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H G威尔斯:文学生活-H G Wells: A Literary Life

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标题(title):H G Wells: A Literary Life
H G威尔斯:文学生活
作者(author):Adam Roberts
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan
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This is the first new complete literary biography of H G Wells for thirty years, and the first to encompass his entire career as a writer, from the science fiction of the 1890s through his fiction and non-fiction writing all the way up to his last publication in 1946. Adam Roberts provides a comprehensive reassessment of Wells’ importance as a novelist, short-story writer, a theorist of social prophecy and utopia, journalist and commentator, offering a nuanced portrait of the man who coined the phrases ‘atom bomb’, ‘League of Nations’ ‘the war to end war’ and ‘time machine’, who wrote the world’s first comprehensive global history and invented the idea of the tank. In these twenty-six chapters, Roberts covers the entirety of Wells’ life and discusses every book and short story he produced, delivering a complete vision of this enduring figure.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xv
Childhood (Adam Roberts)....Pages 1-18
Short Fiction (Adam Roberts)....Pages 19-39
Science Fiction (Adam Roberts)....Pages 41-57
Bicycles and Tripods (Adam Roberts)....Pages 59-74
A New Century (Adam Roberts)....Pages 75-101
Anticipations (Adam Roberts)....Pages 103-119
Kipps: A Study in Artistry (Adam Roberts)....Pages 121-134
Sex (Adam Roberts)....Pages 135-145
Socialism and America (Adam Roberts)....Pages 147-161
Amber Reeves (Adam Roberts)....Pages 163-187
Tono-Bungay (1909) (Adam Roberts)....Pages 189-202
Mr Polly (1910) (Adam Roberts)....Pages 203-212
Elizabeth von Arnim (Adam Roberts)....Pages 213-231
War (Adam Roberts)....Pages 233-246
Boon and Bealby (Adam Roberts)....Pages 247-259
Rebecca West (Adam Roberts)....Pages 261-269
Mr Wells Sees Through It (Adam Roberts)....Pages 271-283
League of Nations (Adam Roberts)....Pages 285-294
Education (Adam Roberts)....Pages 295-302
World-Historical (Adam Roberts)....Pages 303-311
Futures and Pasts (Adam Roberts)....Pages 313-330
Odette Keun (Adam Roberts)....Pages 331-357
Life Stories (Adam Roberts)....Pages 359-369
Later Non-fiction (Adam Roberts)....Pages 371-387
Later Fiction (Adam Roberts)....Pages 389-407
Tethersend (Adam Roberts)....Pages 409-424
Back Matter ....Pages 425-452
H G威尔斯:文学生活-H G Wells: A Literary Life
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