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教育媒体与技术年鉴:第42卷-Educational Media and Technology Yearbook: Volume 42

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标题(title):Educational Media and Technology Yearbook: Volume 42
作者(author):Robert Maribe Branch, Hyewon Lee, Sheng Shiang Tseng
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This is Volume 42 of the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook. For the past 40 years, our Yearbook has contributed to the field of Educational Technology in presenting contemporary topics, ideas, and developments regarding diverse technology tools for educational purposes. Our Yearbook has inspired researchers, practitioners, and teachers to consider how to develop technological designs and develop curricula and instruction integrating technology to enhance student learning, teach diverse populations across levels with effective technology integration, and apply technology in interactive ways to motivate students to engage in course content.

In addition, Volume 42 features the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) research and educational use cases, organized and coordinated by Vivienne and David. This section provides evidence that the affordances of AR, VR, and mixed reality, defined as an immersive multi-platform experience reality (XR), have begun to make indelible changes in teaching and learning in the United States. XR’s recent developments stimulated the editors to propose a special edition to mark the interoperability of immersive technology to push the boundaries of human curiosity, creativity, and problem solving. After years of incremental development, XR has reached a critical level of investment, infrastructure, and emerging production. The chapters included in this section illustrate how XR can push user inquiry, engagement, learning, and interactivity to new levels within physical and digital contexts.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xiv
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology: Access to Mobile Technologies, Digital Content, and Online Learning Opportunities Continues as Spending on IT Remains Steady (Abbie Brown, Tim Green)....Pages 3-12
Second Thoughts: Understanding the Impact and Appropriate Use and Non-use of Technologies (Brad Hokanson, Amie Norden)....Pages 13-18
Enhancing Student Critical Literacy Through Social Annotations (Yu-Tien Huang, Shu-Min Shih, Sheng Shiang Tseng)....Pages 19-27
2019 Scholarship Rankings (Rick West, Robert Bodily)....Pages 29-42
Front Matter ....Pages 43-43
Introduction (V. J. McClendon, David R. Squires)....Pages 45-55
The Immersive Experience: How Virtual Reality Can Support Student Learning (Colin P. Saunders, Jennifer A. Bennett)....Pages 57-66
The Effects of a VR Intervention on Career Interest, Empathy, Communication Skills, and Learning with Second-Year Medical Students (Erin Washington, Carrie Shaw)....Pages 67-80
Sensory Worlds: Emotional Geography and Human-Centered Design in 360° VR Ethnographic Videos (R. Scott Wilson)....Pages 81-86
Accessing the Pokélayer: Augmented Reality and Fantastical Play in Pokémon Go (Lucas J. Jensen, Keri D. Valentine, Joshua P. Case)....Pages 87-103
Visualization of Molecular Structures Using Augmented Reality (Domhnall OShaughnessy)....Pages 105-120
Instructional Designs and Educational Technologies Within Augmented Reality Transmedia Storytelling: IDET ARTS (David R. Squires)....Pages 121-128
VR as Library Technology: Early Faculty and Student Feedback on Educational Use of Immersive Technology (V. J. McClendon, James Riggall)....Pages 129-142
Immersive Media and Their Future (Regina Kaplan-Rakowski, Kay Meseberg)....Pages 143-153
Front Matter ....Pages 155-155
Leadership Profiles (Robert G. Doyle)....Pages 157-159
Prof. Ana Donaldson (Robert G. Doyle)....Pages 161-165
Prof. Richard Cornell (Robert G. Doyle)....Pages 167-172
Front Matter ....Pages 173-173
Introduction (Robert Maribe Branch)....Pages 175-175
Organizations and Associations in the United States and Canada (Robert Maribe Branch)....Pages 177-259
Front Matter ....Pages 261-261
Introduction (Robert Maribe Branch)....Pages 263-263
Graduate Programs in Learning, Design, Technology, Information, or Libraries (Robert Maribe Branch)....Pages 265-419
Front Matter ....Pages 421-421
Introduction (Sheng Shiang Tseng)....Pages 423-425
Mediagraphy (Sheng Shiang Tseng)....Pages 427-446
Back Matter ....Pages 447-456
教育媒体与技术年鉴:第42卷-Educational Media and Technology Yearbook: Volume 42
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