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城市智能治理:视角与经验-Smart Governance for Cities: Perspectives and Experiences

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标题(title):Smart Governance for Cities: Perspectives and Experiences
作者(author):Nuno Vasco Moreira Lopes
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book provides theoretical perspectives and practical experiences on smart governance for smart cities. It presents a balanced linkage between research, policies and practices on this area. The authors discuss the sustainability challenges raised by rapid urbanization, challenges with smart governance models in various countries, and a new governance paradigm seen as a capable approach able to overcome social, economic and environmental sustainability problems. The authors include case studies on transformation, adaption and transfers; and country, regional, municipal contextualization. Also included are best practices on monitoring and evaluating smart governance and impact assessment. The book features contributions from researchers, academics, and practitioners in the field.

Analyzes smart governance for cities from a variety of perspectives and a variety of sectors – both in theory and in practice
Features information on the linkage between United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and smart governance
Covers the connection between research, policies and practice in smart governance for smart cities

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Smart Methodologies for Smart Cities: A Comparative Analysis (Nuno Vasco Moreira Lopes, Joanna Rodrigues)....Pages 3-15
Smart City Governance Model for Pakistan (Nuno Vasco Moreira Lopes, Shahid Farooq)....Pages 17-28
Building a Framework for Smart Cities: Strategy Development (Aroua Taamallah, Maha Khemaja, Sami Faiz)....Pages 29-53
Social Media as Tool of SMART City Marketing (Dagmar Petrikova, Matej Jaššo, Michal Hajduk)....Pages 55-72
Inclusive and Accessible SMART City for All (Dagmar Petríková, Lucia Petríková)....Pages 73-82
AI, IoT, Big Data, and Technologies in Digital Economy with Blockchain at Sustainable Work Satisfaction to Smart Mankind: Access to 6th Dimension of Human Rights (Andrea Romaoli Garcia)....Pages 83-131
Front Matter ....Pages 133-133
Modelling of Traffic Load by the DataFromSky System in the Smart City Concept (V. Adamec, D. Herman, B. Schullerova, M. Urbanek)....Pages 135-152
A Combined Data Analytics and Network Science Approach for Smart Real Estate Investment: Towards Affordable Housing (E. Sandeep Kumar, Viswanath Talasila)....Pages 153-176
The City of L’Aquila as a Living Lab: The INCIPICT Project and the 5G Trial (Fabio Franchi, Fabio Graziosi, Andrea Marotta, Claudia Rinaldi)....Pages 177-188
Mobility in Smart Cities: Will Automated Vehicles Take It Over? (Ralf-Martin Soe)....Pages 189-216
Back Matter ....Pages 217-223
城市智能治理:视角与经验-Smart Governance for Cities: Perspectives and Experiences
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