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全球问题:导论-Global Issues: An Introduction

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标题(title):Global Issues: An Introduction
作者(author):Hite, Kristen A.; Seitz, John L.
出版社(publisher):John Wiley & Sons
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Table of contents :
List of Plates List of Figures, Maps, and Tables Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction: The Creation of Global Issues Notes 1 Population The Changing Population of the World Causes of the Population Explosion How Population Growth Affects Development Too rapid Too slow An aging population and low birth rates International conferences on population How Development Affects Population Growth Demographic transition Factors lowering birth rates Governmental Population Policies Controlling growth Promoting growth The Future The growth of the world s population The carrying capacity of the earth Optimum size of the earth s population Population-related problems in our future Conclusions Further Reading Notes 2 Wealth and Poverty The Millennium Development Goals Development Assistance and Foreign Aid Market Approach State Approach Blended Approach Geography and Wealth, Geography and Poverty Globalization Positive aspects Negative aspects An evaluation Conclusions Further Reading Notes 3 Food World Food Production How Many Are Hungry? Causes of World Hunger How Food Affects Development How Development Affects Food The production of food The loss of food The type of food The Green Revolution Fertilizers Pesticides Irrigation The future Governmental Food Policies Future Food Supplies Climate Arable land Energy costs Traditional/sustainable/organic agriculture Biotechnology Fishing and aquaculture Future food production Conclusions Further Reading Notes 4 Energy The Energy-Climate Crisis Energy and Security Government Responses to the Energy-Climate Crisis The United States Western Europe Japan China The Effect of the Energy-Climate Crisis on Countries Development Plans The Relationship between Energy Use and Development A shift in types of energy Increased use The decoupling of energy consumption and economic growth The Energy Transition Nonrenewable energy sources Renewable energy sources Conservation/energy efficiency Nuclear Power: A Case Study The potential and the peril The choice Conclusions Further Reading Notes 5 Climate Change The Evidence and Impacts Uncertainties What is being done at present? What more can be done? Conclusion Further Reading Notes 6 The Environment: Part I The Awakening The Air Smog Airborne lead Acid rain Ozone depletion Climate change (global warming) Water Water Quality Water Quantity The Land Minerals Deforestation The Extinction of Species The Extinction of Cultures Conclusion Notes 7 The Environment: Part II The Workplace and the Home Cancer Pesticides Chemicals Managing Waste Solid wastes Toxic wastes Governmental and industrial responses to the waste problem Responsible Use Resource efficiency Recycling Substitution Reducing needs Environmental Politics Overdevelopment Conclusions Further Reading Notes 8 Technology Benefits of Technology Unanticipated Consequences of the Use of Technology DDT Factory farms Inappropriate Uses of Technology Limits to the Technological Fix War The Threat of Nuclear Weapons: A Case Study The threat New dangers Conclusions Further Reading Notes 9 Alternative Futures Development Pathways: Evaluating Our Current Situation Current Outlook: Business as Usual Collapse and Sustainable Development Choices Improve production Reduce demand Governing the Commons Inclusive Governance and the Role of Civil Society Conclusion Further Reading Notes Appendix 1: Studying and Teaching Global Issues Appendix 2: Relevant Videos Appendix 3: Relevant Internet Websites Glossary Index
全球问题:导论-Global Issues: An Introduction
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