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田野调查与民族志的情感维度-Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography

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标题(title):Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography
作者(author):Thomas Stodulka, Samia Dinkelaker, Ferdiansyah Thajib
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book illustrates the role of researchers’ affects and emotions in understanding and making sense of the phenomena they study during ethnographic fieldwork. Whatever methods ethnographers apply during field research, however close they get to their informants and no matter how involved or detached they feel, fieldwork pushes them to constantly negotiate and reflect their subjectivities and positionalities in relation to the persons, communities, spaces and phenomena they study.

The book highlights the idea that ethnographic fieldwork is based on the attempt of communication, mutual understanding, and perspective-taking on behalf of and together with those studied. With regard to the institutionally silenced, yet informally emphasized necessity of ethnographers’ emotional immersion into the local worlds they research (defined as “emic perspective,” “narrating through the eyes of the Other,” “seeing the world from the informants’ point of view,” etc.), this book pursues the disentanglement of affect-related disciplinary conventions by means of transparent, vivid and systematic case studies and their methodological discussion. The book provides nineteen case studies on the relationship between methodology, intersubjectivity, and emotion in qualitative and ethnographic research, and includes six section introductions to the pivotal issues of role conflict, reciprocity, intimacy and care, illness and dying, failing and attuning, and emotion regimes in fieldwork and ethnography.
Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography is a must-have resource for post-graduate students and researchers across the disciplines of social and cultural anthropology, medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, cultural psychology, critical theory, cultural phenomenology, and cultural sociology.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxiii
Foreword: Pathways of Affective Scholarship (James Davies, Thomas Stodulka)....Pages 1-6
Introduction: Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography (Ferdiansyah Thajib, Samia Dinkelaker, Thomas Stodulka)....Pages 7-20
Front Matter ....Pages 21-21
Role Conflicts and Aftermaths: Introduction (Giorgio Brocco, Britta Rutert)....Pages 23-28
Making Sense of (Humanitarian) Emotions in an Ethnography of Vulnerable Children: The Case of Bangkok Slum Children (Giuseppe Bolotta)....Pages 29-48
Emotional Vulnerability and Ethnographic Understanding: A Collaborative Research Project in a Women’s Shelter (Marina Della Rocca)....Pages 49-62
Conflicted Emotions: Learning About Uchawi (Gerda Kuiper)....Pages 63-75
Front Matter ....Pages 77-77
Reciprocity in Research Relationships: Introduction (Mechthild von Vacano)....Pages 79-86
Uneasy Thankfulness and the Dilemma of Balancing Partiality in Surrogacy Research (Veronika Siegl)....Pages 87-96
Exchange of Intangible Gifts? Reflections on Research Relationships When “Studying Up” (Emilia Perujo)....Pages 97-108
Reciprocity in Research Relationships: Learning from Imbalances (Mirjam Lücking)....Pages 109-121
Reciprocity Reconsidered: Toward a Research Ethic of Economic Participation (Mechthild von Vacano)....Pages 123-134
Front Matter ....Pages 135-135
Intimacy and Care in the Field: Introduction (Leberecht Funk, Ferdiansyah Thajib)....Pages 137-142
Embodying Ineffable Concepts: Empathic Intimacy as Tool for Insight (Anna-Maria Walter)....Pages 143-156
Sexuality and Emotions Situated in Time and Space (Thomas Wimark)....Pages 157-166
“Normality” Revisited: Fieldwork and Family (Janina Dannenberg)....Pages 167-179
Front Matter ....Pages 181-181
Dealing With Illness and Dying: Introduction (Marcos Andrade Neves, Tereza Baltag)....Pages 183-187
Dancing Through the Perfect Storm: Encountering Illness and Death in the Field and Beyond (Julia Rehsmann)....Pages 189-200
Standing at the Doorstep: Affective Encounters in Research on Death and Dying (Natashe Lemos Dekker)....Pages 201-211
From Therapy to Fieldwork: Reflecting the Experiences of a Therapist and Anthropologist when Researching Substitutional Drugs and Their Users (Tereza Baltag)....Pages 213-224
Front Matter ....Pages 225-225
Failing and Attuning in the Field: Introduction (Dominik Mattes, Samia Dinkelaker)....Pages 227-231
How to Be a Good Disciple (to a Martial Arts Master): Critical Reflections on Participation and Apprenticeship in Indonesian Pencak Silat Schools (Patrick Keilbart)....Pages 233-249
The Anxieties of a Changing Sense of Place: A Reflection on Field Encounters at Home (Paul J. Kellner)....Pages 251-262
Attuning Engagement: Methodological and Affective Dimensions of a Failed Collaborative Research Project in Timor-Leste (Sara ten Brinke)....Pages 263-278
Front Matter ....Pages 279-279
Unpacking Emotion Regimes in Teaching and Fieldwork: Introduction (Kelvin E. Y. Low, Noorman Abdullah)....Pages 281-285
Vulnerability in the Field: Emotions, Experiences, and Encounters with Ghosts and Spirits (Noorman Abdullah)....Pages 287-303
“How Did It Feel for You?”: Teaching and Learning (by) Emotional Reflexivity in an Undergraduate Fieldwork Training (Annika Strauss)....Pages 305-323
Fieldwork Emotions: Embedded Across Cultures, Shared, Repressed, or Subconscious (Judith Okely)....Pages 325-345
Afterword: A Return to the Story (Paul Stoller)....Pages 347-352
Back Matter ....Pages 353-365
田野调查与民族志的情感维度-Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography
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