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电子系统设计语言、设计方法和工具:摘自FDL 2018-Languages, Design Methods, and Tools for Electronic System Design: Selec

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标题(title):Languages, Design Methods, and Tools for Electronic System Design: Selected Contributions from FDL 2018
电子系统设计语言、设计方法和工具:摘自FDL 2018
作者(author):Tom J. Kazmierski, Sebastian Steinhorst, Daniel Große
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book brings together a selection of the best papers from the twenty-first edition of the Forum on specification and Design Languages Conference (FDL), which took place on September 10-12, 2018, in Munich, Germany. FDL is a well-established international forum devoted to dissemination of research results, practical experiences and new ideas in the application of specification, design and verification languages to the design, modeling and verification of integrated circuits, complex hardware/software embedded systems, and mixed-technology systems.

Covers Assertion Based Design, Verification & Debug;Includes language-based modeling and design techniques for embedded systems;Covers design, modeling and verification of mixed physical domain and mixed signal systems that include significant analog parts in electrical and non-electrical domains;Includes formal and semi-formal system level design methods for complex embedded systems based on the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and Model Driven Engineering (MDE).

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-vii
Time in SCCharts (Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten, Reinhard von Hanxleden, Frédéric Mallet, Robert de Simone, Julien Deantoni)....Pages 1-25
Generation of Functional Mockup Units for Transactional Cyber-Physical Virtual Platforms (Stefano Centomo, Michele Lora, Franco Fummi)....Pages 27-46
Safe Interoperability for Web of Things Devices and Systems (Ege Korkan, Sebastian Kaebisch, Matthias Kovatsch, Sebastian Steinhorst)....Pages 47-69
Automatic Design of Microfluidic Devices: An Overview of Platforms and Corresponding Design Tasks (Robert Wille, Bing Li, Rolf Drechsler, Ulf Schlichtmann)....Pages 71-87
A New Ageing-Aware Approach via Path Isolation (Yue Lu, Shengyu Duan, Tom J. Kazmierski)....Pages 89-98
SystemC Coding Guideline for Faster Out-of-Order Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (Zhongqi Cheng, Tim Schmidt, Rainer Dömer)....Pages 99-114
Extensible and Configurable RISC-V Based Virtual Prototype (Vladimir Herdt, Daniel Große, Hoang M. Le, Rolf Drechsler)....Pages 115-134
AADD-Based Symbolic Simulation of SystemC AMS (Carna Zivkovic, Christoph Grimm)....Pages 135-160
Blech, Imperative Synchronous Programming! (Friedrich Gretz, Franz-Josef Grosch)....Pages 161-186
Back Matter ....Pages 187-192
电子系统设计语言、设计方法和工具:摘自FDL 2018-Languages, Design Methods, and Tools for Electronic System Design: Selec
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