gap in social media and policing literature - explores and explains the role social media can play as a communication, investigation, and direct engagement tool. It is authored by a rich mix of global contributors from across the landscape of academia, policing and experts in government policy and private industry.
Presents an applied look into social media strategies within law enforcement;Explores the latest developments in social media as it relates to community policing and cultural intelligence; Includes contributions and case studies from global leaders in academia, industry, and government.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxi
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Introduction: The Police and Social Media (David Waddington)....Pages 3-21
Brave New Apps: An Essay on Community Policing and Social Media (Joachim Kersten, Norbert Leonardmaier, Reinhard Kreissl)....Pages 23-36
Cultural Intelligence and Community Policing (Anja Louis, Helen Grantham)....Pages 37-60
Front Matter ....Pages 61-61
How to Make Community-Oriented Policing Customer Oriented: A Service Design Concept for Policing in Social Media (Olavi Kujanpää, Kari Pylväs, Pirjo Jukarainen, Jarmo Houtsonen, Jari Taponen)....Pages 63-77
Public Crime Reporting on Social Media: A Progressive or Regressive Phenomenon? (Alice Raven)....Pages 79-99
Community Policing: A Case Study from Bavaria Within the Framework of the Unity Project (Holger Nitsch, Sebastian Allertseder)....Pages 101-115
From Vigilantism to Digilantism? (Frauke Reichl)....Pages 117-138
Building a Bedrock of Trust Between Citizens, Law Enforcement and Other Stakeholders: A Scalable Architecture for Community Policing (Laurence Marzell, Ben Brewster)....Pages 139-158
Front Matter ....Pages 159-159
Multimedia Analysis on User-Generated Content for Safety-Oriented Applications (Nikolaos Papadakis, Antonios Litke, Anastasios Doulamis, Eftychios Protopapadakis, Nikolaos Doulamis)....Pages 161-175
Suggesting a Hybrid Approach: Mobile Apps with Big Data Analysis to Report and Prevent Crimes (Abdi Fidow, Ahmed Hassan, Mahamed Iman, X. Cheng, M. Petridis, Clifford Sule)....Pages 177-195
Contextual Visualization of Crime Matching Through Interactive Clustering and Bayesian Theory (Nadeem Qazi, B. L. William Wong)....Pages 197-215
All-in-One Next-Generation Community Policing Solution Powered by Crowd-Sourcing, Data Analytics, and Decision Support: The INSPEC2T Case (Sofia Tsekeridou, George Leventakis, George Kokkinis, Elisavet Charalambous, Dimitris Miltiadou, Nikolaos Koutras et al.)....Pages 217-251
Multimedia Analysis in Police–Citizen Communication: Supporting Daily Policing Tasks (Peter Leškovský, Santiago Prieto, Aratz Puerto, Jorge García, Luis Unzueta, Nerea Aranjuelo et al.)....Pages 253-269
Back Matter ....Pages 271-280
警务中的社交媒体策略:从文化情报到社区警务-Social Media Strategy in Policing: From Cultural Intelligence to Community Pol
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