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计算机识别系统进展-Progress in Computer Recognition Systems

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标题(title):Progress in Computer Recognition Systems
作者(author):Robert Burduk, Marek Kurzynski, Michał Wozniak
出版社(publisher):Springer International Publishing
大小(size):41 MB (42647497 bytes)

This book highlights recent research on computer recognition systems, one of the most promising directions in artificial intelligence. Offering the most comprehensive study on this field to date, it gathers 36 carefully selected articles contributed by experts on pattern recognition.

Presenting recent research on methodology and applications, the book offers a valuable reference tool for scientists whose work involves designing computer pattern recognition systems. Its target audience also includes researchers and students in computer science, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Table of contents :
Front Matter ....Pages i-x
Graph Grammar Models in Syntactic Pattern Recognition (Mariusz Flasiński)....Pages 1-10
Computer Vision Methods for Non-destructive Quality Assessment in Additive Manufacturing (Krzysztof Okarma, Jarosław Fastowicz)....Pages 11-20
Combined kNN Classifier for Classification of Incomplete Data (Tomasz Orczyk, Rafal Doroz, Piotr Porwik)....Pages 21-26
Object Detection in Design Diagrams with Machine Learning (Jukka K. Nurminen, Kari Rainio, Jukka-Pekka Numminen, Timo Syrjänen, Niklas Paganus, Karri Honkoila)....Pages 27-36
Separation of Speech from Speech Interference Based on EGG (Lijiang Chen, Lin Sun, Xia Mao)....Pages 37-46
Improving the Quality of Clustering-Based Diagnostic Rules by Lowering Dimension of the Cluster Prototypes (Sebastian Porebski, Ewa Straszecka)....Pages 47-56
Exploiting Label Interdependencies in Multi-label Classification (Kinga Glinka, Agnieszka Wosiak, Danuta Zakrzewska)....Pages 57-66
Toward Shareable Multi-abstraction-level Feature Extractor Based on a Bayesian Network (Kaneharu Nishino, Hiroshi Tezuka, Mary Inaba)....Pages 67-78
Factorization Machines for Blog Feedback Prediction (Krisztian Buza, Tomaš Horváth)....Pages 79-85
Vertical and Horizontal Data Partitioning for Classifier Ensemble Learning (Amgad M. Mohammed, Enrique Onieva, Michał Woźniak)....Pages 86-97
Segmentation of Subretinal Hyperreflective Material and Pigment Epithelial Detachment Using Kernel Graph Cut (Melinda Katona, Attila Kovács, Rózsa Dégi, László G. Nyúl)....Pages 98-105
Road Tracking Using Deep Reinforcement Learning for Self-driving Car Applications (Raid Rafi Omar Al-Nima, Tingting Han, Taolue Chen)....Pages 106-116
New Heuristics for TCP Retransmission Timers (Robert Janowski, Michał Grabowski, Piotr Arabas)....Pages 117-129
Fault-Prone Software Classes Recognition via Artificial Neural Network with Granular Dataset Balancing (Marek Pawlicki, Agata Giełczyk, Rafał Kozik, Michał Choraś)....Pages 130-140
Segmentation of Scanned Documents Using Deep-Learning Approach (Paweł Forczmański, Anton Smoliński, Adam Nowosielski, Krzysztof Małecki)....Pages 141-152
cGAAM – An Algorithm for Simultaneous Feature Selection and Clustering (Izabela Rejer)....Pages 153-163
Online Adaptation of Language Models for Speech Recognition (Dang Hoang Vu, Van Huy Nguyen, Phuong Le-Hong)....Pages 164-173
Pedestrian Detection in Severe Lighting Conditions: Comparative Study of Human Performance vs Thermal-Imaging-Based Automatic System (Adam Nowosielski, Krzysztof Małecki, Paweł Forczmański, Anton Smoliński)....Pages 174-183
Feature Extraction and Classification of Sensor Signals in Cars Based on a Modified Codebook Approach (Hawzhin Hozhabr Pour, Lukas Wegmeth, Alexander Kordes, Marcin Grzegorzek, Roland Wismüller)....Pages 184-194
A Deep Learning Approach to Recognition of the Atmospheric Circulation Regimes (Victor Luferov, Ekaterina Fedotova)....Pages 195-204
Deep Learning for Object Tracking in 360 Degree Videos (Ahmad Delforouzi, David Holighaus, Marcin Grzegorzek)....Pages 205-213
Texture Features for the Detection of Playback Attacks: Towards a Robust Solution (Maciej Smiatacz)....Pages 214-223
Image Smoothing Using \(\ell ^p\) Penalty for \(0\le p\le 1\) with Use of Alternating Minimization Algorithm (Jacek Klimaszewski, Marcin Korzeń)....Pages 224-234
Deep-Based Openset Classification Technique and Its Application in Novel Food Categories Recognition (Jakramate Bootkrajang, Jakarin Chawachat, Eakkapap Trakulsanguan)....Pages 235-245
Singing Power Ratio Analysis in the Context of the Influence of Warm up on Singing Voice Quality (Edward Półrolniczak)....Pages 246-254
Evaluation of a Feature Set with Word Embeddings to Improve Named Entity Recognition on Tweets (Onur Büyüktopaç, Tankut Acarman)....Pages 255-263
Introducing Action Planning to the Anticipatory Classifier System ACS2 (Olgierd Unold, Edyta Rogula, Norbert Kozłowski)....Pages 264-275
Supervised Classification Box Algorithm Based on Graph Partitioning (Ventzeslav Valev, Nicola Yanev, Adam Krzyżak, Karima Ben Suliman)....Pages 276-285
Algorithm of Multidimensional Analysis of Main Features of PCA with Blurry Observation of Facility Features Detection of Carcinoma Cells Multiple Myeloma (Mariusz Topolski)....Pages 286-294
A New Benchmark Collection for Driver Fatigue Research Based on Thermal, Depth Map and Visible Light Imagery (Krzysztof Małecki, Paweł Forczmański, Adam Nowosielski, Anton Smoliński, Daniel Ozga)....Pages 295-304
Image Contrast Enhancement Based on Laplacian-of-Gaussian Filter Combined with Morphological Reconstruction (Marcin Iwanowski)....Pages 305-315
Lattice Auto-Associative Memories Induced Multivariate Morphology for Hyperspectral Image Spectral-Spatial Classification (Manuel Graña)....Pages 316-325
Randomized Reference Classifier with Gaussian Distribution and Soft Confusion Matrix Applied to the Improving Weak Classifiers (Pawel Trajdos, Marek Kurzynski)....Pages 326-336
Hybrid Algorithm for the Detection and Recognition of Railway Signs (Ewelina Choodowicz, Pawe Lisiecki, Piotr Lech)....Pages 337-347
Combination of Linear Classifiers Using Score Function – Analysis of Possible Combination Strategies (Pawel Trajdos, Robert Burduk)....Pages 348-359
Multi Sampling Random Subspace Ensemble for Imbalanced Data Stream Classification (Jakub Klikowski, Michał Woźniak)....Pages 360-369
Back Matter ....Pages 371-372
计算机识别系统进展-Progress in Computer Recognition Systems
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