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奥运会中的HCI:第一届国际会议,2019年HCI奥运会,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,2019年HCII,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31日,会议记录-HCI in Ga

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标题(title):HCI in Games: First International Conference, HCI-Games 2019, Held as Part of the 21st HCI International Conference, HCII 2019, Orlando, FL, USA, July 26–31, 2019, Proceedings
作者(author):Xiaowen Fang
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on HCI in Games, HCI-Games 2019, held in July 2019 as part of HCI International 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA. HCII 2019 received a total of 5029 submissions, of which 1275 papers and 209 posters were accepted for publication after a careful reviewing process.
The 34 papers presented in this volume are organized in topical sections named: Game Design; Gaming Experience; Serious Games; and Gamification.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-xx
Front Matter ....Pages 1-1
A Design of Multifunctional Interfaces to Control Game Screens (Carolina Enríquez, Danilo Saravia)....Pages 3-10
Who Is at the Center?: Designing Playful Experiences by Using Player-Centered Approach (Cenk Köknar)....Pages 11-21
Developing Design Frameworks and Applications for Future Technologies Through Video Game Representations (Amelia Lambeth, Maribeth Gandy Coleman, Laura Levy)....Pages 22-34
Benevolent Deception in Exergame Design (Xiuping Li, Danqing Shi, Sheng Wang)....Pages 35-46
Unfathomed Voyager: The Design of Real-Life Cooperation Game (Boyi Liu, Matthew Bofenkamp)....Pages 47-56
Fostering Interactivity Through Analogue Principles Applicable to Design of Virtual Reality Games (Jaroslav Vančát, Daniel Říha)....Pages 57-66
“Naughty AlphaGo”: Transforming the Game of Computer Go into an Emotional Tangible Playground (Shuchang Xu, Yilin Zhu, Chunhui Yang, Danqing Shi)....Pages 67-82
Front Matter ....Pages 83-83
Playful-Consumption Experience and Consumer Videogame Engagement in the Lens of S-R Model: An Empirical Study (Amir Zaib Abbasi, Ding Hooi Ting, Helmut Hlavacs, Muhammad Shahzeb Fayyaz, Bradley Wilson)....Pages 85-104
Affective Video Games: A Systematic Mapping Study (Christian Delgado, Diego M. López, Carolina Rico-Olarte)....Pages 105-113
Analysis of Motivation Model Using Real User Data from Social Games for Smartphones Extended to Social Factors Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Masanari Himeno, Shunichi Tano)....Pages 114-124
Increasing Motivation for Playing Blockchain Games Using Proof-of-Achievement Algorithm (Kosuke Komiya, Tatsuo Nakajima)....Pages 125-140
Video Game Playing Enhances Young Children’s Inhibitory Control (Xiaocen Liu, Mengying Liao, Donghui Dou)....Pages 141-153
Yuri Game: Romance and Characterization in Gameplay (Yueqian Liu)....Pages 154-164
Conceptualizing Fidelity for HCI in Applied Gaming (Heide Lukosch, Stephan Lukosch, Simon Hoermann, Robert W. Lindeman)....Pages 165-179
The Strategic Use of Smartphone Features to Create a Gaming Experience of Mystery: The Mind Alone Case (Vicente Martin Mastrocola)....Pages 180-190
Digital Game Enjoyment: A Literature Review (Owen Schaffer, Xiaowen Fang)....Pages 191-214
Social Spending: An Empirical Study on Peer Pressure and Player Spending in Games (William Wang, Loutfouz Zaman)....Pages 215-233
The Effects of Immersion in a Virtual Reality Game: Presence and Physical Activity (Shengjie Yao, Gyoung Kim)....Pages 234-242
Front Matter ....Pages 243-243
Development and Usability of a Low-Cost Kinect Game to Promote Movement Competence in Children with and Without Intellectual Disability (Toyin Ajisafe, Rahul Bethi, Scott A. King, Ajay Katangur)....Pages 245-264
Games for a Good Cause: Serious Games in Social Development and Medical and Rehabilitation Therapy (Badar Al Lawati)....Pages 265-277
Realizing User Privacy and Security Issues in Edutainment e-Solutions (Osama A. Alsaadoun, Badar Al Lawati)....Pages 278-287
How a Tangible User Interface Contributes to Desired Learning Outcomes of the Virtual River Serious Game (Robert-Jan den Haan, Jelle van Dijk, Fedor Baart, Mascha van der Voort, Suzanne Hulscher)....Pages 288-306
Digital Empathic Games and Their Relation with Mortality: Analysis of Discussion Forums (Danilo Barros dos Santos, Cristiano Maciel, Vinicius Carvalho Pereira, Eunice Pereira dos Santos Nunes)....Pages 307-319
To the Mun: Kerbal Space Program as Playful, Educational Experience (Stephen Mallory)....Pages 320-332
Interaction Techniques in Three-Dimensional Virtual Environments Based on Games to Support Chronic Diseases Treatment: A Systematic Review (Eunice P. dos Santos Nunes, Gabriel A. Gutierrez, Dayany A. C. Santos, José Viterbo, Daniela Trevisan, Cristiano Maciel et al.)....Pages 333-350
Developing Entrepreneurship Skills with a Serious Game (Carlos Vaz de Carvalho, Ricardo Costa, Pedro Bessa, Leire Monterrubio, Jaione Santos)....Pages 351-363
Research on the Design to Alleviate University Students’ Oppressive Emotions Through the Use of Serious Games (Dian Zhu, Ting Han, Jingran He, Zishan Song, Chufan Jin)....Pages 364-377
Front Matter ....Pages 379-379
Gamification Framework: The Contribution of User Centered Design, Social Media Applications, Gaming and Psychology Concepts and Frameworks (Abdullah Azhari)....Pages 381-390
Small Business Owners Handle Website Design Effectively Using Gamification (Klaudia Fisheku, Fan Zhao, Eugene Hoyt)....Pages 391-403
Gamification in Mobile Application Development Education (Yuchen Gui, Fan Zhao, Eugene Hoyt)....Pages 404-413
Gamification of In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) to Motivate People to Relax: A Case Design (Tao Shen, Yuchen Weng, Ting Han)....Pages 414-426
“Who’s Texting?” – Playful Game Experiences for Learning to Cope with Online Risks (Tarja Susi, Niklas Torstensson)....Pages 427-441
Encourage Self-exploration Through an Interactive Chinese Scroll Painting Design (Nan Wang, Jiayin Li, Qingyuan Shi, Danqing Shi, Haipeng Mi)....Pages 442-452
Rewards in Gamification (Fan Zhao, Dahai Guo)....Pages 453-462
Back Matter ....Pages 463-464
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奥运会中的HCI:第一届国际会议,2019年HCI奥运会,作为第21届HCI国际会议的一部分举行,2019年HCII,奥兰多,佛罗里达州,美国,2019年7月26-31日,会议记录-HCI in Ga
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