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从产业组织到企业家精神:对大卫·B·奥德雷奇的致敬-From Industrial Organization to Entrepreneurship: A Tribute to David B. Au

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标题(title):From Industrial Organization to Entrepreneurship: A Tribute to David B. Audretsch
作者(author):Erik E. Lehmann, Max Keilbach
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book celebrates the contributions of David B. Audretsch, Distinguished Professor at the School of Public and Environment Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University (USA), co-founder and co-editor of Small Business Economics, and former Director of the Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy Group at the erstwhile Max Planck Institute of Economics (Jena, Germany). For his pioneering work, which explores the links between entrepreneurship, government policy, innovation, economic development, and global competitiveness, he has received the 2001 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research from the Swedish Foundation for Small Business Research and the 2011 Schumpeter Prize from the University of Wuppertal (Germany).

This volume features original contributions from over 50 leading scholars to map, analyze and evaluate the impact of Audretsch’s research on a broad spectrum of research fields, ranging from economics to entrepreneurship and geography. The development and evolution of key ideas which have significantly shaped theory and future research across these fields are also explored.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xii
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Scenes from a Marriage (Joanne Audretsch)....Pages 3-10
I Will Always Be Proud to Call Him My Father (James Audretsch)....Pages 11-15
My Dad, the Athlete, Entertainer, Phrase Philosopher, Conformist and Analogist (Christopher Audretsch)....Pages 17-20
Perhaps David Audretsch Is Not a Good Man (Jack Harding)....Pages 21-25
Henry David Bruce Audretsch: A Retrospective … Perhaps (Albert N. Link)....Pages 27-29
Distinguished Professor Dr. David B. Audretsch: World Renowned Researcher – Legendary Icon in Entrepreneurship (Donald F. Kuratko)....Pages 31-38
A Journey Through Entrepreneurship (Mary Lindenstein Walshok)....Pages 39-53
Front Matter ....Pages 55-57
The Symmetry of Acs and Audretsch: How We Met, Why We Stuck and How We Succeeded (Zoltan J. Acs)....Pages 59-70
Visions of the Past: David was Always There (Roy Thurik)....Pages 71-75
Structural Change, Knowledge Spillovers and the Role of SMEs and Entrepreneurship (Pontus Braunerhjelm)....Pages 77-94
David B. Audretsch: Spilling Knowledge All Over the World (Per Davidsson)....Pages 95-98
The Shape of Things to Come (Martin Prause, Jürgen Weigand)....Pages 99-119
David Audretsch: A Source of Inspiration, a Co-author, and a Friend (Enrico Santarelli)....Pages 121-124
David: A Cultural Entrepreneur (Marco Vivarelli)....Pages 125-127
David Audretsch and International Business: Bringing It All Back Home (Saul Estrin, Daniel Shapiro)....Pages 129-147
Regional Trajectories of Entrepreneurship and Growth (Michael Fritsch, Michael Wyrwich)....Pages 149-162
David Audretsch and New Directions in Spillover Academic Entrepreneurship (Mike Wright)....Pages 163-168
David Audretsch – A Bibliometric Portrait of a Distinguished Entrepreneurship Scholar (Charlie Karlsson, Björn Hammarfelt)....Pages 169-192
David Audretsch: The Capacity to Design and to Influence a Research Agenda (Maria Callejón)....Pages 193-202
Education, Human Capital Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Swedish Firm Level Production Functions (Johan E. Eklund, Lars Pettersson)....Pages 203-223
Front Matter ....Pages 225-227
Productivity Slowdown, Innovation and Industry Dynamics (Johannes Bersch, Josefine Diekhof, Bastian Krieger, Georg Licht, Simona Murmann)....Pages 229-241
Dr. Audretsch: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doing Small Business Research (Julie Ann Elston)....Pages 243-245
“I Want to, But I Also Need to”: Start-Ups Resulting from Opportunity and Necessity (Marco Caliendo, Alexander S. Kritikos)....Pages 247-265
Working with David on Both Sides of the Atlantic (Adam Lederer)....Pages 267-270
Festschrift to David B. Audretsch (J. L. González-Pernía, Iñaki Peña-Legazkue)....Pages 271-277
An Overview of the Economics of Entrepreneurship and Small Business: The Legacy of David Audretsch (David Urbano, Sebastian Aparicio)....Pages 279-306
Location and Firm Performance (Dirk Dohse, Johanna Schnier)....Pages 307-317
The Inclusive Vision (Maria Minniti)....Pages 319-322
You Made it the Best of Times (Sharon Alvarez)....Pages 323-324
On Regional Innovator Networks as Hubs for Innovative Ventures (Uwe Cantner, Tina Wolf)....Pages 325-348
The Emergence of Parental Entrepreneurship: Some Thoughts About Family Life, Professional Careers and Entrepreneurship (Iris Kunadt)....Pages 349-357
Financial and Institutional Reforms for an Entrepreneurial Society (Mark Sanders)....Pages 359-368
Entrepreneurship in Public Policy Education: The Willy Brandt School as a Case (Heike M. Grimm)....Pages 369-384
Connecting People and Knowledge: Knowledge Spillovers, Cognitive Biases, and Entrepreneurship (Werner Bönte, Diemo Urbig)....Pages 385-397
Where Would I Be If My 25 Year-Old Self Was Aware of the Gravitas of Dr. David Audretsch? (Brett Anitra Gilbert)....Pages 399-402
The Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Scholar (Erik Stam)....Pages 403-405
Thoughts About David (Sameeksha Desai)....Pages 407-409
Front Matter ....Pages 411-412
Building Stronger Research Communities and Collaboration Between Established and Young Scholars (Maksim Belitski)....Pages 413-419
“Lessons from David Audretsch” in Festschrift for David Audretsch (Siri Terjesen)....Pages 421-423
Off to New Shores: Knowledge Spillovers Between Economics and Psychology or How I Published with David Audretsch in PLOS One (Martin Obschonka)....Pages 425-429
A Brief Case Study of the Audretsch Form of Davidial Entrepreneurship Research Ecosystems (Allan O’Connor)....Pages 431-436
David Audretsch Has Impacted My Academic Life in Many Ways and I Would Like to Use This Opportunity to Thank Him for His Tremendous Support (Kathrin Bischoff)....Pages 437-438
David Audretsch: A Great Mind, An Outstanding Researcher, and A Humble Individual (Mehmet Akif Demircioglu)....Pages 439-442
Happy Birthday, David Audretsch: And All That Jazz (Monika Herzig)....Pages 443-445
A Simple Behavioral Model of Stochastic Knowledge Accumulation (Torben Klarl, Matthias Menter)....Pages 447-452
David Audretsch: A Literary Steckbrief (Sandra Schillo)....Pages 453-458
Wings to Escape the Roots (Alexander Starnecker)....Pages 459-463
Professor David Audretsch: My Doktorvater (Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada)....Pages 465-466
Building Entrepreneurial Societies Through Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Business Incubators (Christina Theodoraki)....Pages 467-477
David B. Audretsch, a Gatekeeper and Globetrotter (Silvio Vismara, Katharine Wirsching, Jonah Otto)....Pages 479-488
从产业组织到企业家精神:对大卫·B·奥德雷奇的致敬-From Industrial Organization to Entrepreneurship: A Tribute to David B. Au
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