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测试和证明:第13届国际会议,TAP 2019,作为2019年第三届正式方法世界大会的一部分,葡萄牙波尔图,2019年10月9-11日,会议记录-Tests and Proofs: 13th Inte

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标题(title):Tests and Proofs: 13th International Conference, TAP 2019, Held as Part of the Third World Congress on Formal Methods 2019, Porto, Portugal, October 9–11, 2019, Proceedings
测试和证明:第13届国际会议,TAP 2019,作为2019年第三届正式方法世界大会的一部分,葡萄牙波尔图,2019年10月9-11日,会议记录
作者(author):Dirk Beyer, Chantal Keller
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Tests and Proofs, TAP 2019, held as part of the Third World Congress on Formal Methods 2019, Porto, Portugal, in October 2019.
The 10 regular papers and 2 invited paper presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 19 submissions. The TAP conference promotes research in verification and formal methods that targets the interplay of proofs and testing: the advancement of techniques of each kind and their combination, with the ultimate goal of improving software and system dependability.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
When Are Software Verification Results Valid for Approximate Hardware? (Tobias Isenberg, Marie-Christine Jakobs, Felix Pauck, Heike Wehrheim)....Pages 3-20
Testing Robots Using CSP (Ana Cavalcanti, James Baxter, Robert M. Hierons, Raluca Lefticaru)....Pages 21-38
Front Matter ....Pages 39-39
Constraints in Dynamic Symbolic Execution: Bitvectors or Integers? (Timotej Kapus, Martin Nowack, Cristian Cadar)....Pages 41-54
Fast, Automatic, and Nearly Complete Structural Unit-Test Generation Combining Genetic Algorithms and Formal Methods (Eric Lavillonnière, David Mentré, Denis Cousineau)....Pages 55-63
Coverage-Based Testing with Symbolic Transition Systems (Petra van den Bos, Jan Tretmans)....Pages 64-82
BTestBox: A Tool for Testing B Translators and Coverage of B Models (Diego de Azevedo Oliveira, Valério Medeiros Jr., David Déharbe, Martin A. Musicante)....Pages 83-92
Predicting and Testing Latencies with Deep Learning: An IoT Case Study (Bernhard K. Aichernig, Franz Pernkopf, Richard Schumi, Andreas Wurm)....Pages 93-111
Learning Communicating State Machines (Alexandre Petrenko, Florent Avellaneda)....Pages 112-128
Repairing Timed Automata Clock Guards through Abstraction and Testing (Étienne André, Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini, Marco Radavelli)....Pages 129-146
Proving a Non-blocking Algorithm for Process Renaming with TLA\(^+\) (Aurélie Hurault, Philippe Quéinnec)....Pages 147-166
Tame Your Annotations with MetAcsl: Specifying, Testing and Proving High-Level Properties (Virgile Robles, Nikolai Kosmatov, Virgile Prevosto, Louis Rilling, Pascale Le Gall)....Pages 167-185
Property-Based Test Case Generators for Free (Emanuele De Angelis, Fabio Fioravanti, Adrián Palacios, Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti)....Pages 186-206
Back Matter ....Pages 207-207
测试和证明:第13届国际会议,TAP 2019,作为2019年第三届正式方法世界大会的一部分,葡萄牙波尔图,2019年10月9-11日,会议记录-Tests and Proofs: 13th Inte
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