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纳米电子耦合问题的解决方案-Nanoelectronic Coupled Problems Solutions

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标题(title):Nanoelectronic Coupled Problems Solutions
作者(author):E. Jan W. ter Maten, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf, Roland Pulch, Wim Schoenmaker, Herbert De Gersem
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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Designs in nanoelectronics often lead to challenging simulation problems and include strong feedback couplings. Industry demands provisions for variability in order to guarantee quality and yield. It also requires the incorporation of higher abstraction levels to allow for system simulation in order to shorten the design cycles, while at the same time preserving accuracy. The methods developed here promote a methodology for circuit-and-system-level modelling and simulation based on best practice rules, which are used to deal with coupled electromagnetic field-circuit-heat problems, as well as coupled electro-thermal-stress problems that emerge in nanoelectronic designs. This book covers:

(1) advanced monolithic/multirate/co-simulation techniques, which are combined with envelope/wavelet approaches to create efficient and robust simulation techniques for strongly coupled systems that exploit the different dynamics of sub-systems within multiphysics problems, and which allow designers to predict reliability and ageing;

(2) new generalized techniques in Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) for coupled problems to include a variability capability such that robust design and optimization, worst case analysis, and yield estimation with tiny failure probabilities are possible (including large deviations like 6-sigma);

(3) enhanced sparse, parametric Model Order Reduction techniques with a posteriori error estimation for coupled problems and for UQ to reduce the complexity of the sub-systems while ensuring that the operational and coupling parameters can still be varied and that the reduced models offer higher abstraction levels that can be efficiently simulated.

All the new algorithms produced were implemented, transferred and tested by the EDA vendor MAGWEL. Validation was conducted on industrial designs provided by end-users from the semiconductor industry, who shared their feedback, contributed to the measurements, and supplied both material data and process data. In closing, a thorough comparison to measurements on real devices was made in order to demonstrate the algorithms’ industrial applicability.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xxx
Nanoelectronic Coupled Problems Solutions – Highlights from the nanoCOPS Project (Caren Tischendorf, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Wim Schoenmaker)....Pages 1-21
Front Matter ....Pages 23-24
EM-Equations, Coupling to Heat and to Circuits (Wim Schoenmaker, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf, Kai Bittner, Caren Tischendorf, Christian Strohm)....Pages 25-41
Bond Wire Models (David J. Duque Guerra, Thorben Casper, Sebastian Schöps, Herbert De Gersem, Ulrich Römer, Renaud Gillon et al.)....Pages 43-68
Discretizations (Wim Schoenmaker, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf, Kai Bittner, Caren Tischendorf, Christian Strohm)....Pages 69-91
Automated Generation of Netlists from Electrothermal Field Models (Thorben Casper, David J. Duque Guerra, Sebastian Schöps, Herbert De Gersem)....Pages 93-113
Front Matter ....Pages 115-116
Holistic / Monolithic Time Integration (Wim Schoenmaker, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf, Kai Bittner, Caren Tischendorf, Christian Strohm)....Pages 117-130
Non-Intrusive Methods for the Cosimulation of Coupled Problems (Sebastian Schöps, David J. Duque Guerra, Herbert De Gersem, Andreas Bartel, Michael Günther, Roland Pulch)....Pages 131-159
Multirate Circuit - EM - Device Simulation (Kai Bittner, Hans-Georg Brachtendorf)....Pages 161-193
Front Matter ....Pages 195-196
Uncertainty Quantification: Introduction and Implementations (Roland Pulch, Piotr Putek, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Wim Schoenmaker)....Pages 197-221
Robust Shape Optimization under Uncertainties in Device Materials, Geometry and Boundary Conditions (Piotr Putek, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Michael Günther, Andreas Bartel, Roland Pulch, Peter Meuris et al.)....Pages 223-260
Going from Parameter Estimation to Density Estimation (Alessandro Di Bucchianico)....Pages 261-278
Inverse Modeling: Glue-Package-Die Problem (Roland Pulch, Piotr Putek, Herbert De Gersem, Renaud Gillon)....Pages 279-289
Front Matter ....Pages 291-292
Parametric Model Order Reduction for Electro-Thermal Coupled Problems (Lihong Feng, Peter Benner)....Pages 293-309
Sparse (P)MOR for Electro-Thermal Coupled Problems with Many Inputs (Nicodemus Banagaaya, Lihong Feng, Peter Benner)....Pages 311-328
Reduced Models and Uncertainty Quantification (Yao Yue, Lihong Feng, Peter Benner, Roland Pulch, Sebastian Schöps)....Pages 329-346
Front Matter ....Pages 347-348
Estimating Failure Probabilities (E. Jan W. ter Maten, Theo G. J. Beelen, Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Roland Pulch, Ulrich Römer, Herbert De Gersem et al.)....Pages 349-379
Fast Fault Simulation for Detecting Erroneous Connections in ICs (Jos J. Dohmen, Bratislav Tasic, Rick Janssen, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Theo G. J. Beelen, Roland Pulch et al.)....Pages 381-400
Calibration of Probability Density Function (Jos J. Dohmen, Theo G. J. Beelen, Oryna Dvortsova, E. Jan W. ter Maten, Bratislav Tasić, Rick Janssen)....Pages 401-424
Ageing Models and Reliability Prediction (Renaud Gillon, Aarnout Wieers, Frederik Deleu, Tomas Gotthans, Rick Janssen, Wim Schoenmaker et al.)....Pages 425-455
Front Matter ....Pages 457-458
Test Cases for Power-MOS Devices and RF-Circuitry (Rick Janssen, Renaud Gillon, Aarnout Wieers, Frederik Deleu, Hervé Guegnaud, Pascal Reynier et al.)....Pages 459-485
Measurements for RF Amplifiers, Bond Wire Fusing and MOS Power Cells (Tomas Kratochvil, Jiri Petrzela, Roman Sotner, Jiri Drinovsky, Tomas Gotthans, Aarnout Wieers et al.)....Pages 487-515
Validation of Simulation Results on Coupled Problems (Rick Janssen, Renaud Gillon, Aarnout Wieers, Frederik Deleu, Hervé Guegnaud, Pascal Reynier et al.)....Pages 517-563
Methodology and Best-Practice Guidelines for Thermally Optimized Driver Design (Renaud Gillon, Aarnout Wieers, Frederik Deleu, Rick Janssen, Wim Schoenmaker, Bart De Smedt et al.)....Pages 565-580
Back Matter ....Pages 581-587
纳米电子耦合问题的解决方案-Nanoelectronic Coupled Problems Solutions
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